STMA Access Cards

NOTE: This communication was sent by CAMS on behalf of Sea Trail Master Association, Inc.


The STMA Board will no longer require the “Permission to Use Property Owner’s Access Card” form from homeowners.  It was determined that the tracking capability on the access cards and the video surveillance systems are sufficient.


Sea Trail Master Association, Inc.

Sea Trail Master Association, Inc. is Professionally Managed By CAMS.(877) 672-2267 | (910) 454-8787 |


STMA Parking at Beach Parking Lot

NOTE: This communication was sent by CAMS on behalf of Sea Trail Master Association, Inc.

We want to remind everyone not to park outside the fence at the beach parking lot.  The police were issuing tickets this past weekend to anyone parked in that area. Please be aware that your vehicle could also be towed if it is parked outside the fence.

Sea Trail Master Association, Inc.

Sea Trail Master Association, Inc. is Professionally Managed By CAMS.(877) 672-2267 | (910) 454-8787 |

IMPORTANT INFO – Manager’s Corner – May 2024

NOTE: This communication was sent by CAMS on behalf of Sea Trail Master Association, Inc.


Dear Residents,

Memorial Day is at the end of this month, and summer follows right behind. We will have pool monitors working at the pools on the weekends throughout May, and then the regular summer schedule will begin Memorial Day weekend. Remember that our pools close at dusk, so they will close at 8 PM throughout May and then close at 9 PM beginning Memorial Day weekend.

With the pools now open, we are getting more questions concerning their use. I wanted to share an article from Ward and Smith concerning tenants’ use of amenities NC Enforceability of Rental Restrictions In HOAs – Ward and Smith, P.A.  We also want to remind everyone that we are subject to the Fair Housing Act as it applies to amenities.  We cannot impose the same age restrictions as public pools. We do, however, enforce the NC state swimming and hot tub rules as posted at each of the pools and spas Please be aware that NC prohibits children from being in a hot tub alone.

You may notice the beautiful plantings in the pots around the PP pool and at the MAC. Thank you to the Garden Club for spearheading this project. We also have new grill covers, fans, and lights at the MAC pool grill area. Please enjoy the beautiful amenities and the weather. Should you have any issues, you can reach the CAMS office Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM at 910-579-5374. Any other time you can call 877-672-2267. If the issue is after hours and specific to access, there is a contact number posted at each pool gate.

For detailed information about our pools and spas, including the rules, visit the STMA website at Pools, Spas & Sauna – Sea Trail Master Association.


Janine Entwistle, MBA, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®

General Manager – Sea Trail Master Association


One Month in the Life of our STMA Volunteers!

Each month STMA our committees are asked to submit a report for what they have accomplished during the month, their future plans, etc.  This report was sent to every homeowner this week by CAMS regarding the upcoming STMA Board meeting.

Frankly, I was shocked at what our volunteers do on a regular basis.  We are thankful for their dedication and hardwork.  If you recognize a name or two, please “thank” them.

If you see anything that you might be interested in volunteering, please click HERE for our Volunteer Form to submit.

Below is just a sampling of what someof our committees have done recently.


The April 24, 2024 ABCPOA meeting was an in-person meeting at the BEMC Community Meeting Room.

In addition to some general housekeeping items, there was further discussion/explanation of the important issues on which our ABCPOA committees have been focusing their efforts. The UDO Committee has been working in concert with the county Planning Board and Commissioners to identify areas requiring improvement and providing solutions for current issues with planning and development. This committee has been advocating that a TIA (Traffic Impact Analysis) be conducted prior to an application for a Planned Development or major subdivision. The Commissioners finally
did give this directive to the Planning Department, so this will be a step in ensuring that development does not outpace existing traffic infrastructure.

The UDO Committee has also been working with the Planning Department to advocate for a tree ordinance geared toward new residential and commercial development. The Commissioners have instructed the Brunswick County Manager to petition the state for approval to develop such an ordinance, as the state must grant permission for this. The focus will be on tree and tree canopy preservation, street tree planting requirements,and reduction of clear-cutting practices.

The committee has also been advocating for the outdated Brunswick County UDO to be updated to align with Blueprint Brunswick 2040. The Planning Director had informed the committee that in mid-April they were finalizing the contract with a consulting firm to accomplish this task, and it was anticipated that contract would be approved in May.  Money had been allocated in the county’s budget to do this in May 2023, but no action had been taken until now.

