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Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for the general supervision, regular maintenance and supplies inventory for the STMA facilities (Pink Palace, Creekside, MAC and Chapel on the Green). They also ensure that the rules and regulations for the use of these buildings are followed and make certain that we are in compliance with the Fire Code and Health Department regulations. Click to review the Facility Committee Responsibilities.  Chair:  Rich Collette at 919-260-3399  For questions or concerns you can contact the appropriate Building Monitors for the Creekside: Diane Kreuzburg; Pink Palace: Betty Tennant and MAC/Library/Chapel: Rob Anderson

PERMISSION TO USE PROPERTY OWNER’S ACCESS CARD (form is used when a property owner gives permission to someone else to use their access card to enter Sea Trail amenities) – Click HERE to view and submit this form.


Please Note for your next reservation the number of people that are permitted in each room. This number is determined by Fire Department standards and found in each rooms description. These facilities are by reservation only. Access card required.

The Pink Palace

This building consists of one large meeting room which acts as the main gathering room for most of our resident events and a second smaller room, Sunset Room which is used mostly for daily and weekly group events.  This room may also be used by our residents for private party events subject to availability and within the guidelines set forth in the Rules Document.   The main room has a fully-equipped kitchen, WIFI, wide screen TV and assorted audio/visual equipment for property owners use.  Additionally there are 10 round tables with sufficient chairs to accommodate the capacity of the room (90 people seated at tables or 160 people seated in chairs only).  The Sunset Room has a microwave, WIFI, refrigerator, sink and a capacity of 36 people.

Creekside Complex

This building, the newest of STMA facilities, is adjacent to the Pink Palace.  It houses two CAMS on-site Manager’s Offices, Fitness Center (capacity of 24 people) and the Multipurpose Room, SPA and Sauna.  The Multipurpose Room may be used by our residents for private party events (capacity of 140 people) subject to availability and the guidelines set forth in the Rules Document  This Room may also be used by those who would like to have more space to stretch before or after using the Fitness Center for their exercise routine.  However, if the Multipurpose Room is being used for a class or a reservation, than this space is not available for stretching.

Maples Activity Center (MAC)

This complex includes a large outdoor swimming pool, a hot tub and a grilling area for our resident use. The pool overlooks the seventh hole of the Maples Golf Course and a large pond with resident turtles and alligators.  Handicapped men and ladies restrooms are adjacent to the pools for easy access.  The main gathering room (capacity is 86 people) has a full kitchen and is located on the second level with an outdoor porch overlooking the pool. This room is used for daily and weekly groups.  The room may also be used by our residents for private party events subject to availability and within the guidelines set forth in the Rules Document.  The Jody Hughes Library is located on the ground floor accessible from the parking lot. 

Additional Amenities

BBQ Grills – MAC and Pink Palace pool areas

Bocce Ball and Horse Shoe Pits – located in the grassy area behind the Creekside building.

Tennis and Pickleball Courts – next to the Chapel on the Green.  Open 6:30 am to 10 pm. 7 days a week. Access card required. Click Clubs & Activities and scroll to the Sports/Fitness section for more information.

Games – Ring Toss and Corn Hole – MAC and Pink Palace pool areas

AED (defibrillator) STMA Property Locations:

Click AED Locations & Potential Beeping Sound for the information.


Pink Palace Pool Area Closed

Effective 1/24/23, the Pink Palace pool area will be closed completely.  While we complete the planning process and apply for all of the required permits, we will be doing some prep work on site.  It will be a construction site with heavy equipment moving about.  It...

Closure of Pink Palace

The STMA Board has decided to temporarily close the Pink Palace main room, effective March 1, 2023, to do some much needed and planned renovations in conjunction with the Pink Palace pool renovations. The board apologizes for any inconvenience this causes and will...

If you have an EMERGENCY related to Sea Trail Master Association (STMA) common areas such as the Pink Palace, MAC or Creekside buildings or amenities, or any of the main Sea Trail entrances, during normal business hours please call the onsite STMA office at 910-579-5374After normal business hours please dial 877-672-2267 and follow the prompts for emergency assistance.

**If you live/own one of the Condos or Townhome properties within Sea Trail and you have a true EMERGENCY that would result in property damage, please click HERE for detailed contact information for your specific sub-association management company.**

Beach Parking Lot

  • Open 6 am to 10 pm. 7 days a week.
  • Access card required.  Please only ONE vehicle should enter per access card.
  • No overnight parking allowed.
  • Address:  428 1st Street, Sunset Beach
  • The Beach Parking Lot is for the exclusive use of Sea Trail Property Owners and their guests.
  • Passing a Property Owner’s Access Card to another vehicle to permit entry of more than one vehicle on a card is prohibited.
  • Vehicles shall be parked diagonally with the front or rear end of the vehicle along the bumpers along the south and north borders of the property. When the space along the south and north borders of the property are full, vehicles shall be parked in a center column across the lot from the west to the east allowing a lane of sufficient width for those vehicles parked on the south and north borders to be able to maneuver to exit the lot to First Avenue.
  • Any violation of the STMA RULES resulting from the use of the Property Owner’s Access Card may result in the privileges being suspended, deactivated, or forfeited, and the Property Owner may be subject to monetary penalties and card re-activation fees.


Whether your interest is in social mixed doubles or men’s and women’s league play, players at all levels are invited to join and participate. Our goal is to provide members with an opportunity to have fun and enjoy tennis at Sea Trail, as well as the other tennis facilities located in surrounding communities.  If you’re interested in league play, you may also wish to join the Brunswick County Tennis Association and participate as members of the Sea Trail team.  For more information, please contact Henry Lynch 910-575-2805.

Other option for Tennis Courts: Ocean Isle Beach Park located at 6483 Old Georgetown Rd. Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Open 7 days/wk. 8 am - 9 pm.

Pickle Ball

Courts are open to all for play:

Monday - Sunday 2 - 4 pm  Contact Charlie Winter 910-269-3879 for questions.

Monday 8 - 10 am | Tuesday 10 am - noon | Wednesday 8 - 10 am | Friday 10 am - noon | Sunday 8 am - noon  Contact Kevin Baldwin 910-547-2757 for questions.

Other option for Pickleball courts is Ocean Isle Beach Park located at 6483 Old Georgetown Road. Open 7 days a week 8 am - 9 pm

Facility Usage Information

Thank you to our resident photographers for the wonderful images of our multiple amenities!