Tai Chi Saturday Class Changing Location for the Cooler Months

Starting Saturday, October 1, 2022, the Tai Chi class will be at 8:30 a.m. in the parking lot of the Convention Center if the weather is good.  If it’s raining or cold, the class will be held in the All Purpose Room at the Creekside Building at 8:30 a.m.  We practice the Yang, 24-move form of Tai Chi.  This ancient martial arts form decreases stress, anxiety and depression, and improves aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance, agility and muscle strength.  All levels are welcome. Come join us!

Please Note:  The Tuesday morning Tai Chi class will continue at the Multi-purpose Room at the Creekside Building beginning at 9:30 am.

Click Exercise Class Schedule for all of the exercise classes offered at the Creekside Building in the multi-purpose room.


Halloween Trivia Hosted by the Social Committee October 30!

The Social Committee is hosting Halloween Trivia on Sunday, October 30 from at 6:30 – 9:00 PM at the Pink Palace.  Final date to reserve is October 23.  Advance Reservations are needed as space is limited so please click Social Committee Page to find all of the details about this fun event and to complete and submit the reservation form. For questions call Geri Esposito at 908-500-8589. 

Information for Flu Vaccine Clinic Being Held October 19

There are some changes this year in the operation for the Flu Vaccine Clinic for both the regular vaccine and for those 65 and older and the current Bivalent Covid-19 Booster registration. The only way a person can receive a vaccine is by registering for an appointment by calling 910-253-2330.  Please click on the various documents below for those who want to register and receive more general information.  Nancy Barnes (H) 910 575-41334 will also have copies of the registration forms available for those who are unable to do the process of downloading and printing.  There will also be copies at the Pink Palace during the event.  Please contact 910-253-2268 for any questions.  Click Flyer For Outreach at Sea Trail 2022 for all of the details of this event sponsored by the Health & Safety Resource Committee.

Flu Information Sheet

Flu Form for Those 65 & Older to Complete

Flu Form for Those 6 Months & Up to Complete

Bivalent Covid-19 Booster Form

Pfizer Fact Sheet

Moderna Fact Sheet



Need Some Extra Cash? House’s Place Needs Help!

House’s Place is advertising for a couple of part time people that would like to stay busy.  These additions would be a huge help!  We definitely need someone for breakfast help during golf season in the early morning.  Maybe you want to get out of the house and would be interested in some part time work.  Like nearly all restaurants in our community House’s Place is struggling with staff.  If you are interested, please stop by the VAC and speak with Chef or Kathy Nobles.

When Can I Place a Political Sign in my Yard Prior to Election Day?

STMA Rules, Page 11, Section II, C. Property Maintenance

POLITICAL SIGNS, BANNERS, FLAGS: A Political sign, banner or flag is defined as one which attempts to influence the outcome of an election including supporting or opposing an issue or candidate. Political signs are permitted if they are placed no more than 45 days before the election and removed not later than seven days after the election. Such signs, banners and flags must be placed in the property owner’s yard, and may not be attached to a house, garage, trees, fences, utility poles, or in salt marsh areas and may not exceed a maximum of 4 square ft which is typically 2’ x 2’. Political signs facing the golf course are prohibited. Only one sign per candidate/issue is permitted. A maximum or three political signs is allowed.

Election Day 2022 is November 8.

For answer to other questions you may have please click STMA RULES for the most current version.

Brentwood Low Boil Feast

The Brentwood Event sponsored by the Social Committee was attended by 70 homeowners.  The venue, great food and sense of community made this event a great success. Thank you to all who came out and look for more exciting events from your Social Committee!  Click on the The Social Committee Page to view pictures posted from this event plus a reminder to Save the Date for their next event, Halloween Trivia being held on October 30.

Today @ 5pm for the MAC Grand Re-Opening and the Outdoor Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Please join us Today @ 5:00 pm for the MAC Grand Re-Opening and the Outdoor Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. A reception with beverages and snacks upstairs at the MAC will follow.  Come meet members of the Board, Riptide Builders and CAMS who will be available to answer your questions.  Riptide will also be presenting displays and details on their “Future Development Vision” for Sea Trail Resort.  Due to a delay with the elevator inspection, the elevator will not be available.

TGIF will follow this ceremony starting at 6:00 pm

  • Entertainment will by Marty King at the MAC poolside
  • BYOB and enjoy the delicious food from the Lobster Dogs Food Truck
  • Pool will be closed to swimming at 5:00 pm

Looking forward to seeing you all!Roz Dahlen, STMA President

Brunswick County Public Notice

Annual Change From Chloramines to Chlorine

Every year, Brunswick County and the towns, cities, and other utilities that purchase water from Brunswick County, implement an annual flushing program. Public Utilities employees flush the water mains by opening fire hydrants and allowing them to flow freely for a short period of time. The flushing cleans out sediment and allows routine maintenance of the more than 5,000 fire hydrants in the Brunswick County service area. Flushing may result in discoloration and presence of sediment in your water. These conditions are not harmful and are temporary.

