Long Term Care – The Silent Stalker – Exclusive Webinar

The Health & Safety Resource Committee had scheduled a presentation on wills, taxes, trusts, etc. on January 28, at the Pink Palace. This event has been cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions. This program was offered a year ago and it was well received by the residents.  The program is being held in an upcoming Webinar.  The presenters have been offering these for other Brunswick County Communities during the lock-down.  Below is the information regarding the webinar and a link to register.

Long Term Care – The Silent Stalker – Exclusive Webinar
Back by popular demand: Join us with special guest Barbara Franklin, nationally recognized long-term care planning expert, for a replay of this important event:

– What is long-term care?
– What are the costs of care?
– What are the odds of needing care?
– What are your options?

All attendees receive complimentary Family Planning Guide.

Date/Time:  Jan 6, 2021 9:00 AM (Eastern Time)

Register HERE

Flu Symptoms vs COVID-19 Symptoms

Please read COVID-19 Symptoms vs. Flu, Cold & Allergies as a reminder of the differences between the Flu Symptoms and the COVID Symptoms – print it out and post it at home & work.  Also, just assume everyone is positive and protect yourselves.  A Covid test is only as good as when it is actually taken, and the research is showing the majority of people do NOT show symptoms.  Some new research is also showing rinsing your mouth with Listerine (Original or mint) or Crest mouthwash breaks down the outer shell of the COVID virus allowing it to be inactive.  Since much of the virus is carried in the oral cavity, it is suggested rinsing for 30 seconds twice a day.
Another reminder, get all of your vaccines:  Flu, Pneumoccal, Prevnar 13 and the new Shingles vaccine (Shingrix – 2 shots & it is 95% effective).

Website Committee Update

The Website Committee appreciates the understanding and patience all residents have shown while the developers of our website do a major update to the site.  Technological updates are common and needed to provide the best and most up to date avenue for information.  Unfortunately, these infrequent major updates can be time-consuming.  Please know we are working closely with the developers to complete this process ASAP.  In the meantime, if you have an immediate need for certain information you cannot find on the site, please email newsletter@seatrailma.com or support@seatrailma.com and we will be glad to help.  Thank you!

President’s Update – 8/27/2020 – Answers to Questions Related to Changes in Ownership

Good afternoon Sea Trail!  Aren’t we fortunate that Hurricane Laura didn’t come our way.  Let’s keep everyone in Louisiana and Texas in our thoughts and prayers.

Many Sea Trail Master Association (STMA) members may have questions about the recent changes in ownership in Sea Trail.  The following is a brief summary to help dissuade rumors and assist members in understanding what has occurred.

Prior to August 1, 2020, other than individual residential STMA members, there were three entities owning real property in Sea Trail.  They are as follows:

  1. The Maples, Byrd and Jones golf courses, the Maples Club House, the Jones/Byrd Club House and Convention Center, the business offices located on Mill Pond Road (across Club House Road from the Jones/Byrd Club House), the parking lot for the old rental office (opposite the Maples Club House), the former sales center located at the south entrance to Sea Trail (on the southwest corner of Clubhouse Road and Shoreline Drive), the Village Activity Center (VAC), which is under an 8 year lease to a third party, the maintenance tract on Clubhouse Road (opposite Sea Horse Estates) and undeveloped Tract #2 located between the convention center and Champions are owned by China Way Corporate Development LLC (CHINA WAY) which is controlled by Mr. Pan;
  2. With the exception of Tracts #2 & #16, all undeveloped real property, consisting of 18 numbered tax parcels of varying sizes from .77 acres up to 58.37 acres, along with a number of isolated undevelopable buffer areas and platted undeveloped lots located both within and without Sea Trail were owned by Sunrise Corporate Development Holdings, LLC (SUNRISE), an entity controlled by Mr. Pan.  SUNRISE was the declarant under the master declaration documents; and
  3. ST Class 15 LLC, an entity owned by some of the shareholders of Sea Trail Corporation as creditors out of the bankruptcy of Sea Trail Corporation having no known affiliation with any entity owned by Mr. Pan, had title to Tract #16, a parcel consisting of 19.53 acres beginning on Rice Mill Circle at Cane Break Road and the tees for Jones #7, running along the south side of Jones hole #7 to the sewer treatment plant on Angel’s Trace Road. That entity continues to own Tract #16.

