STMGA Sponsored Annual St. Patrick’s Day Tournament

DATE:  Tuesday, March 17th

TIME:  9:00 Shotgun


  • Maples
  • The tournament will be followed by a traditional St. Patrick’s Day Buffet at Magnolias Starting @1:30pm


  • PYOT SCRAMBLE (Play from your usual Tee)
  • (3) FLIGHTS: Men, Women & Couples

OPEN TO:  Members of STMGA, STLGA, Lady 9’ers, Duffers & Sea Trail Residents


  • $22.00 for golf & buffet (tax &tip included) *
  • $19.00 for buffet only (tax & tip included)
  • $3.00 for Golf Only *
  • * Does NOT include Sea Trail Golf Fees
  • PREPAYMENT PLEASE – Please make checks payable to STMGA and deposit them in the STMGA lockbox which is in the computer room at the Jones/Byrd Clubhouse
  • Please indicate on your check that the payment is for the St Patrick’s Day Tournament

HOW TO SIGN-UP:  The signup sheet is posted on the STMGA bulletin board at the J/B

  • Single players will be paired with other singles.

DEADLINE:  12 noon, Friday March 13th (NO EXCEPTIONS)

CHAIRMEN:  John Olson, STMGA Tournament Chairman & Cliff Dahlen, St. Patricks Tournament Chairman

Email Scams & Fraud

Have you ever received an email requesting valuable personal, confidential or financial information, threatening legal or financial harm, or from a friend or colleague asking for money?

This is a scam called “Phishing.” Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication. Typically carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging, it often directs users to enter personal information at a fake website which matches the look and feel of the legitimate site. Once that information is submitted, your are now compromised. DO NOT “click” on any links or buttons within such an email. Go directly to the source such as a Netflix, Bank Account or other types of online accounts you may have. Also, never REPLY to the email.

For more details go to AARP Scams & Fraud

How Do I Submit Info to the Newsletter for Publication to the Website?

To submit information to the STMA website Newsletter please follow these guidelines:

  1. Send to email address ONLY. No requests will be accepted to personal emails or STMA board members.
  2. Make sure all information is accurate. No editing will be done.
  3. If you want to send a flyer/poster, please send as a Word document or PDF file only.
  4. If you only send your information in a flyer or poster without a short blurb to highlight the content please note ONLY a link to the flyer/poster will be published. However, we would recommend a short statement or blurb to draw people into your information in addition to the flyer/poster.
  5. Your information will be published typically in 1-2 business days so plan accordingly and do not wait until the last minute to send a Newsletter submission.
  6. If you want us to re-post your information, please give us the specific date you want it re-posted when you submit your original request.
  7. Due to time restraints, we do not reply back to let you know your information has been posted. Please check the website for the posting.
  8. If the posting is date specific, it is auto deleted the day after. Others may remain longer determined by content.

If you have any questions, please email us at We are glad to help!

Services Offered by the Sunset Beach Fire & Police Departments: Free of Charge

This information is submitted by the Health and Safety Resource Committee for all members to be aware. Remember, these are all free services by our Police and Fire Departments.

The Sunset Beach Fire Department offers the following:

  • Smoke Detector Installation/Inspection Program
  • File of Life Program:  Click HERE for all of the information about this program.
  • FAQ page from the Fire Department:  CLICK HERE for answers to many questions you may ask.
  • Fire Prevention and Community Education Programs
  • Fire Prevention Inspections (Based on NC Fire Code)
Please contact the SB Fire Department for details;  910-579-6297
The Sunset Beach Police Department offers the following:
  • House Check Program:  Residents who are away from their homes for an extended amount of time. Homeowners can submit a form to the police department informing us of departure and return dates, and be content that their residence will be closely monitored while they are away. Click here (House check service) for the necessary form.
  • R.U.O.K. Check Program: This program is intended for members of the community who are elderly, permanently or temporarily ill, or just simply alone and need someone to check in on them on a regular basis. Click here (R. U. OK) for the necessary form.
  • Prescription Medicine Take Back:  We have a receptacle in our foyer where residents can drop off un-used and un-wanted prescription medicines.  We cannot accept needles, injectables, or any radioactive medication.
  • Home Security Checklist:  Use this guide (Home Security Checklist) as you check your home for safety measures.  This list may help you take action to improve your home’s security.  These are just some of the steps you can take to decrease the likelihood that you or your home is targeted.
Please contact the SB Police Department for details;  910-579-2151

Website Short Cut Tip: Calendar

The new Calendar is a really great tool:

  • You can search for events/activities by day, date, week, month, facility, specific room, golf/specific groups and individual Sea Trail Clubs and Activities.
  • By clicking on the activity/event description on the calendar event all the details will pop up.
  • The calendar also lists all of the local area events.
  • At the upper right corner of the Calendar there is a Search Box where you can type in what you are looking for to find more information.
  • There is also a link to the Reserve a Room form located within the right column of the Calendar just above Local Area Events.

To learn more about the Calendar, how to find an event or activity or Reserve a Room click How to Use the Calendar for step by step instructions with illustrations.  If you have any questions, please email as we want to help you but we cannot if we do not know.


Website Short Cut Tip: Search Box

To find anything on the website it is just as easy as typing into the Search Box at the top right corner of any page whatever it is you are looking and click on the spy glass.  Examples might be: Dining Around, Yoga, Golf, Exercise Classes, Bridge, MAC pool etc.  If you have any questions about the website please email and someone will help you via email.  We can also call and speak with you directly as you are on the site while we are also.  We cannot help with your problem or answer your question unless we hear from you.


Early Morning Walkers Suggestions For Your Safety

Due to the excessive heat and humidity, we have noticed many residents are doing their exercise and pet walking during the cooler early morning hours. For your own safety the Health and Safety Committee suggest the following:

1. Wear some type of reflective apparel or shoes.

2. If this is not available, carry a lit flashlight.

3. Walk facing oncoming traffic.

4. Stay close to the edge of the road. A few near misses have been reported of people walking/jogging in the middle of the roadway.
Remember, as we age, our night vision may not be what it used to be. Following these common sense suggestions could help avoid serious injury.


Recognizing that not everyone has access to a computer, we are in the process of making one available in the library at the MAC building.  This computer will enable residents to see the STMA website only so they can get the latest updates and scheduling information.  More information will be available in the near future.