During the annual flushing program, a slight change is made in the water treatment process to facilitate an effective flushing program. Throughout the year, combined chlorine (in the form of chloramines), is added to the water as the primary disinfectant. During the annual flushing program, chlorine is added in an uncombined state, commonly referred to as free chlorine. Free chlorine is somewhat more volatile than combined chlorine, and readily reacts with sediments suspended during flushing. Brunswick County will use free chlorine as the primary disinfectant from Sept. 23, 2022, through October 2022. Depending on your location within the distribution system and usage patterns, it could be a week to 10 days for your drinking water to transition from combined chlorine to free chlorine at the beginning of the flushing program. The annual change from chloramines to chlorine for this brief period is required by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

You may notice a chlorine taste and odor in your drinking water while free chlorine is utilized. If you are especially sensitive to the taste and odor of chlorine, try keeping an open container of drinking water in your refrigerator. This will enable the chlorine to dissipate thus reducing the chlorine taste. Remember – drinking water has a shelf life! Change out the water in your refrigerated container weekly.

Please note, if you have an aquarium or pond always test the water you add to your aquatic environment to be sure it is free of any chlorine before adding fish or other animals. Chemical additives with directions for removing either free chlorine or chloramines from water for use in fish tanks or ponds are available at pet/fish supply stores.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact the County’s Public Utilities Department at 910-253-2657, 910-371-3490, 910-454-0512, or your local water provider.

Brunswick Family Assistance’s 15th Annual Golf Event

It doesn’t get ‘putter’ than this! BFA’s annual golf event is coming soon (Oct 10)!  Applications are now open for players, sponsors, and gift donors. You can pick up a form from the office or it is accessible on our website:  All forms can be turned into our Shallotte office located at 4600-10 Main St. Shallotte, NC or they can be emailed to:
We would also like to give a BIG thanks to all participating in this event. All of your support benefits the services we have provided to Brunswick County for over 40 years!  We are so excited for this event, so don’t ‘fore-get’ to sign up! Application process will end October 1, 2022!

Sea Horse Book Club

There is a great selection of reads for the next few months.  In October, the discussion will be on The Barbizon by Paulina Bran.  In November, the book chosen is Have You Seen Luis Valez by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  In December our annual luncheon will be held.  We pick up again in January with Could Cuckooland by Anthony Doerr.  February is The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 3:30 in the PP.  Any questions please contact Joyce Hellmann at


Dear Sea Trail Property Owners,

Believe it or not, FALL is right around the corner. I know you are ready for Pumpkin Spice Latte’s but it is still 90 degree heat index! Soon we will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather and slower pace of FALL here at Sea Trail!!

Just a few updates from the STMA Board:

MAC Elevator Ribbon Cutting: The STMA Board invites you to an Open House at our newly renovated MAC upstairs and also a ribbon cutting for our new elevator! The Open House will be held on Friday, September 16 at 5:00 pm prior to the TGIF. Ribbon Cutting at the Elevator at 5pm. Come by for a beverage and then stay for TGIF!

MAC Elevator Project:  The MAC Elevator is close to being operational! There have been 3 delays in scheduling the State of NC to do the inspections. The Department of Labor has been busy doing inspections of amusement rides for the Fall fairs and, of course, they are short staffed. The inspection date is now scheduled for September 15th. If everything goes as planned, the MAC elevator will be operational once it passes inspection. The elevator will only be operational when there are functions in the MAC.  The Access team will inform the group leader as to the process for getting access to the elevator for the individual group functions. Storm Damage:  On Saturday, Sunset Beach had a tornado warning and over 3 inches of rain in less than 2 hours.  Lightning struck the Olde Point Lane Entry Wall by the Maples entrance and caused electrical, irrigation and brick work damage.  Action has already been taken by our Landscape Committee Chairs Brian Blaine and Randy Warren as well as Riptide Builders to assess the situation and to begin contacting sub-contractors for repairs.  Donald Bean, co-owner of Riptide Builders was out cleaning drains on Eastwood Park with some residents during the rain storm.  A big Thank You goes to Riptide Builders and our Committee Chairs for being so responsive whenever an issue arises. Also, there was a breach in the wall of the pond on Jones 4 & 5 golf course and the pond has subsequently drained.  Sea Trail Golf Course has been notified and are working on a repair solution.

Entry Walls:  Prior to the storm damage, all 5 Entry Walls were completed including the Oyster Pointe Entry Wall and Guard House.  Hope you all are enjoying our gorgeous new Entry Walls.  We appreciate Riptide Builders for contracting this project as well as the MAC Renovation and the Elevator Project!Pink Palace Pool Closing:  The Board made the decision to close the Pink Palace pool for the season effective September 6, 2022.  We will now begin the plans and assessments to replace the pool deck area.   The Access gate will be open for access to the Sunset Room and the Creekside Building only.  Please DO NOT walk out in the pool area as there are areas of the deck that will be removed and inspected for our deck project.  The MAC pool will be open for the remainder of the season.STMA Board MeetingThe next STMA Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 21st at 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the Pink Palace.   A homeowner open forum will be held at the end of the meeting.

The next STMA Board Meeting will be held on September 21, 2022, at 3:00 pm at the Pink Palace.  The Homeowner Open Forum will be held.

  • Click HERE to view the STMA Board Meeting Agenda – 9/21/22.
  • Click HERE to view the STMA Committee Report – 9/21/2022.

Have a wonderful September!Roz Dahlen, STMA President

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