Sea Trail Master Association Board of Directors

President: Roz Dahlen,
Vice President: Jack Phillabaum,
Treasurer: Greg Barratt,
Secretary: Todd Rademacher,

Members at Large:  Robert Hill, Donald Bean & Dana Connelly

STMA Administrator:  Debra Bordeaux,
| Phone: 910-579-5374 | Fax: 910-579-2473 |

CAMS General Manager (Onsite):  Annette Louder,
| Phone: 910-579-5374 | Fax: 910-579-2473 |


STMA Bi-Monthly & Annual Board Meetings

The STMA Bi-Monthly Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of January, March, May, July and September at the Pink Palace beginning at 3 PM.  The STMA Annual Board Meeting is held on the first or second Saturday morning in November.  The time and location are determined each year.  Please Note:  The 2021 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday morning, November 13 beginning at 10 AM at the Pink Palace.

The documents (Agenda, Committee and Treasurers Reports) for the bi-monthly meetings are posted to the website typically 5-7 days prior to each meeting.  The documents (Agenda & others as determine by the Board each year) for the Annual meeting are posted to the site as soon as available prior to the meeting.

All residents are encouraged to attend the meetings in person or view later per video which will be posted to the website.  The goal is to live stream all meetings in the near future.

Become a Volunteer with One of the STMA Committees

The Sea Trail Master Association depends on resident volunteers to assist with the functioning of the Association.  The members of the STMA Board cannot do all of the required work by themselves and depend on all of our volunteers to offer ideas, expertise, knowledge and hands on effort in so many areas of need within the various committees.  There are many opportunities available where residents can help in giving of their time and energy in whatever capacity they choose.  We are always looking for and welcome new ideas!  Choose a committee that might interest you and then click Volunteer Request Form to view the Volunteer Opportunities page, complete the form and submit on line.


STMA Committee Members (Updated 8/26/2021)

ABCPOA COMMITTEE The Alliance of Brunswick County Property Owners Association (ABCPOA) is a nonpartisan association comprised of member Property Owners and Homeowners Associations throughout the county united by an interest in common issues. The ABCPOA is “issue-driven” and serves its members by developing and presenting positions regarding issues that are critical to the further development of Brunswick County, monitoring governmental officials’ positions and actions and reporting results to our members. The Alliance serves as a forum for informational exchange among members, provides appropriate assistance to member organizations when requested and cooperates with like-minded organizations when appropriate. ABCPOA is dedicated to protecting homeowner rights and property values while assuring for safe neighborhoods and advancing an ever-improving quality of life for all residents of Brunswick County.  Chair: Allen Doolittle at

ACCESS COMMITTEE The Access committee is responsible for the coordination of the website calendar for all facility reservations and to maintain all group and individual function schedules and authorized users to same.  Maintain accurate property owner information to issue and control all permanent and temporary use of all system access cards.  They are also responsible for the total maintenance and use of the Brivo and Tyco access systems as well as the camera security systems.  They report all noncompliance of Rules and Regulations to the Rules Committee and makes recommendations based upon specific guidelines/consequences in accordance with written procedures. Acts as liaison between access, other committees security and fire systems and the Sea Trail Master Association Board. Chair:  Neil Weiss can be contacted at 910-575-8284 or


  • The doors are always open from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Property owners with their access card may also access the Chapel additional hours from 6:00 to 7:00 AM and 5:00 to 7:00 PM.
  • The Prayer Circle prays for people on request and maintains confidentiality.
  • The Prayer Circle provides the bricks for the Memorial Garden for a small engraving fee. We obtain the engraved bricks and facilitate a brick-laying, when requested.
  • There is a supply of Chapel on the Green note cards for sale at $5 for a box of 10 notes.
  • The Circle works with the Master Association in maintaining the beauty of the Chapel both inside and out.  The committee coordinates the use of the Chapel to ensure the guidelines are followed.
  • REQUEST CHAPEL ON THE GREEN RESERVATION – Click HERE to view and submit a request. For questions, please contact Maura Baldwin at 919-649-0497; Georgia Phillabaum at 910-579-8396
  • ORDER A BRICK FOR MEMORIAL GARDEN – Click HERE to view and submit a request.