On or about August 1, 2020, Riptide Builders Development Inc. (RBD) purchased SUNRISE.  RBD is a corporation, the exact ownership of which has not been disclosed, is not controlled by Mr. Pan but controlled by Robert Hill, a principal in Riptide Builders LLC, an entity which has been constructing homes both in and out of Sea Trail.  Following the purchase, SUNRISE is the same entity which existed prior to August 1, 2020, with the exception that it is now owned by RBD rather than Mr. Pan.  Before the sale, SUNRISE was the declarant under the declaration documents and continues to be the declarant, although SUNRISE is now owned and controlled by RBD.  SUNRISE remains in the identical position as to STMA and the ownership of real property in Sea Trail as it was prior to the sale to RBD.  The only change in SUNRISE relative to the STMA is in who now owns that entity.  In addition to the undeveloped real estate, SUNRISE remains the declarant with all of the rights and obligations of the declarant under the master declaration documents and continues to be the holder of all existing stormwater permits.

CHINA WAY continues to own the three golf courses and parcels identified above and continues to be responsible for the operation of what has become known as Sea Trail Golf Resort.  Undeveloped Tract #7 adjacent to the Jones/Byrd Club House containing the golf driving range belongs, as it always has, to SUNRISE.  We have been advised that CHINA WAY has an 18 month lease for operation of the driving range.  The Jones/Byrd Club House, Convention Center and undeveloped tract #2 of 15.11 acres remains titled in CHINA WAY.  There may be other leases and/or agreements between RBD, SUNRISE and CHINA WAY establishing interests in the assets or facilities of the other of which STMA has not been made aware.

In an earlier message, I advised of the passage of Town Ordinance 93.06 requiring residents to bundle storm debris and cut it into 4 foot lengths.  On August 18, 2020, the Town Council rescinded that ordinance and it is no longer applicable.

BEWARE – The President’s email account has been hacked so please ignore strange messages requesting money or gift cards if received.

Stay safe,
Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

Email Scams & Fraud

Have you ever received an email requesting valuable personal, confidential or financial information, threatening legal or financial harm, or from a friend or colleague asking for money?

This is a scam called “Phishing.” Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication. Typically carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging, it often directs users to enter personal information at a fake website which matches the look and feel of the legitimate site. Once that information is submitted, your are now compromised. DO NOT “click” on any links or buttons within such an email. Go directly to the source such as a Netflix, Bank Account or other types of online accounts you may have. Also, never REPLY to the email.

For more details go to AARP Scams & Fraud

Vacation Disaster Preparation Safety Guide For Travel Abroad

Vacation Disaster Preparation Safety Guide

This guide contains plenty of helpful information that many residents that travel abroad might find helpful.  The guide could be a great addition to your planning such as:

  • Helpful and actionable tips and advice about travel emergencies and disaster awareness whilst travelling or vacationing abroad and what travelers can do to prepare for and stay safe in case of an emergency.
  • Key stats and figures about travel safety and natural disasters across the world, including the countries most and least at risk to calamities, different types of natural disasters, the risk of terrorism and political unrest, and examples of major and personal emergencies to prepare for.
  • Practical and useful travel safety information such as emergency hotline numbers across the world, what to do in case disaster strikes, advice if you are injured or hospitalized abroad, when to contact your embassy for assistance and other helpful advice.
  • A travel safety checklist to help you prepare for emergencies and links to other useful resources and information online about overseas travel safety and disaster preparedness.

Click HERE for the entire guide.  Click HERE for the Useful Information page where the guide can also be found.

Brunswick County Recycling Services

Brunswick County residents and property owners can dispose of the following year around.

Electronics, fluorescent bulbs & CFL’s, single stream recycling, scrap metal, appliances, propane tanks, oyster shells, tires (limit 5 per resident), used cooking oil, latex paint & cans, textiles, corrugated cardboard, household & automotive batteries, used oil, oil filters, antifreeze, fuel, smoke detectors and cellphones.

Electronics, fluorescent bulbs (4 foot or smaller) & CFL’s, single stream recycling, corrugated cardboard, scrap metal, household batteries, appliances, oyster shells (all locations except Leland), tires (Southport and Leland only, limit 5 per resident), used cooking oil, smoke detectors, textiles and cellphones.

Single-stream recycling and textiles (coming soon).

For location and hours, please visit the Brunswick County Solid Waste & Recycling website at https://www.brunswickcountync.gov/solid-waste-and-recycling/.

Hospital Safety Grade Available for All Hospitals

From the Health and Safety Resource Committee:

Hospital Safety Grade: this is a score for hospitals in the United States on how safe the hospital keeps their patients from errors, injuries, accidents and infections.  Click on this link http://www.hospitalsafetygrade.org and check the safety score of any hospital in the United States. On the right side of the home page, enter a City and State.  If you put in Supply, NC you get a list of all the hospitals in this area.

Observe Speed Limits

Please observe the speed limits within Sea Trail.  We have been told by Sunset Beach police that they will be strict in upholding the speed limits. Please keep a watch out for bikers, walkers and runners on the roads and be observant of the speed limits.