Upcoming STMA Board Meeting 5/15/24

NOTE: This communication was sent by CAMS on behalf of Sea Trail Master Association, Inc.


The next public meeting of the STMA Board will be held on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 3:00pm in the Pink Palace.  Attached please find the agenda and the Committee Reports.

The Homeowner Open Forum will be held immediately following adjournment of the Board Meeting.


Have a great day!


Sea Trail Master Association, Inc.

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Committee Reports – May 15, 2024

STMA Board Meeting Agenda – 5/15/24

STMA Rules – Revised 5/3/2024


p. The use of sterno, candles, or any open flame within the common facilities is prohibited. (I added this on page 14 under “General Rules for STMA Common Facilities.”)

This is under F.1.b. under “Use of STMA Common Facilities”:

Use of any of these facilities for the conduct of a business or to generate income is prohibited. A group of property owners planning to use the facility for a specific type of activity exclusively for property owners, may bring in an instructor who has a business established outside of Sea Trail; the instructor may be entitled to receive compensation from the individual property owners participating in the activity.  Any paid vendor must be approved by management and carry both liability insurance and worker’s comp and provide proof of insurance with STMA named as an additional insured.

Examples of activities for which these facilities may not be reserved include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Political Meetings/Fundraisers, Activist Group Meetings/Activities;
  • Business meetings of any kind that involve the solicitation of business;
  • Meetings of legally registered organizations not established under STMA, whether for profit or not for profit, unless such meetings receive prior approval from the STMA Board of Directors;
  • Seminars or meetings for the sole purpose of generating commercial opportunity for the participants in the seminar/meeting.
c. The STMA Board of Directors reserves the right to deny reservation rights to any property owner for any event it determines in its sole discretion to be an event not within the intent and purpose of the existence of these common facilities.
d. Fundraisers are permitted as approved by the Board of Directors by recognized groups and committees.
Room reservations may only be made three months or less in advance by individuals or clubs.  The cost of repairs for any damages to common areas caused by a group will be charged to the individual who reserved the room for that group.

President’s Message – 5/7/2024

I hope this email finds everyone enjoying the wonderful Spring weather that we are experiencing right now.  Spring has definitely sprung!  We live in the southern part of heaven here in Sea Trail and we are blessed to be here.  

  • Beach Parking Lot – Your STMA board recently updated our beach parking lot with some additional  parking spaces designated for golf carts only.  If you look along the fences on both ends of the lot, you will see some yellow “whiskers” along with some new golf cart parking only signs.  The whiskers are there to outline the parking spaces for the golf carts.  We have NOT reduced the number of car parking spaces, just added 6 spaces for golf carts only, thus increasing the overall number of spaces to 46.
  • New Benches – After receiving requests from a number of folks out walking,  your STMA Board has  added three benches to different common areas around Sea Trail.  The first is near the spill way on Ricemill Circle.  The second is at the intersection of Clubhouse and Ricemill and the third is in Byrd Watch behind the mailboxes overlooking Byrd #1.  Check them out when you get a chance.
  • New Maintenance Technician – In case you haven’t heard, we have a new maintenance technician, Greg McIntire, that started here a couple of weeks ago and replaces Rick.  Greg promises to be a welcome addition to our CAMS team and he has already hit the ground running.  Welcome Greg!  We all look forward to working with you.
  • Umbrella over Grills at PP – We have ordered an oversized umbrella to be placed over the grills at the Pink Palace pool.   We expect it in any day now.  While it will be easily deployable, we ask that when you finish using the grill area, please close it back up to avoid any damage from evening storms or high winds.  Thank you in advance.
  • No Open Flames –  We had a recent event at the Pink Palace that has caused a change in the rules of usage at both the Pink Palace and the MAC.  A sterno fuel cell being used to keep a catered event food warm overturned at a private event and burned one of our tables.  As you can imagine, this could have been a major fire very quickly.  Therefore, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY,  no more sterno fuel cells, candles or any open flame will be allowed inside either of our activity centers.    The STMA has ordered a number of warming trays that will be used in the future.  They will be stored at the MAC and the PP in the kitchen of each amenity.  Currently we plan to have six trays in the PP and three in the MAC.  Please plan on using them instead.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Finally, I am hearing a lot of very positive input about the changes going on within Sea Trail.   People are excited and love what is happening inside Sea Trail.   Thank you for your unsolicited atta boys!  Please let our new Sea Trail owners and management team know how happy you are and how much you appreciate them and what they are doing.   A pat on the back or a good word goes a long way.   Needless to say, positivity promotes positivity!

Take care and see you on the course soon, I hope!Steve Miller, STMA President

Attention Dog Walkers

Dog Waste – We have been asked to remind property owners to please clean up after your dogs when walking them in SeaTrail.

  • Per STMA Rules:  c. Leash ordinances of the Town of Sunset Beach are applicable throughout Sea Trail development.  A person must accompany a dog or cat when it is outside the boundary of the owner’s private property; and, (1) dogs and cats shall be on a leash and controlled by the person accompanying the pet; (2), the accompanying person shall carry bags or utensils to promptly remove and dispose of pet feces.

Please be respectful of your neighbors and keep your pets off of other’s property.