Attention All Pickle Ball & Tennis Players

For the tennis and pickle ball players in Sea Trail, our courts will be opening soon. Once a few minor cracks on the courts are repaired, I will send out another email blast advising of the opening date.
When our tennis courts finally open for play, please note:
  • we will not be able to continually disinfect the gate or court area, so play at your own risk.
  • you are strongly urged to bring your own disinfectant wipes and/or spray for use on the gate prior to entering and exiting.
  • the benches have been removed to prevent cross infection and discourage gatherings.
  • you are also encouraged to adhere to the guidelines the USTA have established for their upcoming spectator-less tournaments
  • each player should bring their own can of marked tennis balls and use them only when they are serving.
  • touching racquets should replace fist bumps or handshakes
  • please avoid touching the net or other surfaces.
  • at this time, we are restricting the use of the courts for pickleball or tennis to residents only.
  • please maintain the six-foot distance requirement before, during and after play.
  • no large gatherings (>10 persons in the court area) will be permitted

If you see violations of these restrictions, please report them to our STMA administrator 910-579-5374 or

Calling All Sea Trail Photographers

It is time to switch up the pictures on the Home page of our website.  We know there are many really outstanding photographers right here in Sea Trail and we would love to showcase your work on the site.  If you have any autumn scenes, since we will be coming up hopefully on some cooler weather or some fun or interesting shots around our community and want to share them with your neighbors, just email them to  These would need to be in a landscape type format.  We look forward to seeing and sharing all the wonderful art work.  Thanks!

Policy Change: Loaning Tables & Chairs

In the past the Master Association has had a practice of loaning items (tables, chairs, etc.) to STMA members for their use outside of our facilities. After reviewing the issues surrounding that practice, the Facilities Committee has determined that effective 10 May 2019 that practice will no longer be continued. Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.