Located in the Creekside Building  – Click HERE for the Facilities Map

Open Daily 5:00 am – 9:00 pm

If after checking out the details below, you have any questions, please email us at  Also, if you note any problems while using the Fitness Center, please email us.

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Exercise Classes

There is an exercise class for everyone. For those just beginning and new to the gym and those wanting a challenging work out.  Classes are offered that build strength, tone muscles, increase flexibility and enhance balance.  Water Aerobics classes are also offered during the warm spring, summer and fall months at the Pink Palace (currently these are planned for the MAC Pool while construction underway at the Pink Palace Pool).  Schedules are only posted below when classes are in session.  Join us as all residents are welcome!  For any questions about the classes please email Marsha Ehrsam.

Anthony Merrill, who teaches multiple exercise classes for us at the Creekside building is now available for personal training, instruction on how to use the machines in the fitness center, workout planning and more!  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Anthony or have a question about one of his classes, he can be reached at or 631-804-8500


T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi is here at Sea Trail!  T'ai Chi is often referred to as "MEDITATION IN MOTION".  It is a low impact form of exercise perfect for everyone.  It's an effective way to exercise the body and mind.  T'ai Chi movements are slow and graceful and will help improve flexibility & muscle strength, promote better balance, calms the mind for better concentration, restores energy & puts minimal stress on muscles & joints.  All that's required is your willingness to learn something new and exciting along with comfortable clothing and sneakers.  All classes are taught by a certified T'ai Chi instructor, Dell Simmons.  Classes are held on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, click  Exercise Class Schedule to find the times, locations and cost.  For any questions about this class please contact Marsha Ehrsam.

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