Chair:  Kathy Blaine at 910-579-4019

FACILITIES COMMITTEE/SUB-COMMITTEES The Facilities Committee is responsible for the general supervision, regular maintenance and supplies inventory for the STMA facilities (Pink Palace, Creekside, MAC and Chapel buildings). They also ensure that the rules and regulations for the use of these buildings are followed and make certain that we are in compliance with the Fire Code and Health Department regulations. Click to review the Facility Committee Responsibilities.  Co-Chairs:  Rich Collette at 919-260-3399 or and Dick Saunders at

View Facilities Page

DECORATING Organizes and coordinates the decorations of our facilities for primarily the December Holiday Season. Contact: Gere Andujar at 910-579-1721.

JODY HUGHES LIBRARY Contact:  Call Betty at 908-963-5170

View Jody Hughes Library page

FINANCE COMMITTEE The Finance Committee is made up of at least three Sea Trail residents, including the Treasurer of the Sea Trail Master Association. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: collect and allocate all STMA revenues; review, approve and pay all invoices, maintain all STMA bank accounts and establish new ones as needed Track the financial status on a monthly basis and report on this status to the board of directors at each scheduled meeting, at any special meetings or as requested by the board.  Prepare and maintain the schedule of reserve allocations and expenditures. Prepare and submit an annual budget (including a recommendation on the amount of dues to be assessed) for the following year for approval the Board of Directors each September and prepare the annual rep on the financial status of the association at the annual members meeting in November. Chair: Greg Barratt at

View Financial Reports page

HEALTH AND SAFETY RESOURCE COMMITTEE The Health and Safety Resource Committee explores ways to bring health and safety information to Sea Trail Property Owners. The committee does this by inviting speakers to present programs and workshops relevant to our community.  It is responsible for monitoring the Master Association’s AEDs and arranges for the Sunset Beach Fire Department to conduct classes on CPR and the use of AEDs. The committee also coordinates with the Brunswick County Health Department to provide flu shots annually.  Chair: Rose Dodds at 910-575-4390

  • Friends Helping Friends: Call Before You Climb If you need assistance with minor, but potentially dangerous situations in and around the home, such as changing light bulbs, replacing air filters, getting up in the attic or even moving a piece of furniture, take advantage of the Friends Helping Friends – Call Before You Climb program. The program consists of several able bodied men willing to help. Contact Mario Marquis at 443-326-1289 or or Tony Imondi at 910-575-6151 or
  • AED (defibrillator) Locations for Master Association Properties:  Pink Palace: in the kitchen area above the large garbage bins and on the hall wall between the Sunset Room and bathrooms, Creekside Building: in gym, MAC: outside the bathrooms at the pool and upstairs on the second floor near the kitchen area, Tennis Courts: inside the entry gate immediately to the right inside the red box.  If you have any questions about the AEDs, please call/email Tony Imondi at 910-575-6151 or
View Health and Safety Resource Committee page

LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE The Committee is made up of a minimum of three and a maximum of 10 members including a chairperson approved by the Sea Trail Master Association (STMA ) Board.  A STMA Board member will serve as ex-officio member of the Committee.  The Committee is responsible for developing the Master Association landscape bid specifications, the bid documents, and conducting interviews of bid contractors. Their contractor selection will be forwarded to the Board for its approval. It is the Committee’s responsibility to ensure adherence to the landscape contract. The chairperson, in turn, will meet with the contractor to discuss daily operations, resolve landscape issues, and to coordinate changes and/or enhancements. Each committee member is responsible for monitoring a designated STMA landscaping area. Homeowner tree removal requests are handled by committee members as is the managing of the semi-annual bush hogging of all vacant lots. The Committee meets every month and all minutes are forwarded to the Board. Co-Chairs: Brian Blaine at or Randy Warren at

Residents should notify their Landscape Committee Area Representatives if they see any areas that need attention.

LONG RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE The Committee is responsible for developing the framework for a long range plan with a time horizon of five to ten years.  This ongoing committee will assess the future needs of Sea Trail residents and create a vision for what the Sea Trail amenities should consist of to meet these needs.  Chair:  Theresa Rossiter at

View Long Range Plan GoalsView STMA Long Range Plan of 5-18-16

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH The program is in full operation. Large Neighborhood Watch signs have been installed at all entrances in the Sea Trail community and smaller signs throughout Sea Trail.  Sea Trail has been divided into seven zones with selected captains for each zone. Listed below is the  Zone, Zone Captain, their phone number and some of the streets covered by the zone. If any Sea Trail Resident sees someone committing a crime, CALL 911. If any resident sees or hears any suspicious activity that maybe happening within Sea Trail, notify the appropriate Zone Captain.Don’t be afraid to call your neighbor if you see unusual activity at their home. Remember, we all need to be aware of what is happening around us!

