In anticipation of the upcoming summer vacation season the Sunset Beach Police Department will be posting reminders on various Town of Sunset Ordinances. We’re sharing this information with hopes that while visiting our wonderful community fines aren’t incurred for violations. This week’s topic is LOW SPEED VEHICLES, by definition, any four-wheeled electric vehicle whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour but less than 25 miles per hour. Please keep the following in mind when operating any low-speed vehicle, like golf carts.
• At no time are golf carts and/or electric, battery operated vehicles allowed on the beach strand .. this includes all E-Bikes.
• Golf cart drivers must be at least 16yrs old and hold a valid driver’s license.
• Registered golf carts can be driven legally on the roadway (not the sidewalk) anywhere the posted speed is 35mph or less.
• All occupants must use seat belts. Young children must be in car and/or booster seats if applicable.
• Drivers must refrain from operating while under the influence of alcohol, and open containers must not be found inside one of these vehicles.
• Golf carts must be inspected and registered in North Carolina or by a state that has identical standards as North Carolina and equipped with the following:
Tail lamps
Stop lamps
Seat belts
Parking brake
Font and rears turn signals
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)