STMA Annual Meeting Proxy Due ASAP

As you are all aware our Annual STMA Member Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 9 beginning at 10 AM at the Jones Byrd Salon. You all should have received either by email or snail mail the following:

  • Meeting Notice
  • Financial Information
  • 2019 Proxy

Please read all of the information carefully and Submit Your Proxy no later than 5 pm on Friday, November 8.  No proxy will be accepted after this date/time.  It is very important that we meet a quorum to hold the meeting so if you have not submitted your proxy please do so ASAP.  Please be reminded that there is only one proxy accepted per property.

In case you have misplaced the previous email in regards to all of the meeting information, another email will be sent as a reminder.

If you have any questions about the proxy process, please email

Reporting a Violation of the Rules: Must Use NEW Form

The Rules Committee has again asked me to remind residents that if you need to report a violation of the Rules, please use the NEW form which is listed on our website under the category FORMS. They will not be accepting any reports brought to Debra’s office any longer. The new violation report is easy to complete and when submitted, the forms goes to Debra and also to the Rules Committee. The committee members will not be accepting any correspondence to either to their personal emails or their phones. All correspondence is to be sent to the following email:

STMA Presidents Message: October 11, 2019

Good evening.

In a past message, I advised that the Board was not in a position to adopt a budget or set the homeowners’ annual dues for 2020 at the September 18, 2019, Board Meeting.  Discussions regarding the stormwater infrastructure in Sea Trail has continued between the Board and the Declarant, as well as with our attorneys for the Master Association. The Declarant has since expressed that it was not their intent to immediately have STMA assume maintenance repair/financial responsibility for the entire storm water system. It continues to be the position of the Sea Trail Master Association that it has no responsibility for the costs of maintenance and repair of storm water infrastructure in Sea Trail. Although complete resolution of that issue has not been reached, based upon those discussions and the advice of council, the Board considered it was in the position to adopt a budget for 2020 and set the annual homeowners dues.
The Declarant has stated that it is committed to working through storm water concerns together for the best interests of Sea Trail and all homeowners. The Board and the Declarant continue to meet regularly and the Board will continue to do so in an effort to reach a solution in the best interests of the homeowners.
The STMA Board must prepare now for the point in time when the stormwater permits issued by NCDMLER, may be transferred to STMA. On October 7, 2019, the Board adopted the 2020 budget and annual homeowner dues for 2020. The following changes have been made to the 2020 budget proposed at the September 18, 2019 meeting:

* The Operating Budget has been increased from $724,000 to $752,000;

* Additional money has been allocated to legal fees, and

* Funds within the Reserve Budget have been reallocated to make money available for potential stormwater remediation and engineering studies.

The annual homeowners dues will remain at the amount proposed at the September 18, 2019 meeting of $650.00. You have received a complete budget message with your notice of the November annual meeting and there will be a detailed budget presentation at that meeting.
Please remember to electronically respond with your proxy for the annual meeting notice as STMA by-laws require a certain minimum participation of STMA members in order to conduct the meeting. We look forward to meeting with those members who are able to attend on November 9, 2019.

Jack Phillabaum, President, STMA

Annual Meeting Notice, Financial Report and Proxy

The STMA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday morning, November 9 beginning at 10AM in the Jones/Byrd Salon.  Yesterday an important email blast was sent from President Jack Phillabaum in regards to this important yearly meeting.  Included in the email was the Meeting Notice, Financial Information and the 2019 Proxy.  Please read all of this information carefully and submit your proxy electronically. Please Note:

  • Only one vote per property is accepted.
  • No proxy will be accepted after 5 pm on Friday, November 8. 

