COVID-19 Update of State of Emergency

Hi Everyone:

During the September 8, 2020 Council Meeting, the Town Council amended the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Click here to view the amended State of Emergency. The amendment includes the following:

  1. Special events in the Town Park and within the Town limits are limited to a maximum of 25 people for an inside event and 50 people for an outside event. During any event, face masks are required and social distancing must be maintained. If the event is a concert, no food vendors will be allowed.
  2. The Town Council will no longer accept public comments via email since a quorum of the Council is attending Meetings in person and the public is allowed to make comments from the Conference Room.
  3. The public, business owners and employees are encouraged to wear a cloth mask or face covering when in public areas.
  4. Rental Companies and private renters are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines when cleaning units.
  5. Social Distancing requirements remain in effective until further notice.


Lisa Anglin

Town Clerk

New Owners for August, 2020

Please click New Owners 8-31-20 to find the most current list of new owners moving into Sea Trail.  To find their specific information as to street address, email addresses and phone numbers just log in to the Member Directory section of the website.  Please Note:  This specific information is only available on the member directory once the new owner updates their profile information themselves.

We will continue to add New Owners to the Newsletter on a monthly basis or as we receive it from our STMA administrator.

Welcome to all!!

President’s Updates – 9/9/2020 – Facilities & Fitness Center Opening

Good afternoon Sea Trail!  It is finally happening, our Facilities and a Fitness Center are opening next week.

Governor Cooper made an announcement that inside gatherings may be as large as 25 people starting on September 4, 2020 at 5pm.

Starting Monday, September 14th, our Facilities and Fitness Center (see important details below) will open to our members.

What follows is an all-inclusive list of possible rules / changes to adopt that will allow the meeting/gatherings rooms in our facilities to open.

Procedural Issues:

  • All large gatherings should be cancelled until further notice, which includes private events and STMA member gatherings like TGIF.
  • Any property owner using the Facilities must have completed the STMA Facilities Usage Waiver.  Those who have already completed the form for use of the pool or fitness room do not need complete another form.
  • Outside vendors should NOT be allowed to enter our facilities to teach a class or provide individual instruction.
  • All group members are to use their own access card for entry (no opening or holding a door open for another member).  This is to assure STMA Facilities Usage Waivers have been signed and submitted by all who use our facilities.

Facility Rules:

  1. Members must wear a face mask while inside the facility and everyone should observe 6 feet social distancing.
  2. Members are to use the hand sanitizer stationed at the entry immediately upon entry into the room. Hand sanitizer will also be placed in the kitchen area. Everyone should use hand sanitizer prior to entering kitchen area and opening refrigerators and coolers.
  3. No Food Service will be allowed.  Members will NOT use the kitchens, coffee machines, ice tea machines, utensils, ice machines or drinking fountains. Short term use of coolers/refrigerators for beverages will only be allowed daily.
  4. If any member feels ill (headache, coughing, fever, head cold, flu-like symptoms, temperature, etc.), he or she should not enter the facility or rooms.
  5. The Rules will be posted at the entrance to the facility.
  6. Each group leader will be responsible for cleaning tables and high touch areas ie: door handles on entrance door, cooler/refrigerator handles if used etc.

(Opens September 14th – from 5:00 am – 9:00 pm daily)

Only property owners and their household residents are allowed to use the Fitness Center at this time.

Based on State mandate, our capacity for our Fitness Center is 30% and masks are required at all times.  Only 8 members at any one time may use the Fitness Center.  Until the State opens gyms without restrictions, we will employ a sign-up system.  Members may request one hour to work out while choosing time slots and days of the week.  Reserved times will start at the top of the hour and run 60 minutes.  You CAN NOT just show up to enter the Fitness Center, you MUST sign-up prior to attend.


You must also be sure to complete the STMA Facilities Usage Waiver (prior to entering the Fitness Center).  If you’ve already submitted this form for use of our pools (VAC not included), you do not need to submit another form.  If this form is not completed, your access card will not allow you to enter the Fitness Center.

Once approved for your days and time slots, you will receive a confirmation email outlining all procedures and rules for using the Fitness Center.

If you have any questions please email and include your name and phone number.

