Rescheduled Wine Fest Now Featuring Online Auction

If you are like most of us, you might be experiencing some “cabin fever” after a week or so of self isolation and social distancing. If you have had enough of TV, computer games, jig saw puzzles and coronavirus briefings, check out the online auction Wine Fest is sponsoring now.  Wine Fest, the annual benefit of the Ocean Isle Museum Foundation Inc., was originally set for April 25 but has been postponed until June 28. This event, which features live and silent auctions, wine tasting, delicious “lite bites” from local restaurants and other exciting activities, is the premier fundraiser for the Museum of Coastal Carolina in Ocean Isle Beach and Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach.  To read how you can take part in their online auction and help support the museum click HERE for all of the information.

New Owners to Sea Trail for March, 2020

Please click HERE to find the most current list of new owners moving into Sea Trail.  To find their specific information as to street address, email addresses and phone numbers just log in to the Member Directory section of the website.  Please Note:  This specific information is only available on the member directory once the new owner updates their profile information themselves.

We will continue to add New Owners to the Newsletter on a monthly basis or as we receive it from our STMA administrator.

Welcome to all!!

President’s Update | 4-3-20

Good morning Sea Trail!  I hope you are all staying safe. These are very trying times and I know it’s very difficult to do things we are not accustomed to, like not getting any closer then six feet from others.  But we need to stay safe along with ensuring that all of our residents of Sea Trail are also safe.

The Master Association has been notified by the Town of Sunset Beach that some residents of Sea Trail are still ignoring the limitation of one hour parking at our beach lot and the closure of certain beach access.  They are also concerned that normal ordinances such as restrictions relating to dogs are being ignored.  STMA is required to enforce not only our rules but those of the Town. In addition, violations of emergency orders from Sunset Beach may result in issuance of citations by the Town for which legal penalties may result.

Sunset Beach and STMA both recognize the opportunity the beach provides for relief from home confinement necessitated by COVID 19.  However, continued selfish disregard of the emergency orders from the Town will result in the total closure of our beach parking lot and the closure of ALL access to the beach, denying access it to everyone and possibly an addition to personal legal jeopardy.

Please be mindful of both our STMA rules and the Town emergency orders.  Exercise common sense and concern for others in these unusual times. Let’s remember that we are all in this together and our actions affect everyone.

This WILL end. Until then stay safe and do the right things!

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

Marie Dillon

Long time Sea Trail resident and former Garden Club member, Marie Dillon, passed away on March 22nd.  A memorial brick service will be held later this year.  Please keep her husband, Ray, and her family in your prayers.  If anyone wants to send a card to Marie Dillon’s husband, Ray, he is staying here with his daughter at:

Ray Dillon
c/o Lisa Sullivan
6843 Locksley Place SW
Ocean Isle Beach, NC. 28469.


President’s Message | 4/1/2020

Good morning Sea Trail! Our STMA board wants to make sure you stay safe.

Please observe the rules that are set in place by our Government and our Town Administration.

We have just received notification from the Town of Sunset Beach that under the state of emergency enacted by the State of North Carolina, parking at all non-essential businesses is limited to one hour. This includes our beach lot and the private beach club lots owned by Ocean Ridge and Kingfish Bay and the Pier parking lot and the Continental parking lot. Golf courses are exempt from the one-hour limit.

The purpose of this restriction is to prevent large gatherings from taking place in commercial parking lots and on our beaches. Under the State of Emergency Declaration, local law enforcement has the power to enforce the provisions of the order and violators can be issued a Class 2 Misdemeanor Summons. Yesterday, the Town informed us that cars have been observed parked in both our lot and at the Ocean Ridge Club for considerable lengths of time exceeding one hour, and they are actively watching for violators. A few days ago, they recommended (but did not order) that we close the beach lot entirely; if the one-hour restrictions are not followed, they may order us to close the lot.

If you are still parking in the beach lot, please obey the one-hour or less limit so we can continue to provide parking at the beach. Please note that these restrictions are being imposed by the Town of Sunset Beach, not the Master Association; if you have any questions or wish to register a complaint contact Town Hall. We have NO control over this issue, and must follow all Town directives.

We have also been informed that the #33 beach access has now been closed, and the #40 entrance (which has handicap access) has taken its place.

Please stay safe!

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

UPDATE 3-31-20 | Town of Sunset Beach Emergency Declaration Amended

Mayor Phillips amended the Town of Sunset Beach Emergency Declaration effective immediately. Click here to view the State of Emergency Amendments. In short, Golf Course parking lots are exempt from the long-term parking restriction, cabanas, tents, chairs, umbrellas and the like are banned from the strand until the State of Emergency is rescinded, the 40th Street handicapped accessible access is being opened now and 33rd Street access is closing.


Lisa H. Anglin

Town Clerk

President’s Message | 3-31-20

Good morning Sea Trail! I hope you all are staying safe and taking precautions needed to stay safe.

The Master Association is asking for your help.  We’ve done everything we can to try to keep you safe during the corona virus crisis; now it’s up to you.  Recently the Governor issued a “no visitor” plea and the CDC issued a “no domestic travel” warning, so it’s not safe for us or any of our loved ones to be traveling. We realize how difficult this is, especially with Easter coming – normally a time for family and friends to gather.  At this time, we’re asking for each and every one of you to please postpone any visits from your loved ones indefinitely.  When this crisis is over the beaches will still be here, as will the golf, the beautiful weather and you. If the corona virus should come to Sea Trail it has the potential to be devastating, we are an aging community and many of us have underlying health problems.  Please think of your friends and neighbors (your second family) at this time.  We all need to act in the best, selfless way for our community.

We plan on keeping our beach parking lot open for now. The beach has not been closed, but all public beach accesses will be closed with the exception of the 12th Street and 33rd Street accesses. This closure includes the entrances at the pier and the gazebo. Beach activities are limited to walking, running and biking. No sitting, lounging or laying out will be permitted. The town will be monitoring the beach for violators. If you still choose to use the Sea Trail parking lot and walk to these access points, please note there are a number of children living on the street where the entrance is located (1st street), and exercise caution when driving on that street.

If you have property in Sea Trail that you rent, the town of Sunset Beach has declared that your rental property cannot be rented again until after April 30th. All short-term renters should have vacated by now. This order went into effect last Thursday, March 26th.

Please be careful as you drive thru Sea Trail. With the good weather and nothing much else to do, we have many more residents than usual out walking and riding bikes through our streets. Please obey the speed limits and give them plenty of room.

Sunday morning between 8:00am – 9:00am, one of our residents had the rear end of their car smashed into at the beach parking lot, causing quite a bit of damage. Unfortunately this was a hit and run, and the police are actively investigating it because it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident. If anyone has information regarding this incident, please contact the police as soon as possible.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President