Good Morning Sea Trail! Thank you all for your understanding of our (STMA) concerns for your safety as we shut down our facilities. As we see the Coronavirus getting closer to our community, the STMA would like to offer the following:

Provide assistance where needed in our community in Sea Trail.  Our current plan is to coordinate two lists:
  1. A list of volunteers to help in assistance. We would need your expertise, capabilities, and what you are willing to do.
  2. A list of residents that request help and what help is needed. This assistance would be for Sea Trail residents only and limited to Sunset Beach.
  3. Steve Miller will be the coordinator connecting the dots between the two lists. His cell phone number is 252-723-8187. Please give him a call or text if you would like to help or if you need assistance. This is our initial plan and as we go forward with it we can adjust and alter as needed.