The Planning Department was encouraged to propose amendments to the existing  UDO that would impact future developments. The department has done so, recently  proposing comprehensive tree and landscape text amendments establishing:

  • A Transportation Overlay Zone (TOZ) to ensure lands adjoining roadways are developed to be landscaped or left in a naturally wooded state
  • Amend the Usable Recreation Area standards
  • Added minimum number of trees, landscaping and tree canopy coverage requirements
  • Amend Heritage Tree definition
  • Amend and increase the amount of open space and recreation area to be provided within each zoning district
  • Amend usable recreation area standards
  • Amend Collector or Thoroughfare Street Buffers
  • Amend Voluntary Agriculture District

There was also discussion regarding Traffic Calming Devices, as several communities have expressed a need to address speeding within their communities. Brunswick County is required to enforce the North Carolina State Building Code: Fire Prevention Code and referenced fire protection standards. This code is revised on a six year cycle.  Prior to the adoption of the 2018 revision, speed bumps were permissible, however the 2018 revision removed this as an option. Existing speed bumps were grandfathered until such time that the speed bump fell into disrepair. It would then need to be removed
and is not allowed to be repaired. Jurisdictions that provide their own Fire Code Enforcement are covered by their own Fire Code that is derived from the NC Code in conjunction with the County and Fire Chiefs of those jurisdictions.

The issue is that speed bumps slow the response time to emergency situations and transport of patients. They can also cause damage to emergency vehicles and danger to responders and patients from the jostling that occurs.

This code is due for revision in 2024. The goal would be to engage local Fire Chiefs and the County Fire Marshall in an effort to see if some agreement can be made on allowable types of Traffic Calming Devices. There was discussion/contribution by many of the larger communities who have attempted to control speeding in their communities.  Members shared what methods they have attempted or currently employ. The ABCPOA is in the process of determining whether there is a desire to create a subcommittee to advocate regarding this issue.

There may not be a May ABCPOA meeting as the scheduled date is near Memorial Day (May 29). This would be a Zoom meeting if it is held.  The June 26th ABCPOA meeting will be another in-person meeting.  Colleen Teifer, Chair


The Access Committee welcomed Mickey Smith as its newest member and thanked Jack Phillabaum for his service.  There are currently 3,220 active access cards in the system. 1,045 of those cards are  associated with 50 specialty groups, committees, and clubs.  Dawn Smiarowksi, the STMA Board liaison, brought several issues to the board for discussion.

  • Beach access will be closely monitored again this summer to identify those who are letting non-Sea Trail residents use their card.
  • Saw Mill townhome renters will have access to the STMA amenities.
  • Use of the Eastwood Bluff pool is only open to Eastwood Bluff residents with their access card.

Neil Weiss, Chair


The following bricks were placed since the last meeting:

  • February 20 – David Casquarelli
  • April 6 – Eileen Barr
  • May 4 – Sandy Jaeger
  • May 11 – Michelle Edinger
  • May 11 – Lee Zinser

The following weddings were held at the Chapel:

  • March 6 – Thouy Wedding
  • March 16 – Honeycutt Wedding


Kathy Blaine, Chair


With our ongoing effort to strive to keep our facilities up-to-date and in excellent condition for our Sea Trail Community, here are our activities which our committeeoversees and performs.


