Sunset at Sunset Cancelled

Today, Committee Chairwoman Joseph and I decided that it is in the Town’s best interest to cancel the Sunset at Sunset festival scheduled for Saturday, October 1st due to Hurricane Ian approaching the area and bringing significant rainfall with it. The roadway and boat ramp closure has been lifted and both will remain open. The festival will not be rescheduled for this year. Please plan to join us next year.


Lisa Anglin

Town Administrator/Town Clerk

When Can I Place a Political Sign in my Yard Prior to Election Day?

STMA Rules, Page 11, Section II, C. Property Maintenance

POLITICAL SIGNS, BANNERS, FLAGS: A Political sign, banner or flag is defined as one which attempts to influence the outcome of an election including supporting or opposing an issue or candidate. Political signs are permitted if they are placed no more than 45 days before the election and removed not later than seven days after the election. Such signs, banners and flags must be placed in the property owner’s yard, and may not be attached to a house, garage, trees, fences, utility poles, or in salt marsh areas and may not exceed a maximum of 4 square ft which is typically 2’ x 2’. Political signs facing the golf course are prohibited. Only one sign per candidate/issue is permitted. A maximum or three political signs is allowed.

Election Day 2022 is November 8.

For answer to other questions you may have please click STMA RULES for the most current version.

9/11 Monument Unveiled in Sunset Beach Park

On September 11, during a community service in Town Park, Sunset Beach honored those who lost their lives twenty one years ago when terrorist attacks killed nearly 3,000 people at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
The Committee to Honor America’s Veterans (CHAV) and the Town of Sunset Beach community members gathered for a memorial service where they unveiled a hand crafted 9/11 monument. The monument was made by designer David McCune and incorporates a piece of steel from Twin Towers.
The program included special remarks by Lisa Anglin, Town Administrator, Rick Gimbl, Fire Department New York, Lou DeVita, CHAV Officer and music by Piper Dennis Ryan of the Wilmington Police Department Pipe Band.
The monument is located in Town Park for all to see and stands as a reminder to never forget what happened to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Prescription Medicine Drop Off Location

The Sunset Beach Town Hall has a receptacle in their foyer where residents can drop off un-used and un-wanted prescription & over-the-counter medicines and is available for collections Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm while the building is open to the public.  Please note they cannot accept needles, injectables, or any radioactive or chemotherapy medication.  Operation Medicine Drop medication disposal locator tool –

Rip Currents – Know Your Options


Rip currents are the leading surf hazard for all beachgoers. The U.S. Lifesaving Association reports 80 percent of all surf rescues are related to rip currents.  On many beaches, rip currents are present every day. In most cases, rip current speeds are too slow to be a danger to most swimmers.  However, when wave conditions, shape of the offshore beach and tide elevation are just right, rip current speeds can reach speeds faster than Michael Phelps can swim.