Welcome Sea Trail Lady Niners!

We are golfers of varying abilities — some are taking lessons, learning to play and others are experienced who choose to play nine holes. STLN is an opportunity to play golf in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our group also includes social members who attend the quarterly luncheon meetings, our Christmas luncheon, and other STLN social events. The STLN Social Committee is responsible for our wonderful luncheons where we enjoy great food and fellowship.

For more info or to join the Sea Trail Lady Niners Contact STLN President Nancy Whitman at stlnpresident@gmail.com

New Sea Trail Lady Niners’ Information

General STLN Guidelines

Questionnaire for New STLNer – Please return questionnaire with your dues.

Menu of Dues –  $20 Annual STLN League; $20 GHIN handicap; $5 for social members.

STLN Golf Days

  • Tuesday – Slick Chicks is an STLN practice day.
  • Thursday – STLN league day. Sign up using the online form

STLN League Day is Thursday


  • SIGN UP ONLY from Thursday-Monday Noon  for the following THURSDAY ONLY.
  • If a tournament is scheduled for the next LEAGUE day; be sure to sign up using the Tournament email. DO NOT USE THIS FORM. See Tournament Information below.
  • New Members – Please call any of the members if clarification is needed.
  • Complete Form Below
  • Comment (optional): For special requests
  • Click on the “Submit” button
  • You will receive an email confirmation stating you have signed up

It is essential to follow the instructions if you plan on playing golf on the next league day.

***** NO OCTOBER 6th STLNer Sign UP — October 6 will be the 2nd day for Club Championship ****


STLN Weekly Sign-Up
Sign-up closes at Noon on Mondays

Pairing Instructions

Please read the following ” pairing coordinator” instructions

Instructions for the STLN Pairing Coordinators

Pairing Coordinator(s)

  • SEPTEMBER – Bobbi Leonard
  • OCTOBER – JoAnn Abrams & Barbara Lawson
  • NOVEMBER – Diane Scheck
  • DECEMBER – Eleanor Mulford

Instructions for the STLN Pairing Coordinators

Important Dates & Special Events

  • Monday, October 17  Board Meeting 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, November 2  General Meeting, Pink Palace 11:00 – Heavy hors d’oeuvres $12.00
  • Friday, December 2  Christmas Luncheon
  • Wednesday, February 1  General Meeting, Pink Palace 11:00 – Luncheon $12.00

Most Recent Handicaps


When depositing checks in the STLN clubhouse mailbox please do not use an envelope “or”  use a small envelope.

Tournament Info

Club Championship – Tuesday, 10/4/2022 – JONES 12:00 F/B and Thursday, 10/6/2022– JONES 12:00 F/B.
Second Chance Tournament – Thursday, 10/20/2022 – MAPLES 12:00 ST.
Honoring Veterans Tournament – Thursday, 11/10/2022 – MAPLES 12:30 ST
Santa Tournament – Thursday 12/01/2022 – MAPLES 12:00 F/B

Tournament Results

Member/Guest 2022

  • 1st Place = Mary Lou Miller/Kathy Blaine
  • 2nd Place = Judy Lynch/ Eileen Farrell
  • 3rd Place = Susan Crist/Cim Johnson
  •  4th Place = Karen Smith/Dierdre Hemingway

Member/Member 2022

Jones Front

  • 1st Place Bethany Hickman/Lynn Enright
  • 2nd place Kathleen MacDonald/Karen Smith

Jones Back

  • 1st Pam Sisson/Felicity Lavin
  • 2nd Place Kathi Moore/Karen Cassidy

Tournament Results

Charm Tournament 2022

KT Kathy Taylor – Gold Charm Champ

Muriel Saunders – Silver Charm Champ

Tournament Results

Invitational 2022

Birthdays – October

  • JoAnn Abrams
  • Sandy Bergamosco
  • Pat Conway
  • Colleen Kaczvinsky
  • Katharine Kulkoski
  • Eleanor Mulford
  • Betty Priscu
  • Bonnie Zimmerman