Household Hazardous Waste Collection (TBA)

The Brunswick County Solid Waste Department is in the process of implementing a permanent household hazardous waste (HHW) collection at the county’s landfill site. The two annual events in Shallotte and Southport are discontinued.  We are hoping to have this facility opened during the fall of 2020.  Please email to be added to an email list to be notified when the program is scheduled to begin. 

Looking for a Face Mask/Covering?

Face Mask/ Covering

This face mask has the following features:

  • Comfortable with adjustable ear loops 
  • Two-ply cotton
  • 78% Cotton + 22% Nylon
  • Anti-microbial finish
  • Reusable/Washable
  • Water/Moisture Repellent
  • Pack of 10  for $30 
  • Made in North Carolina by 43-year-old Manufacturing company
  • Live in Sea Trail and will personally deliver to your home
  • To Order:  Phone – Mickey Smith – 919-548-0481 or Email – 

Vacation Disaster Preparation Safety Guide For Travel Abroad

Vacation Disaster Preparation Safety Guide

This guide contains plenty of helpful information that many residents that travel abroad might find helpful.  The guide could be a great addition to your planning such as:

  • Helpful and actionable tips and advice about travel emergencies and disaster awareness whilst travelling or vacationing abroad and what travelers can do to prepare for and stay safe in case of an emergency.
  • Key stats and figures about travel safety and natural disasters across the world, including the countries most and least at risk to calamities, different types of natural disasters, the risk of terrorism and political unrest, and examples of major and personal emergencies to prepare for.
  • Practical and useful travel safety information such as emergency hotline numbers across the world, what to do in case disaster strikes, advice if you are injured or hospitalized abroad, when to contact your embassy for assistance and other helpful advice.
  • A travel safety checklist to help you prepare for emergencies and links to other useful resources and information online about overseas travel safety and disaster preparedness.

Click HERE for the entire guide.  Click HERE for the Useful Information page where the guide can also be found.

Brunswick County Recycling Services

Brunswick County residents and property owners can dispose of the following year around.

Electronics, fluorescent bulbs & CFL’s, single stream recycling, scrap metal, appliances, propane tanks, oyster shells, tires (limit 5 per resident), used cooking oil, latex paint & cans, textiles, corrugated cardboard, household & automotive batteries, used oil, oil filters, antifreeze, fuel, smoke detectors and cellphones.

Electronics, fluorescent bulbs (4 foot or smaller) & CFL’s, single stream recycling, corrugated cardboard, scrap metal, household batteries, appliances, oyster shells (all locations except Leland), tires (Southport and Leland only, limit 5 per resident), used cooking oil, smoke detectors, textiles and cellphones.

Single-stream recycling and textiles (coming soon).

For location and hours, please visit the Brunswick County Solid Waste & Recycling website at

Wheelchairs Available for the Beach

Sunset Vision recently raised the funds to buy five beach “All Terrain” wheelchairs and donated them to the Town of Sunset Beach.  The wheelchairs are manufactured by MJM international and are made from healthcare grade polymer plastic to inhibit/control the growth of bacteria.  They are lead and latex free.  To reserve a chair for use during a visit to Sunset Beach, please call Town Hall at 579-6297.  For more information about Sunset Vision and they work they do click