Where Can We Park at the Beach If Our Lot Is Full?

I have had a few emails asking where should they park if our parking lot is filled at the beach. There is free parking as you enter the beach area on the left hand side and there is free parking along Main Street as long as you do not park in front of a driveway. There is also parking for a fee along side the parking lot beside the gazebo parking area.

Jack Phillabaum

STMA President

CLARIFICATION: Use of Access Cards to Enter Beach Parking Lot & Pools

CLARIFICATION:  I want to clear up the confusion over the beach parking lot email blast sent out on Wednesday. What we are trying to do is to eliminate multiple swipes in a row. You cannot enter and then continue to pass your card to cars behind you that have no card. You can leave for any reason and come back at a later time, that will not be a problem. Each owner in Sea Trail is given 2 cards. You can use each card for an entrance of one car for each card. Things have not changed since last summer except we want to stop the multiple swiping in a short period of time that happened several times during Memorial Day weekend. Sorry for the confusion.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President

This past spring our access committee along with the STMA board came to an agreement that we should improve our parking at the beach and start monitoring visits at our pools. We have done both and it seems to be working so far.

There was some confusion Memorial Day weekend at the pool and at the beach parking lot. Home owners weren’t prepared to sign in at the pool but over the past couple of weeks, everything seems to be going well.

Memorial Day weekend was very crowded at the beach and our parking lot was full most of the time. We did have a few problems with access cards being used more then one time. We had several card holders use their cards 4 to 5 times in a row allowing 4-5 cars in the parking lot under one card. The rules state that each access card be used only one time. With it being used more then once it takes parking spots away from other card owners. So, the committee has decided that if an access card is used more then once, that card will be immediately suspended for 8 days. I know I will get a lot of complaints regarding this but our parking is very limited and we want it to be fair for everyone.

Jack Phillabaum

STMA President


Sugar Sands Entrance

There have been requests to take down the guard house at our Sugar Sands entrance. The landscaping committee is getting estimates to have it torn down and the area landscaped. If this is approved, it will be done sometime next year. I’m mentioning this is to see if we have any residents in Sugar Sands who object to this. If so, please email me at president@seatrailma.com

Observe Speed Limits

Please observe the speed limits within Sea Trail.  We have been told by Sunset Beach police that they will be strict in upholding the speed limits. Please keep a watch out for bikers, walkers and runners on the roads and be observant of the speed limits.

STMA Forms

All of the STMA forms are now available on-line and once completed are submitted electronically.  Forms will no longer be accepted in paper form and hand delivered. This change will help those committees and our administrator who need these forms, to receive and file them in a much more organized manner and therefore be able to retrieve them also more easily when needed.  Please note:  If you do not have a computer at home, there is one in the Jody Hughes Library on the first floor of the MAC building for residents use.

All FORMS can be found by clicking:

  • at the top of any page in the main navigation bar
  • at the bottom of any page under the Quick Links section
  • by typing forms into the Search box at the top right hand corner of any page.

The forms are listed here.  Please click on each so you are aware of their use and guidelines.

  • NEW ACCESS CARD REQUEST FORM – Click HERE to view and submit this form
  • LOST ACCESS CARD REPLACEMENT FORM – Click HERE to view and submit this form
  • TEMPORARY ACCESS CARD FORM – Click HERE to view and submit this form
  • PERMISSION TO USE PROPERTY OWNER’S ACCESS CARD – Click HERE to view and submit this form
  • RULES VIOLATION REPORT FORM – Click HERE to view and submit this form
  • LONG TERM TENANTS INFORMATION FORM – Click HERE to view and submit this form
  • SHORT TERM TENANTS INFORMATION FORM – Click HERE to view and submit this form

Many of you have started to complete these new forms already for room reservations, lost access card and/or permission to use property owner’s access card for the pools.   If you have any questions please email administrator@seatrailma.com

New Hurricane Page Added to the Website

Hurricane season is upon us beginning June 1 through November 30.  To help all residents prepare for a severe storm or hurricane that might be coming our way this season, the website committee developed a new page that includes all of the information that will help us.  You can access this page via the picture on the right hand side of the HOME page.  This page is loaded with lots of important information related to hurricane preparedness and will be front and center during the hurricane season so it is easily found.  The information includes:

  • General Information
  • Severe Storm/Hurricane Notifications
  • Hurricane Preparations
  • Evacuation Routes/Shelters
  • After a Hurricane

Also included on this page is a scrolling banner at the top that will be used to update information as needed.  Click https://seatrailma.com/hurricane-safety-information/ to review this page.  We encourage each resident to read through this information now so you are prepared in the case of a severe storm or hurricane.

Beach Parking Lot

The Sea Trail Beach Parking Lot is now finished. The Parking Lot had caused many problems due to the lack of organization. Cars were blocked into spaces and could not back out of their spots leading to complaints and unsafe conditions. It is now up to standard zoning and should offer a much better and safer experience for all of our homeowners. We own a lot that is 100×200 and the new lot is similar in design to the Sunset Beach Gazebo parking lot. It has been configured to allow the maximum cars for the land involved.  There are a few rules that we would like everyone to follow to maximize the use of the lot.

  • Parking is restricted to dues paid homeowners of Sea Trail.
  • Parking spots are for single vehicles only – No Trailers
  • Please follow the directions in the lot providing for One Way traffic.
  • All vehicles should angle park with your front tires against the new cement wheel stops.
  • Center your car in the space. This will allow ease of exiting your car without damaging your neighbors car.
  • Parking spaces are limited, use one car for you and your guests whenever possible.

Thank you for your cooperation

Correction: New Procedures Are For Both MAC & Pink Palace Pools

The procedures listed below are required for BOTH pools.

At the beginning of the 2018 summer season, the Sea Trail Master Association opened the new MAC pool facility.  It quickly became popular with our members and proved to be an excellent addition to our amenities.  Excessive crowding on some days, especially on holiday weekends became a concern.  After discussions with pool monitors and regular users of the pool, it became apparent that some members were not following procedures regarding access for visitors and guests.  As a result, the STMA Board asked a committee to review access policies to ensure that only members and authorized visitors were using our facilities.

The committee included representatives from the Pool, Access, Rules and Facilities Committees.  They met multiple times, contacted representatives of area HOAs with similar amenities and carefully reviewed our existing rules and regulations.  Throughout the process, the goal was to ensure that only authorized members and guests were using our facilities in order to reduce overcrowding and vandalism and provide a safer environment.   At the same time, the committee did not want the new procedures to be so difficult that they would discourage members from using and enjoying our pools.


  • The first recommendation of the committee was to revise, and make more accessible, the forms necessary to enable guests and visitors to use our facilities in the absence of the property owner.  These forms had been in the Rules Handbook but were difficult to find and were sometimes ignored by members.  They have been rewritten, will be available on the website and can be filed electronically if you choose.
  • The second recommended change is to have all members and visitors sign in upon entry to our pool facilities.  This should take only a few seconds and will enable pool monitors as well as the Access, Rules and Facilities Committees to know who is using the pools and ensure that all users were properly authorized.
  • The Committee recognizes that this will be a minor inconvenience for some but feels these changes are necessary to protect our amenities and ensure everyone’s safety.  We also understand that filing the forms seven days in advance will sometimes be problematic.  In cases where following the procedures is impossible, contact our administrator and every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.
  • Our purpose is not to limit legitimate use of our pools, but to enhance the experience for all our members. We also intend to monitor the effectiveness of these new procedures during the upcoming season and make changes should they become necessary.
Jack Phillabaum, STMA President