If you have any questions, please email

Important Info – STMA Board Meeting (Sept. 2019)

At the STMA Board Meeting on September 18, 2019, The Board was unable to adopt a budget and annual property owner assessment for 2020. The Declarant (Sunrise Corporate Development Holdings LLC) recently has taken the position that the residential property owners (STMA) are responsible under the Master Declaration for the maintenance and repair of all storm water infrastructure in Sea Trail, much of which has not been properly maintained and is in a deteriorating condition. The budget and annual assessment recommended by the Finance Committee was prepared prior to STMA being made aware of this position and did not contemplate the costs, which although unknown, are believed to be substantial. As a result of the position taken by the Declarant regarding responsibility for storm water infrastructure, STMA is not presently in a position to estimate the Common Expenses for 2020 required to fix a budget and annual assessment. A majority of the members of the Board have rejected the position of the Declarant and are pursuing legal counsel regarding the same.

STMA is required to have a budget in place for 2020 by the end of this calendar year. A budget must be adopted by the Board and presented to the membership of STMA 30 days before a general meeting of the membership. The current membership meeting is scheduled for November 9, 2019, and the Board will endeavor to adopt a budget in sufficient time for that meeting.

Following legal consultation and further discussion, the Board will meet its requirement and adopt a budget and annual assessment which will be presented to membership before the end of 2019. We will continue to keep the membership informed as events progress.

Reminder: Update Any Change to Your Email Address to Member Directory

Just as a reminder again, if any resident has changed their email address please make sure this change is made to the Member Directory on the website.  This is very important as we transition from using the paper card and the US mail for our annual meeting proxy return to email and returning them electronically.  Plus we need to have a certain % returned to meet the required quorum to hold the annual meeting.  If you are not familiar with how to update your information via the website, here are detailed directions:

  • In the top right corner of any website page (STMA Member Log In), enter your username and password in the corresponding fields and click Login.  Once you login, click on Profile in the upper right corner.  You will see your profile > Click on Edit > Click on Edit Profile.  Update your email address/s in the corresponding section/s.  Click on the blue Update Profile button at the bottom.  You will then see your updated profile on the next page.  Please confirm the changes are correct.  

Each resident with a current email address will receive the proxy in early October but please note, there is only one return of the proxy permitted per property.

If you have any questions about the new proxy process or how to update your email address using the instructions above, please email or for help.

If you are a new resident and have never submitted an email address, please email Debra Bordeaux at and she will establish an account for you.

Reminder from Access Committee and Gate Entry to Facilities

From the Access Committee. We are now in the busiest time of the year and would like to remind all property owners entering a facility not to hold the gate open for anyone following them in. Although this might be the polite thing to do we ask that you close the gate and tell them to use their access card to gain entry.  This will keep all non-Sea Trail people and suspended property owners from entering our facilities.

Where Can We Park at the Beach If Our Lot Is Full?

I have had a few emails asking where should they park if our parking lot is filled at the beach. There is free parking as you enter the beach area on the left hand side and there is free parking along Main Street as long as you do not park in front of a driveway. There is also parking for a fee along side the parking lot beside the gazebo parking area.

Jack Phillabaum

STMA President

Observe Speed Limits

Please observe the speed limits within Sea Trail.  We have been told by Sunset Beach police that they will be strict in upholding the speed limits. Please keep a watch out for bikers, walkers and runners on the roads and be observant of the speed limits.

New Hurricane Page Added to the Website

Hurricane season is upon us beginning June 1 through November 30.  To help all residents prepare for a severe storm or hurricane that might be coming our way this season, the website committee developed a new page that includes all of the information that will help us.  You can access this page via the picture on the right hand side of the HOME page.  This page is loaded with lots of important information related to hurricane preparedness and will be front and center during the hurricane season so it is easily found.  The information includes:

  • General Information
  • Severe Storm/Hurricane Notifications
  • Hurricane Preparations
  • Evacuation Routes/Shelters
  • After a Hurricane

Also included on this page is a scrolling banner at the top that will be used to update information as needed.  Click to review this page.  We encourage each resident to read through this information now so you are prepared in the case of a severe storm or hurricane.