Correction: New Procedures Are For Both MAC & Pink Palace Pools

The procedures listed below are required for BOTH pools.

At the beginning of the 2018 summer season, the Sea Trail Master Association opened the new MAC pool facility.  It quickly became popular with our members and proved to be an excellent addition to our amenities.  Excessive crowding on some days, especially on holiday weekends became a concern.  After discussions with pool monitors and regular users of the pool, it became apparent that some members were not following procedures regarding access for visitors and guests.  As a result, the STMA Board asked a committee to review access policies to ensure that only members and authorized visitors were using our facilities.

The committee included representatives from the Pool, Access, Rules and Facilities Committees.  They met multiple times, contacted representatives of area HOAs with similar amenities and carefully reviewed our existing rules and regulations.  Throughout the process, the goal was to ensure that only authorized members and guests were using our facilities in order to reduce overcrowding and vandalism and provide a safer environment.   At the same time, the committee did not want the new procedures to be so difficult that they would discourage members from using and enjoying our pools.


  • The first recommendation of the committee was to revise, and make more accessible, the forms necessary to enable guests and visitors to use our facilities in the absence of the property owner.  These forms had been in the Rules Handbook but were difficult to find and were sometimes ignored by members.  They have been rewritten, will be available on the website and can be filed electronically if you choose.
  • The second recommended change is to have all members and visitors sign in upon entry to our pool facilities.  This should take only a few seconds and will enable pool monitors as well as the Access, Rules and Facilities Committees to know who is using the pools and ensure that all users were properly authorized.
  • The Committee recognizes that this will be a minor inconvenience for some but feels these changes are necessary to protect our amenities and ensure everyone’s safety.  We also understand that filing the forms seven days in advance will sometimes be problematic.  In cases where following the procedures is impossible, contact our administrator and every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.
  • Our purpose is not to limit legitimate use of our pools, but to enhance the experience for all our members. We also intend to monitor the effectiveness of these new procedures during the upcoming season and make changes should they become necessary.
Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

Vacant Lot Mowing

The mowing of vacant lots will begin by the STMA vendor in the Oyster Bay/Oyster Point area on Wednesday 15 May 2019 proceeding to the east with plans to be complete by 31 May 2019. Please understand that some vacant lots may not be attended to at this time as the owner(s) chose to maintain their lot(s) or Sunrise corporation owns the lot. Thank you in advance for your understanding while this process takes place.

Sunset Sound Waves Concert Schedule

The Sunset Beach Town Council is pleased to announce Sunset Sound Waves, weekly concerts beginning Wednesday, June 26th and continuing until September 11.   Please click HERE to view the schedule of entertainers that will be performing this summer. The concerts will be held at 1791 Queen Anne Street, Village Park COA Gazebo from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  Food vendors will be allowed too!  Plan to join everyone weekly to celebrate the 2019 Summer Season.

Pink Palace Trash and Recycle Bins

New Owners for April

Please CLICK New Owners April, 2019 to find the most current list of new owners moving into Sea Trail.  To find their specific information as to address, email addresses and phone numbers just log into the Member Directory section of the website.  We will continue to update this information on a monthly basis as we receive it.  Welcome one and all to Sea Trail!

Authorized Use of Amenity Facilities

The Sea Trail Master Association has been working hard to both improve and expand our amenities over the past few years.  Some examples are:

  • the new pool at the MAC
  • redesign of the Pink Palace kitchen
  • improvements being made to the beach parking lot

It is in our best interests to ensure that these facilities are used only by authorized members and their guests.  This will enable us to provide both a safe environment and a positive experience for all our members.

Last year, many residents expressed concern about unauthorized use of our facilities:

  • the new pool, causing overcrowding and overuse leading to increased maintenance
  • a safety concern when unauthorized people are using our amenities

Therefore, the STMA Board requested that a committee look at possible changes to our policies and procedures to address these concerns.  This committee included representatives from our Access, Facilities, Rules and Pool committees.  We have had several meetings during the past few months, discussed a variety of options and investigated how other communities similar to ours handle access to their facilities.

As a result of our deliberations, the Committee will recommend a number of changes in our procedures to the Board:

  • primary among them will be requiring members sign in upon entering either of our pool facilities, indicating how many guests will be accompanying them and their time of arrival.
  • for those property owners who choose to allow tenants, family members or guests to use their access cards, it will be required that they complete the necessary forms and submit them to our Administrator at least seven days prior to the arrival of the guests.
  • these forms are being revised, will be available on the website and can be filed electronically if you choose.
  • in addition, the authorized guests will be required to sign in upon arrival at the pools.

We are hopeful that these new procedures will allow us to:

  • carefully monitor access to and use of our pool facilities leading to a more positive experience for all our members and their guests
  • our Pool Monitors will be better able to enforce the rules
  • they will be better able to identify those who do not follow the established rules and regulations
  • violators will be subject to loss of privileges and/or fines.
Jack Phillabaum, STMA President