The residents of Sea Trail Master Association have three pools that can be used for our enjoyment.  One at the Pink Palace Complex, MAC (Maples Activity Center), & VAC (Visitors Activity Center) with a sauna at the Pink Palace and spas at the MAC & VAC.  For addresses & location of each pool area, please click The Sea Trail Facilities Map

PERMISSION TO USE PROPERTY OWNER’S ACCESS CARD (form is used when a property owner gives permission to someone else to use their access card to enter Sea Trail amenities) – Click HERE to view and submit this form.


  • Access:  Will be given to all property owners in good standing and their guests.  Your white Access card is required to enter.
  • Hours:  Pink Palace and MAC Pools | Dawn to Dusk, daily.  Creekside Indoor Spa & Sauna| 5 AM until 9 PM, daily.  The pools open on April 1 and close October 31 for the season.  They  are closed during times of maintenance.  To comply with our dawn to dusk pool permits, effective August 13 the pools are open 7 AM – 8 PM.  Please adhere to the posted pool hours.  We will have patrols checking on the pools at night, and we have video surveillance and the access system to identify anyone who is in the pool or hot tub after hours.  
  • Beverages/Drinks Poolside: Remember, NO glass containers are permitted inside the pool enclosure.  Bringing glass containers will be a violation of the rules and will cause your access to be denied.  In addition, no food or beverages are allowed within three feet of the pool perimeter.
  • Lap Swimming:  Open from 7 – 9 AM at the MAC pool.  This is a first come-first serve process.  We ask others that might be in the pool during these hours to allow the lap swimmers their space.
  • Water Aerobics:  Classes are offered during the warmer spring, summer & fall months only.  Please Note:  Once the air or water temperatures become too cool, the classes end for the season.  Click Water Aerobics Classes for the schedule. 
  • ADA Lift Chairs are available at the MAC & Pink Palace Pools.  If the individual requiring the chair cannot use it themselves, they will need someone with them to help.
  • AED (defribillator): If needed, an AED can be found in the following locations:  Pink Palace in the kitchen area above the large garbage bins and hanging on the wall between the Sunset Room and bathrooms.  Creekside Building in the Fitness Center.  MAC outside the bathrooms poolside, and upstairs on the second floor near the kitchen area.  Tennis Courts inside the entry gate immediately to the right inside the red box.
  • Issues with Pools, Spas & Sauna:  In case of a true emergency, please use the pool emergency phone to dial 911.  If you have a non-emergency concern or a maintenance issue, please call the CAMS office at 910-579-5374 during business hours.
  • A FIRST AID KIT is located in the blue bin in the corner under the roofed canopy.
  • An EMERGENCY TELEPHONE is located in the red box on the wall to the left of the rear door to Pink Palace.  At the MAC it is mounted on a column by the rear stairway off the pool area.


If you have an EMERGENCY related to Sea Trail Master Association (STMA) common areas such as the Pink Palace, MAC or Creekside buildings or amenities, or any of the main Sea Trail entrances, during normal business hours please call the onsite STMA office at 910-579-5374After normal business hours please dial 877-672-2267 and follow the prompts for emergency assistance.

**If you live/own one of the Condos or Townhome properties within Sea Trail and you have a true EMERGENCY that would result in property damage, please click HERE for detailed contact information for your specific sub-association management company.**



Pool monitors are working 7 days a week at the Maples Activity Center (MAC).  We will have Pool Monitors working on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Pink Palace and holiday weekends.   The last days of coverage will be Labor Day Weekend (September 1, 2, 3, 4).  The pool monitors are there to be sure everyone has a fun, safe and relaxing time at the pools. The monitors will answer any questions you might have. And if they do not have an answer, they will try to find the answer for you.

Pool monitors represent the Sea Trail Master Association and should always be respected.  During the weekdays, our onsite maintenance technician will be monitoring the trash and preparing the pool decks each morning.  We ask that individuals using the pool to follow all pool rules, clean up after yourselves, and put the umbrellas down and tie them before you leave the pool.

Donna Morris is the point of contact for the pool monitors.  If you have any questions about them, please contact Donna.

