STMA and Sea Trail Resort Facilities Map now Available on the Website

There is now a map of both the STMA Amenity Centers and the Sea Trail Resort buildings pinning the various buildings, pools, tennis courts etc.  This link can be found in the Quick Links section on the footer of any page of the website, on the Calendar page under Facilities and on the About Us page under Facilities.  Many new residents have asked for such a map so it is now available.  Click to see the map.

Fitness Room Equipment Sanitizing

With the outbreak of flu at a severe level in North Carolina, it is extremely important that you clean the equipment, with the sanitizer supplied, after EACH use. I would also suggest that you sanitize the equipment BEFORE each use to give you added safety and minimize the chance of contacting any germs or bacteria.  For your information the sanitizer in use is a powerful cleaner and is rated to kill any germs or bacteria.  If you notice anyone not sanitizing, please remind them that the equipment should be cleaned after each use.
STMA Facilities Committee


All groups using Master Association buildings are responsible for keeping our facilities in excellent condition.  There have been several instances recently when groups failed to follow procedures to clean up after use and left rooms unfit for use by the next scheduled group.  All groups using our facilities are responsible to vacuum and clean carpets, floors, tables and counter tops.  Do not leave anything that you brought in the refrigerator or any other area of the building.  Empty trash and recyclables in receptacles and move chairs and tables back to their original positions.  A complete listing of responsibilities can be found posted in both the MAC and Pink Palace buildings.  Those who fail to follow these procedures are subject to losing their privileges.