  • Weekly Access Reservation Report. This report contains a synopsis of upcoming reservations to the Pink Palace Main Room, Sunset Room, Creekside Multi- Purpose Room, and the MAC. This weekly report is sent to Sylvia Chester, Dawn, Smiarowski, and JoDonna O’Leary.
  • Monthly Inspection Report. This monthly inspection report list defects which need repair and remediation. Inspectors of our facilities are Rob Anderson, Debbie Cornell, Gregg McIntire, and Jack Passalugo. This report is being forwarded to Janine Entwisle for remediation.
  • Monthly Task List Report. This monthly report contains those routine activities which must be performed. Monthly tasks are everything from performing fire device safety checks, scheduling outside contractors’ visits, and routine maintenance tasks. This includes monthly gym equipment maintenance. Janine Entwisle, Debbie Cornell, Gregg McIntire, and Jack Passalugo utilize this facilities report.
  • Working with new maintenance resource, Gregg McIntire. Gregg’s work performance and attitude is exemplary.
  • Ceiling Repairs. The Creekside building (the gym and multi-purpose room), and now the Pink Palace ceilings need repair. At our Creekside location, the tape on the seams have separated from the wallboard, and most recently at the Pink Palace, the seams on the popcorn ceiling are failing where the popcorn plaster is breaking off and falling to the ground. I believe the corrections to these ceiling problems are beyond our day-to-day repair capabilities. We need to get estimates of repairs from professionals to remediate our ceiling problems.
  • AV Equipment. Worked with Debbie Cornell where we learned how to use the new AV equipment. Debbie wrote user instruction on how to use the new speaker system. The speaker system is operational. Also, we worked with the Songbirds where we got the Bluetooth receiver working through Bluetooth and HDMI input channels. Open Broadcast Software – We are still learning this application on how to record and broadcast to YouTube. We are currently having a problem piping our new speaker audio to our recordings. We are not getting this audio into the audio mixer in OBS. We need Alan Ellis, the installer of the new AV system, to aid us in correcting this problem.
  • Gym Equipment:
    o Ellipticals are continuing to fail. We are beginning to replace major components,
    mother boards, and the elliptical’s bearing are wearing out and leaking making them
    very noisy, and the internal metal components are rusting severely. QFE have advised
    that these units are quickly approaching the end of their useful life. Please note, the
    monitors on these units are nearly impossible to procure if one fails.
    o Treadmills. The treadmill matts are beginning to wear out. Also, we are
    monitoring an incline motor failure. As in the case of the above ellipticals, these
    treadmills are approaching the end of their useful life.
    o Gym Maintenance. QFE performs maintenance three (3) times a year. Our
    maintenance resource performs the maintenance the other nine (9) months.
    o Will be working with Dawn Smiarowski on the feasibility of purchasing or leasing
    new ellipticals and treadmills for 2025.
    • Sent request to the Board of Directors of the Sea Trail Master Association to
    explore the feasibility of purchasing an electric golf cart for the day-to-day HOA
    business operations at Sea Trail.
    • Assisted in assembly of the new Pink Palace chairs, and I want to acknowledge
    Steve Hagy for his major help in assembling our new chairs. We also assisted Greg
    McIntire in the assembly and placement of the three (3) new outside benches.


Jack Passalugo & Sylvia Chester, Co-Chairs


The Committee has been meeting and planning for 2024 to secure programs andspeakers for Community.

  • March 21 – 1:00pm – Pink Palace – “Defending Yourself at Home – the Law in North Carolina” by Speaker Steven Westfall
  • April 11- Rich Bach program on Nature – Birds & Flora of Sea Trail Held with small attendance. Speaker agreed to return in June.
  • April 30 – Sunset Beach Fire Department presented a review of CPR/ AED for Pool Monitors, CAMS staff and a few other volunteers. Conducted by Captain Patrick McDonald, and Fire Rescue Officers Jason and Kate.
  • May 16 – Physical Therapist of Emergo Ortho – Megan Lee, BS MS, PT will present a program related to the “Fall Prediction and Prevention” Time is 2:30pm – 4:00pm
  • June 12 – A Natural Yard for Your Life Richard Back – Master gardener, Environmentalist, Certified Personal Trainer, Former Member of the Sunset Beach Environmental Resource Committee.
    A call-to-action discussion to restore the wildlife and plant diversity in the neighborhood. Simple acts to enrich our health and the wellness benefits and spending time in your backyard. Residents need to act on beneficial and positive solutions.
  • September – Date to be determined “Benefits of Physical Activity and Eating Healthy” Sandy Fagin is a member of the Member of the H&SRC and a Nutritionist and Certified Person Trainer.
  • October 1 – Flu Shot Vaccination conducted by Brunswick County Health Services10am to 1:00 PM Possibly other Vaccinations as determined by the Health Department.
  • No programs in the summer.

Members Kathy Muth, Steve Heins, and Sandy Fagan – Our Committee owes our thanks to Deb Dethlefsen for all of her hard work and efforts on this committee, she has asked to take a leave. We have an opening if anyone is interested contact.

Nancy Barnes, Chair


During the non-growing season (Jan – Mar) our focus was on community improvement projects.

We had 10 projects scheduled for 2024:

  • 5 are complete
  • 2 have been put on hold, need more research
  • 2 to be completed this month
  • 1 waiting to be approved.
  • The large effort on Clubhouse Dr is our current focus. It looks good.  The plan for the growing season (Apr – Sept): our focus is to maintain the grass, kill the  weeds and trim the shrubs.

Bert McGoff & Michael Smiarowski, Co-Chairs


MAC Pool – New strapping of 1/3 of furniture has been added and remaining has been cleaned and placed around pool and spa activated for the April 1st opening.

  • Grills have been cleaned and new covers have been added.
  • Sunshade has been reinstalled.
  • New lights have been replaced on the Spa.
  • Pool and Spa passed inspection and opened April 1st.

