Health and Safety Resource Committee

The Health and Safety Resource Committee explores ways to bring health and safety information to Sea Trail Property Owners. The committee does this by inviting speakers to present programs and workshops relevant to our community.  It is responsible for monitoring the Master Association’s AEDs and arranges for the Sunset Beach Fire Department to conduct classes on CPR and the use of AEDs. The committee also coordinates with the Brunswick County Health Department to provide flu shots annually.  Chair:  Nancy Barnes at 910-575-4134 or 516-313-4948.

Friends Helping Friends: Call Before You Climb

If you need assistance with minor, but potentially dangerous situations in and around the home, such as changing light bulbs, replacing air filters, getting up in the attic or even moving a piece of furniture, take advantage of the Friends Helping Friends – Call Before You Climb program. The program consists of several able bodied men willing to help.  Contact either Mario Marques at 443-326-1289; Gary Zimmerman at 908-489-3625 or Bill Harbinson at 828-964-3125 if you need assistance.

STMA AED (defibrillator) Locations | Potential of Beeping Sound

Sea Trail Master Association has a total of 6 AEDs.  They are located in the following areas.  Please familiar yourself with these locations in case you are asked to retrieve one in the case of an emergency.      

  • Pink Palace: located on the wall around the corner from the kitchen and in the hallway between the two poolside bathrooms.
  • Creekside Building: in the fitness center. 
  • MAC: located poolside between the bathrooms and upstairs across from the kitchen area and upstairs on the second floor across from the kitchen area.
  • Tennis/Pickleball Courts:  inside the entry gate immediately to the right inside the red box.

All AED’s (defibrillators) are monitored on a monthly basis by members of the Health & Safety Resource Committee to assure that they are in working order.  If any resident has questions about the AEDs or is in an area where an AED is located and hears a beeping sound coming from an AED please notify Kathy Muth.

First Aid & Health Safety for Disasters

Click First Aid & Health & Safety For Disasters to learn what to do to improve your chances of surviving the next disaster in your area including a plan to be prepared for encountering an active shooter.

Prescription Medicine Drop Box

Located in the Town Of Sunset Beach hall foyer.  Place all prescription medications in zip locked bags.  Residents that can’t make it to Town Hall can request an officer pick up their items for disposal.  Operation Medicine Drop medication disposal locator tool –

Upcoming Program:  “Nutrition for Healthy Aging”

Sandy Fagin Registered Dietitian will present a very informative talk on “Nutrition for Healthy Aging” on Tuesday, June 27th beginning at 1:30 at the Pink Palace.  Learn about changes to our health as we age, how nutritional needs change, and why it’s even more important to eat healthy to live an active quality life in our senior years.  Recipes will be provided!

Calendar for Meetings & Programs

Photo Gallery of Programs Offered

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