I wanted to update local residents/owners of Sea Trail on the status of our restaurant and how it has progressed.  We have put in months worth of work and it’s starting to come together.  We had a soft opening this past Saturday night (March 9) to train staff and do some testing.  We had planned it for family and employees as well as fire and police on shift to have some test subjects.  It seems word got out and it turned into a larger crowd of owners, which overall is great and we are eager to accept guests, but at the same time need to manage expectations.  We are not 100% ready yet.

We have some things to work on and don’t want an internal “taste test” to be representative of what our offering will be.  For those that were able to come, we would like to solicit more feedback, but please take it with a grain of salt as we aren’t yet open.  Please feel free to share your suggestions/concerns with wait staff.  We likely will come up with a survey to see what we need to do.

Things we are working on:

  • We will be offering sit down dining with full table service.  Servers will come to the table to take orders and guests will be able to pay at the table via our ipad point of sale system.
  • Beer Keg is not functional (currently serving can beer $3-$4 each)  We will have up to 8 different beers on tap.  Tentative plan is to have 4 craft beers and 4 mainstream beers that are popular.  We’ll rotate things to get it right.  This should be ready by this weekend or early next week (March 18-22).
  • Equipment has not been fully received and is not operational.  This should be fully rectified by Monday (March 18)
  • Cooks are being trained.  The quality and consistency of the food is paramount.  This is a work in progress.  Does anyone know any cooks who would be interested in working for us?
  • Full selection of wine has not been received.  We will be serving 5 oz. glasses and also sell wine by the bottle.  We ONLY had silver coast wine in stock and the rest will be received in the near future.  We are told this weekend (March 16-17).
  • We are playing with menu items/offering based on the taste test.
  • We will be serving Coca Cola products, but they have yet to be able to install.  Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Minute Maid Lemonade, Orange Fanta will be served.  In addition we’ll have bottled Dasani and Powerade.  We are told this is sometime next week (March 18-22).

The set up of our establishment is that of a private club.  This enables us to a do a lot of things that a public facing facility can’t do.  We can have card night as an example.  Our resort guests pay a daily access fee and are members for the week.  We would like all owners to become “Social Members” of our facility as everyone in our facility needs to be a member to follow the rules of a private club.  To this end we will sell a social membership at a very low cost ($5 a year) to enable owners to utilize our facility.  We can put this on the bill of the first meal.  In return we are going to offer 12% off food year round.  $5/year membership with a 12% discount on all food.  By NC state law we can’t discount drinks.  Sea Trail owners are very important to us and this is our way to incentivize owners to become members and get a lot of value and input.

The social membership will be for eating/drinking only, and not full use of the classes, pools, etc.  Most owners probably will not want to use our pools anyway, so we think creating this type of membership is a good fit for all.

I would like to continue the “soft” opening and openly solicit feedback so we can get it right.  We probably can’t do everything that is asked of us, but we would like to try.  We would like people to continue to stop by and “give it a try” realizing it’s a work in progress.  My main background is in golf and vacation rentals.  The restaurant business is new to me and no doubt we’ll make mistakes along the way.

Feedback is important.  Dustin Labar, our food and beverage manager has worked tirelessly to get us to this point.  You can contact him with your comments at dustin@seatrailvillas.com or just ask for him if you’re in our building.


Parker Smith