Pink Palace Pool

  • All furniture was cleaned.
  • Creekside spa is permitted year- round and remains open.
  • Pool has been permitted for year-round access of the deck and bocce and horse shoe pits.
  • Grills have been cleaned.
  • Pool Monitors started May 3rd and finish Labor Day September 2nd.  Their hours will be 11:00am – 4:00pm and 4:00pm – Dusk. Donna Morris will be the Coordinator again and met with the monitors in April.

Tennis/Pickleball Courts

  • The courts will be resurfaced and replaced with new nets and wind screens in earlyJune.
  • Revised schedule for open pickleball times are posted on the website and Board at the entrance gate.
  • An onsite visit by Carolina Sport Court has been conducted to assess the probability of installing 3 permanent pickleball courts at the Pink Palace and relocating the bocce and horseshoe areas.

Kevin Baldwin, Chair


There were 15 violations received since the last meeting. The violations were as

  • 4 – Yard violations – dead trees, overgrown bushes, weeds
  • 1 – Trailer parked in driveway
  • 2 – Additions without ARC Approval (turned over to ARC to handle)
  • 1 – House painted without ARC Approval (Turned over to ARC to handle)
  • 2 – Commercial vehicle violations
  • 2 – Sign violations – realtor and political
  • 1 – Trash can violation
  • 1 – Dumpster issue – turned over to Condo Association
  • 6 violations have been resolved
  • 3 have received warning letters
  • 6 have received a courtesy contact and require follow up

Sylvia Chester, Chair


Recent Events:

  • March 12, 2024 – Amelia’s Restaurant Dinner – 64 attendees
  • May 11, 2024 – Trivia Night at Pink Palace – 80 attendees

Upcoming Events:

  • Date to be determined: – Local Restaurant Dinner
  • Date to be determined: – End of Summer Trivia
  • December 14, 2024 – Holiday Gala at Convention Center



Recent Events:

  • February 9 Valentines Day program with Eggman’s Jukebox, 50 attended; 8 were new
  • March 8 St. Patrick’s Day program with Chris Cary, 98 attended, 11 of them were new
  • April 12 – Sea and Sand Band performance, 116, attended 6 of them were new

Gail Treglia, Chair


The website continues to stay very busy with updates, changes and improvements.  Recently, because our site has been growing so quickly, we had to change our  environment to an iCloud status. What does this mean for us…a much speeder site, more disk space to continue to expand and a cleaner environment. Also, the traffic to our site grows more each month. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas. Special thanks to Emily, Neil and Jack P. for their hard work and dedication!

Candy Fowler & Emily Shea, Co-Chairs


A total of 19 new owners have been greeted by a Welcome Committee representative and a gift bag has been delivered.

  • February – 7
  • March – 7
  • April – 1
  • May (through May 6) – 4
  • In addition, one or more attempts to deliver and/or contact an additional 25 new owners have been made by members of the Welcome Committee. Some of the owners have replied to indicate when they will be back in Sea Trail and this is tracked for follow-up.

Susanna Partrick, Chair

STMA Rules – Revised 5/3/2024


p. The use of sterno, candles, or any open flame within the common facilities is prohibited. (I added this on page 14 under “General Rules for STMA Common Facilities.”)

This is under F.1.b. under “Use of STMA Common Facilities”:

Use of any of these facilities for the conduct of a business or to generate income is prohibited. A group of property owners planning to use the facility for a specific type of activity exclusively for property owners, may bring in an instructor who has a business established outside of Sea Trail; the instructor may be entitled to receive compensation from the individual property owners participating in the activity.  Any paid vendor must be approved by management and carry both liability insurance and worker’s comp and provide proof of insurance with STMA named as an additional insured.

Examples of activities for which these facilities may not be reserved include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Political Meetings/Fundraisers, Activist Group Meetings/Activities;
  • Business meetings of any kind that involve the solicitation of business;
  • Meetings of legally registered organizations not established under STMA, whether for profit or not for profit, unless such meetings receive prior approval from the STMA Board of Directors;
  • Seminars or meetings for the sole purpose of generating commercial opportunity for the participants in the seminar/meeting.
c. The STMA Board of Directors reserves the right to deny reservation rights to any property owner for any event it determines in its sole discretion to be an event not within the intent and purpose of the existence of these common facilities.
d. Fundraisers are permitted as approved by the Board of Directors by recognized groups and committees.
Room reservations may only be made three months or less in advance by individuals or clubs.  The cost of repairs for any damages to common areas caused by a group will be charged to the individual who reserved the room for that group.