CAMS Update – 1/1/2021 Email

Good morning! We are happy to share that your Board of Directors has hired CAMS as to handle the accounting management for your association, effective today. We are very excited to begin working with you and the entire community. We have attached an introduction letter, which you should have previously received in the mail. This introduction letter provides general information about CAMS accounting services. Going forward, owners will have direct access to our Community Support Team who can assist you with various questions related to billing, buying & selling documents, and navigating your online account. Your Board of Directors and On-Site Administrator will remain the main contact for the associations day-to-day management.

How do you contact Community Support?

1.       Call: 877.672.2267

2.       Email:

3.       Visit your owner’s portal at

A follow up communication will be sent later today to provide login credentials and additional information for accessing your owner’s portal. Once you log-on, you will immediately have access to make electronic payments. Please remember to review and update your contact information under “My Contact Info,” the first time you log-on. It is important to update your email address, as your Association has elected Eco-Billing, so all future billing will be sent via email. Again, we are eager to begin working with Sea Trail Plantation Master Association, Inc. and look forward to serving you and your community!


The CAMS Team

Sea Trail Plantation Master Association, Inc.

This Community is Professionally Managed By CAMS
(877) 672-2267 | (910) 454-8787 |

Click to view CAMS Welcome Letter

Click to view CAMS Eco Billing


President’s Message – 12/31/2020 (CAMS Update)

Happy New Year Sea Trail!

Some questions have come up regarding the CAMS transition and I wanted to answer those questions:

1.  January 1, 2021 is the due date for the 2021 STMA dues invoice that was emailed on December 29, 2020.  You have a 30 day grace period to pay the bill before it will be past due.  We encourage you to pay this invoice ASAP!

2.  The CAMS portal will be live for Sea Trail homeowners on January 1, 2021.  Due to the holiday, CAMS will be unavailable for phone calls until Monday, January 4, 2021.

3.  Homeowners will receive emails with their personal log in information on January 1, 2021.  You will have everything you need to login to the CAMS portal to pay your invoice online.  Paying your invoice online is the most efficient and timely way to pay.

4.  Homeowners also have the option to pay their bill by check via the US Mail.  Please insure that it is sent to the CAMS address:  Sea Trail Master Association, Inc. c/o CAMS, PO Box 97548, Raleigh, NC  27624-7548.  You must allow 2 weeks to insure that it is credited to your account if you pay by check.

5.  Homeowners should have received a cover letter with their CAMS Account number and Registration Key via US Mail which accompanied the Welcome Letter.  This letter was mailed to your primary address that STMA has on file.  If you DID NOT receive this letter via US Mail, please follow-up with Debra Bordeaux, our STMA Administrator at or 910-579-5374 to update your mailing address. She will be available the week of January 4th.  You will also be able to update your own contact information through the CAMS Owners Portal.  This Welcome Letter will be resent via email on Jan 1st or you can also access the letter and more details on our new CAMS page:

6.  You will only need the Registration Key if you DO NOT receive the email with your portal log in credentials on January 1st.  If you do not receive the login email on Jan 1st, please call CAMS the week of Jan 4th at 1-877-672-2267.

7.   If for some reason you DO NOT receive the email with credentials, it is because you have already called CAMS to request a log-in, your email is missing or invalid, or you have another CAMS account under your email address. If the latter, you can request your Sea Trail account be linked to your existing account. Once the portal is “live” you will also be able to sign-up for a portal log-in should you miss or not receive the credentials on the Jan 1st.

I know this is a lot of information and some which may be confusing.  This is a big change for Sea Trail Homeowners but once we make it through this transition, it will be a better system for all.  Remember, you do not need to call CAMS on Jan 4th as there will probably be long hold times.  If you can work through the on line portal, that will be the most efficient way to pay your invoice.

Thank you for your patience!
Looking forward to 2021!
Happy New Year!!
Roz Dahlen, STMA President

President’s Message – 12/28/2020 – Financial System Transfer to CAMS: Resident Info

Happy Holidays Sea Trail!

We hope that you are enjoying this holiday season and looking forward to the New Year!  With the New Year, comes the transition of our new financial systems management to CAMS in Wilmingon, NC.

Please be advised of the following:

1.   This week you will be receiving 3 emails from CAMS:

a.    The Welcome to CAMS letter
b.    The 2021 STMA Dues Invoice
c.     Personal Login instructions for the CAMS Portal

2.   The CAMS Portal will be OPEN to Sea Trail Residents beginning on January 1,  2021.  It will not be working until that date.

3.   People that DO NOT have email addresses will receive their 3 documents via US Mail this week.  We encourage you to share your email address with both STMA and CAMS for future communications.

4.   On January 1st, you will be able to log into your personal CAMS Owner’s portal and have various options for online payments.

5.   You will also have the option to pay your 2021 dues by check.  Those checks should be mailed to the STMA CAMS address listed in the Welcome letter.  DO NOT send  checks to Debra Bordeaux, our STMA Administrator.  Your checks can be mailed to CAMS prior to the January 1st date if you so desire.  See Welcome to CAMS letter for their address.

6.   If you did not receive the original Welcome to CAMS letter by US Mail, please contact Debra Bordeaux, our STMA Administrator at or 910-579-5374, to update your mailing address.

If you have any questions, please contact CAMS at 1-877-672-2267.  STMA will also be adding CAMS FAQs to the STMA website to assist with this process in the near future.  Thank you for your patience during this transition!

Happy New Year!
Roz Dahlen, STMA President

President’s Message – 12/10/2020 – CAMS

Seasons Greetings Sea Trail!!

This is my first communication with all of you, the residents of Sea Trail, since accepting the position as President of Sea Trail Master Association (STMA) in November.  I am honored to be serving as your President and I look forward to all of the new and exciting changes in store for our community!  Be assured that the 2021 STMA Board will continue working together to enhance and improve our community in the New Year.

Community Association Management Services (CAMS):

On December 1, 2020, the STMA entered into a partnership with Community Association Management Services (CAMS) headquartered in Wilmington, NC.  CAMS will now be responsible for providing STMA with accounting services to include invoicing, fee collection, bill paying and other financial functions.  This partnership will be an enhancement to our existing financial processes.  The STMA Board will continue to make all decisions for dues increases and how your money will be spent.

We are currently transitioning to CAMS so therefore you WILL NOT be receiving a 2021 dues invoice until January 1, 2021.  At this time, please do not send any checks to our Administrator for your 2021 dues or mowing fees.

Next week, you will receive a “Welcome Letter” from CAMS by US Mail, explaining the new process.  This letter will clarify in detail the new procedures for paying your dues and mowing fees. New online payment options as well as paying by check, if you prefer, will be available.  On January 1, 2021, via email, you will receive your dues invoice and instructions on how to pay online.  STMA and CAMS will continue to communicate with you to insure that this is a very smooth transition!  We look forward to a more convenient financial system for our residents.

We hope that you enjoy this holiday season!
Stay safe and healthy!
Roz Dahlen
STMA President