Village Activity Center (VAC) Access for STMA Members

As of February 15, all Master Association members in good standing will be able to access the facilities of the Village Activity Center (VAC).  These include indoor and outdoor pools, meeting rooms, Tiki Bar and their restaurant, House’s Place.

In order to take advantage of these facilities, you must document your status as a STMA member and fill out their required forms.  This can be done the first time you go however, in order to save time, it is better to pre-register using this link, This link will also be available on our website.

After pre-registering online, you will need to bring your STMA access card and driver’s license the next time your go to the VAC.  At that time they will take your picture for their records.  In addition, you will soon be able to reserve the VAC meeting rooms on the STMA website as you do for our other facilities.

Access to these facilities is limited to STMA members, their families and guests.  Renters can only use the facilities if they purchase a VAC membership directly from them.  Daily, weekly and monthly memberships are available.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

From the Finance Committee (Annual Dues)

Due to the overwhelming volume of checks being received this past week, the finance committee has extended the date when late fees will be applied to all outstanding 2020 dues and mowing fees to Wednesday, February 19, 2020. All accounts with an outstanding 2020 balance on that date will have a $50 late fee applied to that account. All accounts still outstanding on March 1, 2020 will have a 1% interest charge applied monthly until the account is paid in full. If you have any questions, please contact Debra Bordeaux at

STMGA Sponsored Annual St. Patrick’s Day Tournament

DATE:  Tuesday, March 17th

TIME:  9:00 Shotgun


  • Maples
  • The tournament will be followed by a traditional St. Patrick’s Day Buffet at Magnolias Starting @1:30pm


  • PYOT SCRAMBLE (Play from your usual Tee)
  • (3) FLIGHTS: Men, Women & Couples

OPEN TO:  Members of STMGA, STLGA, Lady 9’ers, Duffers & Sea Trail Residents


  • $22.00 for golf & buffet (tax &tip included) *
  • $19.00 for buffet only (tax & tip included)
  • $3.00 for Golf Only *
  • * Does NOT include Sea Trail Golf Fees
  • PREPAYMENT PLEASE – Please make checks payable to STMGA and deposit them in the STMGA lockbox which is in the computer room at the Jones/Byrd Clubhouse
  • Please indicate on your check that the payment is for the St Patrick’s Day Tournament

HOW TO SIGN-UP:  The signup sheet is posted on the STMGA bulletin board at the J/B

  • Single players will be paired with other singles.

DEADLINE:  12 noon, Friday March 13th (NO EXCEPTIONS)

CHAIRMEN:  John Olson, STMGA Tournament Chairman & Cliff Dahlen, St. Patricks Tournament Chairman

Can’t Find the STMA Rules Document?

Some residents have mentioned that they cannot find the STMA Rules document on the website or they were not aware there was a Rules document.

  • there is a link to the document on the About Us page in the Committee section under the Rules Committee.
  • there is a question about where to find the document on the FAQ page
  • also, we just added Rules Document to the tan sub-navigation bar under the About Us page.

To review the document click HERE.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Rules committee at

Dogs & Bicycles

Now that more and more sea trailers are walking their dogs and also riding their bikes in good weather, it would be helpful if when you are on your bike and you come up behind someone walking their dog on the street that politely tell them “behind you”.  With my Sea Trail dog sitting business (pawsitive posse), my team is finding this to be very worrisome because dogs panic at times with bikes. Sandy Reynolds

Winter 2020 | What We’re Up To With Sunset Vision

With the holidays behind us, and the hint of spring around the corner, we’re excited to share what we’re working on for the spring and summer of 2020!
  • New Website:  We kicked off 2020 with a brand new website! The new site gives us plenty of tools to create a great user experience for all of our visitors, including online ticket ordering, membership forms, applications for art shows, a blog, event information, and pop-ups for special events and promotions. We’ve also included some new projects that are in the works! Take a look around!  Browse the Site
  • New Project Highlight: Sustainable Garden  Sunset Vision is working with Roy Pender of West Fourth Landscape Architecture in Southport to help us design a sustainable garden at the turtle sculpture installation by the gazebo on Sunset Beach. This project goes well beyond beautification of the 35′ x 45′ area.  Read more
  • Grapevine Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge Fundraising Event:  We’re excited to partner with Grapevine Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge for our 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner to support Sunset Vision’s efforts to fund new and exciting gifts for our wonderful community. Join us on March 25, 2020.  Learn more
  • Call for Artists for June 2020 Art Show & Sale:  Our 4th Annual Art Show & Sale is set for June 18-20, 2020. Organized annually by Sunset Vision, the Art Show and Sale offers artists, patrons, and the public a chance to support and promote the arts in our community, and engage with the many talented artists in our area. Artists, apply online. The deadline is May 29, 2020.  Click here

President’s Message – Use of Village Activity Center (VAC)

Good morning Sea Trail. Your Sea Trail Master Association Board has been very busy over the past several months and has some very good and exciting news.

Over the past few years, it has become apparent to the Master Association Board and to many of our members that we need to expand our amenities to accommodate our growing population.  The Long Range Planning Committee has been working on this issue for approximately five years and have made excellent recommendations regarding ways to expand our facilities.  However, both cost and finding an appropriate place for new or expanded facilities are a problem.  The Board has begun to address the cost issue by establishing a future expansion fund but expectations are that it will take several years at least before we can finance a new facility.  In the meantime, a drive around Sea Trail demonstrates the need for additional space, given the large number of homes that are being built.

After much discussion, the Board has come up with an excellent temporary solution to this problem.  Effective February 15th, all Sea Trail Master Association members in good standing will have access to the facilities at the Village Activity Center(VAC), both indoor and outdoor pools and several meeting rooms.  Not only will this give our members access to this excellent facility, but it will relieve the congestion in our pools during the summer months and give those looking for meeting and party rooms an additional option. In addition, it will give us additional time to plan for and finance the expansion of our amenities.

Final details are currently being worked out and will be forwarded to you as soon as they are finalized.  Those members who have purchased VAC memberships will get prorated refunds upon completion of this agreement.  The Board looks upon this as a welcome short term solution to the long term problem of expanding our amenities.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President