Committee Chair: Cliff Dahlen 910-575-6119
Police Chief: Ken Klamar
Police Officer: Colby Bean

  • Zone 1 (Eastwood Park, Kingsmill Area): Steve Page, 910-575-4893
  • Zone 2 (Planters Ridge, Surrey Ct, Deacon Ct, Discovery Lake & northern section Crooked Gulley): Jim Hunt, 910-200-9731
  • Zone 3 (Rice Mill Circle, Cotton Mill, Edgewater, McAuley): Joyce Hellman 910-579-0273
  • Zone 4 (Baroney, Mid-Southern section of Crooked Gulley): Richard Collette, 919-260-3399
  • Zone 5 (Kings Trail, Fairway Drive, Long Leaf, Wisteria): Jim Tennant, 910-579-7379
  • Zone 6 (Clubhouse Road South and East exits, Sea Trail Dr., Heather Dr, Osprey, Egret, Olde Oak): Frank McLearen, 910-579-3182
  • Zone 7 (Oyster Bay Dr, Oyster Pointe, Sunset Lakes): Tony Reith 518-669-1430

POOLS/TENNIS COURTS COMMITTEE This Committee is made up of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight members including a Chairperson.  The Committee’s responsibilities will be to oversee the pools and spas at the Pink Palace and MAC and the Tennis courts.  Duties will include observing and reporting to the STMA Board the cleanliness and upkeep of the pools, pool areas and courts, recommending replacement and/or repairs to pool furniture and equipment as well as tennis court surround, nets, asphalt and structures.  Chair: Kevin Baldwin at 910-547-2757

ROADS AND MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE The Committee serves as the eyes and ears of the Sea Trail Master Association in regard to the overall condition of the roads and street signage.  It recommends actions that should be taken by either Sea Trail Resort or the Master Association. It monitors street lighting to insure all are in operation; coordinates all repairs and/or improvements of street lighting issues; keeps current on all Sea Trail road and road sign conditions with an emphasis on roads not dedicated to the Town of Sunset Beach; coordinates all road improvements; inspects and, where needed, recommends upgrades or replacements of road signs.  Co-Chairs: Wayne Hellmann at 910-579-0273 or Cliff Dahlen at 910-575-6119.

RULES COMMITTEE The purpose of the Rules Committee shall be the drafting and amendment of proposed Rules in layman’s terms, consistent with the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for the Sea Trail Master Association for approval by the Board of Directors.  Upon adoption, the Committee will manage, support and coordinate compliance including functioning as the hearing body for any disputes arising out of any enforcement of the rules and violation complaints. This Committee will also provide input and advice assistance, as required, to the Board of Directors including routine reports as directed in the administration of compliance.  Any proposed change to the Rules will be evaluated by the Committee and a recommendation will be submitted to the STMA Board of Directors for action.  Chair: Sylvia Chester at 

ALL violations must be submitted online using the Rules Violation ReportClick HERE Please DO NOT call.  Here is a link to the STMA Rules (8-05-2021) – Click HERE

SOCIAL COMMITTEE  The members of the Social Committee provide Sea Trail property owners with various seasonal social activities. These events continue to foster positive relationships with friends and neighbors.  Please look for these events posted on the Newsletter section of the website.  Come join us, have some fun and make new friends!  Co-chairs: Geri Esposito at 908-500-8589; Priscilla Donaldson at 910-575-2270

WEBSITE COMMITTEE The STMA website is the main avenue for communication between the Board and the members. It is also the day to day tool used by the members as they interact with the various committees, clubs/activities, community events, golfing groups, calendar and room reservation system. Co-chairs: Candy Fowler; Emily Shea

STMA Website Guidelines 3-28-18View STMA Website Disclaimer of 8-4-18

WELCOME COMMITTEE The members of the Welcome Committee greet Sea Trail property and homeowners when they become residents of our special community. The Committee provides a gift bag of Sea Trail specific goodies and will answer any questions you may have about our wonderful community.  If additional information is needed, please contact the Chair:  Susanna Partrick at or 914-548-1809 and Deb Bird at