Stay safe and follow the rules and restrictions.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

Museum of Coastal Carolina Opens Plus Updates From the Museum & Ingram Planetarium

The Ocean Isle Museum Foundation, Inc. announced that, under Governor Cooper’s 2.5 state opening plan, the Museum of Coastal Carolina is reopening to the public, effective Labor Day Weekend (Saturday from 10 AM to 1:30 PM and Monday, from 10 AM to 7 PM). Beginning on September 10, the Museum will resume its regular fall schedule by opening from 10 AM to 3 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Please view the remainder of this announcement by clicking Museum of Coastal Carolina Reopens Sept 2020

The Museum of Coastal Carolina will be hosting an Assisted Virtual Learning Program for Brunswick County students during the
fall quarter. Students can bring their devices and course materials and meet with the team of educators from the Museum of Coastal Carolina and Ingram Planetarium. To learn about this new community offering click Assisted Virtual Learning

The Museum of Coastal Carolina and Ingram Planetarium are excited to announce new Virtual Public Programs. These programs will be live on Tuesday nights at 7 pm and will alternate between space-themed and sea-themed programs. The featured programs will include Cosmic Cocktails, a space talk with a fun cocktail recipe provided, and Sea Tales, a talk about the ocean and sea creatures featured at the Museum.  Click Museum and Planetarium Virtual Programs for the details.

As a reminder the non-profit Ocean Isle Museum Foundation, Inc. is holding a Virtual Auction for a Once-in-a-Lifetime trip to the Zulu Nyala Heritage Safari Lodge in South Africa. Please click on the previous newsletter post to read all of the information.

New Hours Coming to the VAC and House’s Place

With the season winding down,
  • the VAC and House’s Place Restaurant will be changing their hours beginning Monday, September 7, 2020.
  • Houses Place will be serving menu breakfast Thursday – Sunday mornings beginning Thursday, September 10 from 6:30 am to 10:00 am.  This will be a sit-down menu breakfast and no longer a buffet. 
  • The last day of the Tiki Bar will be September 6.
VAC Hours:
Sunday – Wednesday:  9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday – Saturday:  9:00 am to 8:00 pm
House’s Place Hours:
Sunday:  6:30 am – 10:00 am for breakfast | 11:00 am – 8:00 pm for lunch and dinner
Monday:  CLOSED
Tuesday – Wednesday:  11:00 am to 8:00 pm
Thursday – Saturday:  6:30 am – 10:00 am for breakfast | 11:00 am – 8:00 pm for lunch and dinner

NC State Extension/BC Launches You Tube Channel to Answer Common Garden Problems

The NC State Extension Office of Brunswick County has launched a new YouTube channel to answer typical garden and lawn problems facing our Coastal area gardeners. These presentations were created by the Extension staff in Bolivia, NC.  Tune in by hitting the link below and explore topics like Nutrient Deficiency, Hydrangea Spores, tending to Camellias, growing Native Plants, Plant Problems and Lawn Care. With the challenges of Social Distancing, this is the next-best-thing to hear advice from an Agent or Master Gardener. Here’s the link. Just hit it and make your selection.

You can also access the website and Ask an Agent a question on line at

President’s Update – 8/27/2020 – Answers to Questions Related to Changes in Ownership

Good afternoon Sea Trail!  Aren’t we fortunate that Hurricane Laura didn’t come our way.  Let’s keep everyone in Louisiana and Texas in our thoughts and prayers.

Many Sea Trail Master Association (STMA) members may have questions about the recent changes in ownership in Sea Trail.  The following is a brief summary to help dissuade rumors and assist members in understanding what has occurred.

Prior to August 1, 2020, other than individual residential STMA members, there were three entities owning real property in Sea Trail.  They are as follows:

  1. The Maples, Byrd and Jones golf courses, the Maples Club House, the Jones/Byrd Club House and Convention Center, the business offices located on Mill Pond Road (across Club House Road from the Jones/Byrd Club House), the parking lot for the old rental office (opposite the Maples Club House), the former sales center located at the south entrance to Sea Trail (on the southwest corner of Clubhouse Road and Shoreline Drive), the Village Activity Center (VAC), which is under an 8 year lease to a third party, the maintenance tract on Clubhouse Road (opposite Sea Horse Estates) and undeveloped Tract #2 located between the convention center and Champions are owned by China Way Corporate Development LLC (CHINA WAY) which is controlled by Mr. Pan;
  2. With the exception of Tracts #2 & #16, all undeveloped real property, consisting of 18 numbered tax parcels of varying sizes from .77 acres up to 58.37 acres, along with a number of isolated undevelopable buffer areas and platted undeveloped lots located both within and without Sea Trail were owned by Sunrise Corporate Development Holdings, LLC (SUNRISE), an entity controlled by Mr. Pan.  SUNRISE was the declarant under the master declaration documents; and
  3. ST Class 15 LLC, an entity owned by some of the shareholders of Sea Trail Corporation as creditors out of the bankruptcy of Sea Trail Corporation having no known affiliation with any entity owned by Mr. Pan, had title to Tract #16, a parcel consisting of 19.53 acres beginning on Rice Mill Circle at Cane Break Road and the tees for Jones #7, running along the south side of Jones hole #7 to the sewer treatment plant on Angel’s Trace Road. That entity continues to own Tract #16.

On or about August 1, 2020, Riptide Builders Development Inc. (RBD) purchased SUNRISE.  RBD is a corporation, the exact ownership of which has not been disclosed, is not controlled by Mr. Pan but controlled by Robert Hill, a principal in Riptide Builders LLC, an entity which has been constructing homes both in and out of Sea Trail.  Following the purchase, SUNRISE is the same entity which existed prior to August 1, 2020, with the exception that it is now owned by RBD rather than Mr. Pan.  Before the sale, SUNRISE was the declarant under the declaration documents and continues to be the declarant, although SUNRISE is now owned and controlled by RBD.  SUNRISE remains in the identical position as to STMA and the ownership of real property in Sea Trail as it was prior to the sale to RBD.  The only change in SUNRISE relative to the STMA is in who now owns that entity.  In addition to the undeveloped real estate, SUNRISE remains the declarant with all of the rights and obligations of the declarant under the master declaration documents and continues to be the holder of all existing stormwater permits.

CHINA WAY continues to own the three golf courses and parcels identified above and continues to be responsible for the operation of what has become known as Sea Trail Golf Resort.  Undeveloped Tract #7 adjacent to the Jones/Byrd Club House containing the golf driving range belongs, as it always has, to SUNRISE.  We have been advised that CHINA WAY has an 18 month lease for operation of the driving range.  The Jones/Byrd Club House, Convention Center and undeveloped tract #2 of 15.11 acres remains titled in CHINA WAY.  There may be other leases and/or agreements between RBD, SUNRISE and CHINA WAY establishing interests in the assets or facilities of the other of which STMA has not been made aware.

In an earlier message, I advised of the passage of Town Ordinance 93.06 requiring residents to bundle storm debris and cut it into 4 foot lengths.  On August 18, 2020, the Town Council rescinded that ordinance and it is no longer applicable.

BEWARE – The President’s email account has been hacked so please ignore strange messages requesting money or gift cards if received.

Stay safe,
Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

Brunswick County EMS Special Needs Registry

Brunswick County EMS Special Needs Registry
Brunswick County Emergency Services has developed a computerized registry of people with special medical needs who may require special assistance in the event of a disaster such as a tornado, severe storm, or chemical spill.  You can register for this registry by using the following website:
Click on Residents, then under Services click on Special Needs Registry.  The form will pop up, complete the form and and submit it on line.

MAC Pool to Extend Dates for Being Open

The board voted to extend the pool hours through October 12th with the same hours of 11:00am to 7:00pm.  Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, a monitor will still be present at all times.  All current restrictions regarding masks and social distancing will continue to be in place and you still must bring your own chairs.  After Labor Day, there will only be one monitor present during pool hours.  Again.  we ask you to please be kind to our monitors and respect their directions.  They are only following our designated rules to protect us all.  If you have a complaint and/or concern, please email me at  The board will continue to evaluate the usage of the pool and the COVID-19 restrictions and on October 12th, may consider extending the pool opening.

PRESIDENT’S UPDATE – 8/5/2020 – New Declarant

Good Afternoon Sea Trail!