VAC – Visitors Activity Center

The VAC – Visitors Activity Center is closed for renovations.  Plans are being developed to upgrade the VAC  which will include a food and beverage operation, but one that takes advantage of the poolside location with a complimentary style menu and resort worthy tiki bar upgrade!  The VAC will be more thoughtfully utilized and will be back better than ever coming Spring/Summer 2024 following the renovation.


Please take a moment to review the new rules and regulations for pools, spas, and hot tubs listed below.:

a. Showers are required prior to entering the pools, SPAs/Hot Tubs, and Sauna. During cold weather, outdoor showers will be shut off; however, showers are accessible in the Pink Palace building.

b. Use of any of these facilities under the influence of alcohol, illegal drug/ substances, or prescription medication which may impair normal activities is prohibited.

c. Spitting or nose blowing in the pools, SPAs/Hot Tubs and/or Sauna is prohibited.

d. Due to the risks of nausea, dizziness, and fainting, for the safety of individual users, the SPAs/Hot Tubs and Sauna should not be used alone. A reasonable time of use (10-15 minutes) should be observed. Caution including consulting a doctor should be used by persons with medical conditions that may be adversely affected by the high temperatures in these facilities. Pregnant women and people with high/low blood pressure may be exceptionally vulnerable to the high temperatures in the SPAs/Hot Tubs or Sauna.

e. Possession or consumption of food or beverages in any SPA/Hot Tub, Sauna, pools or within three (3) feet of the pools is prohibited.

f. Use of any of the facilities discussed in this section by persons with any condition or disease transmittable via water is prohibited, this includes eye, ear and nasal infections.

g. Use in the pools of large flotation devices (floats or rafts), snorkeling or scuba equipment, other than a mask, is prohibited. The use of small floats, toys, balls, or other similar objects is permitted; however, use of such objects must not interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of others.

h. Noisy or hazardous activity, running, rough play, and excessive splashing are prohibited.

i. The volume of audio equipment shall be kept at a low level at all times so as to not interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of others.

j. Use or possession of glass or breakable objects in the pool areas, SPAs/Hot Tubs, and/or Sauna areas is prohibited; broken glass in a pool will require draining and cleaning, the cost of which will be charged to the property owner(s) responsible.

k. Diving is prohibited.

l. As a courtesy to others, reserving lounges, chairs and/or tables is prohibited. Umbrellas shall be kept closed when not in use and closed and tied when departing the pool area.

m. Appropriate attire should be worn at all times. Any incontinent persons are required to wear an appropriate swim product. Any product used for an incontinent swimmer must be changed in the restroom. For health reasons, swimming pools must be closed for up to 24 hours after someone accidentally defecates in the pool, while the pool is shocked with chemicals. The responsible property owner(s) will be charged for the chemicals needed to clean the pool.

n. Swimming in the pools during inclement weather conditions is not recommended. No safety procedures or storm systems are being utilized to protect individuals from lightning strikes or other dangerous weather conditions. Responding to changing weather patterns is the responsibility of the users.

o. Restroom facilities with outside access are provided at the Pink Palace/MAC. Creekside Building restrooms and inside restrooms at the MAC are not to be used by those using the pools.

p. Wet swimming attire, wet towels, wet footwear, or golf shoes other than spikeless shoes, are prohibited in the Pink Palace/MAC meeting facilities, Fitness Center, Creek Side Building Multipurpose Room or Creekside Building bathrooms.

q. Feeding of alligators, turtles and other wildlife from the MAC pool deck is prohibited.

r. Fishing from the MAC swimming pool deck is prohibited.

s. All of the facilities included in this section require proper maintenance and are subject to closing. Use of a closed facility is prohibited.

t. Proper operation of the indoor SPA requires that the doors of the Spa shall always remain closed except to permit entry and exit. The windows to the Spa must remain open.

u. Pool Monitors are direct representatives of the STMA. Instructions from the Pool Monitors shall be obeyed. Failure to do so may result in removal from the facility and suspension of the Property Owner’s Access Card privileges.

v. Smoking, including vaping (e-cigarettes) or use of chewing tobacco at any STMA pool area is prohibited.

w. A responsible adult must be present with persons of any age unable to demonstrate swimming proficiency at Red Cross Level 4 or similar certification.

Violations of the pool rules will result in an immediate revocation of your access to all facilities!  Please be sure you are aware of our rules.  They are there for your safety!


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