This message is to inform the members of Sea Trail that Riptide Builders has recently purchased the Sunrise Corporate Development Holdings, LLC.  As most of you know, Sea Trail is a Declarant-controlled community and with this transaction, Riptide Builders will now be our new Declarant.

Links to the news release and Sea Trail Acquisition Fact Sheet are included below. Please do not send emails asking questions or requesting more information.  I was only called into a meeting yesterday afternoon to inform me of this acquisition and at this time I do not have all the details.  I will be sending out another email blast early next week once I receive more information.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

Riptide Acquisition Announcement Press Release

Sea Trail Acquisition Fact Sheet

Byrd Watch Preliminary Plat – 08-10-2020

New Owners for July 2020

Please click HERE to find the most current list of new owners moving into Sea Trail.  To find their specific information as to street address, email addresses and phone numbers just log in to the Member Directory section of the website.  Please Note:  This specific information is only available on the member directory once the new owner updates their profile information themselves.

We will continue to add New Owners to the Newsletter on a monthly basis or as we receive it from our STMA administrator.

Welcome to all!!

PRESIDENT’S UPDATE – 7/14/2020 – Political Signs

Good Morning Sea Trail!

Some of our new homeowners and some other homeowners who have been here for a while need to know the STMA rules regarding political signs being displayed.

The STMA Rules, which are also posted on the website, Article III, Rules, Paragraph C, Property Maintenance, subparagraph 9 provides:  “POLITICAL SIGNS:  A Political sign is defined as a sign which attempts to influence the outcome of an election including supporting or opposing an issue or candidate.  Political signs are permitted as long as they are placed no more than 45 days before the election and removed not later than seven days after the election.  Such signs must be placed in the property owner’s yard, and may not be attached to trees, fences, utility poles, or in salt marsh areas.  Political signs may not exceed 2′ X 2′.  Political signs facing the golf course are prohibited.  Only one sign per candidate/issue is permitted.  A maximum of three political signs is allowed.

Please adhere to these STMA rules as posted. If these guidelines are not followed a homeowner will be contacted by a rules committee member.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

Upcoming Election Information | Two Items of Interest

2020 General Election

The 2020 Presidential General Election will be held on Tuesday November 3rd.  There are three ways to cast your ballot in North Carolina:

  1. Absentee ballot by mail.
  2. One Stop in person Early Voting.
  3. In person on Election Day.

To be eligible to cast a ballot this year all voters must reside in Brunswick County by Sunday October 4th, and be registered to vote by Friday October 9th.  If you have not previously voted in Brunswick County and have submitted a voter registration form through DMV or another governmental agency it is recommended that you verify your registration using the Voter Registration Tool at the Board of Elections web site, .

To request an Absentee Ballot by mail each voter must submit a Ballot Request form to the Board of Elections.  North Carolina will NOT be doing mass ballot mailings to all voters.  You may request an Absentee Ballot at any time for any reason.  Ballots will begin to be distributed in early September.

In person One Stop Early voting will begin on Thursday October 15th, and run through Saturday October 31st.

The Early Voting schedule and locations will be finalized at a special Board of Elections meeting on Tuesday July 14th at 6:00 pm in the County Commissioners’ chamber.  Should anyone wish to make a comment about Early Voting, the Board has established a Comment portal at:

On Election Day November 3rd the polls will open at 6:30am and close at 7:30pm.  All forms, tools, and additional detailed information are available at the Brunswick County Board of Elections website:   If you have any questions you may call the Board of Elections at (910) 523-2620.

Board of Elections Poll Worker Opportunities

On a regular day-to-day basis the Brunswick County Board of Elections staff consists of 5 full time employees who manage and maintain the elections process for the 105,000+ voters in the county.  At election time however the staff can grow to 300-350 with the addition of temporary help and poll workers.  As you have observed many of the Poll Workers are seniors who have the time to contribute to the community.  As with any group of this type there is turnover and the need to recruit new personnel.

Being a Poll Worker can be a rewarding experience, and besides it pays $10-$13 per hour based on the experience and the type of assignment.  If you think you would like to participate, the link contains information from the poll worker team at the Board.  You can register for both an in-person or on-line session by clicking

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call or contact Adrianne Rushton, Assistant Deputy Director Brunswick County Board of Elections,

Randy Pelton

910 575-2637