2020 STMA Annual Members’ Meeting Notice

Dear Sea Trail Property Owner:

The STMA Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, November 7, 2020.  The meeting’s primary purposes were to appoint the 2021 Board of Directors, the ratification of the 2021 budget and the transaction of any other Association business properly brought before the meeting. The 2021 Operating Budget has been adopted by the Board of Directors and is listed below.

The Board consists of the following Property Owners:

Dana Connelly, Roz Dahlen, Jack Phillabaum and John Rothermel

Plus members with the Declarant; Rip Tide Development Company:

Donald Bean, Robert Hill and David Smith


The budget will take effect on January 1, 2021 and annual assessment billings will be emailed to all property owners with an email address on file, and mailed via USPS for property owners without an e-mail address on file, in early December 2020.

We have received numerous inquiries about if our 2021 STMA dues will increase and can we submit our payment now for 2021.  First, our dues will remain the same for 2021, $650.  Second, we’re asking that no payments be made until invoices go out in December 2020.  The finance committee is currently exploring various options to both streamline the invoice process and provide new ways for dues and other fees to be paid.  We are not sure our new system will be in place prior to the 2021 payments. Regardless, we would prefer you wait to pay your 2021 dues until you receive your invoice.  If there are changes to the payment methods, they will be included with your invoice at that time. Please note that no matter what system is in place, any checks we receive before the first of the year will not be cashed until January 4 at the earliest.

Some of our residents have informed us that they would like to make an early payment since they are out of the country during the winter months and can’t submit payments until they return.  In that case, please let Debra Bordeaux (STMA Administrator) know the date you will be returning so you will be allowed to make your payment at that time without penalty.  As long as you register with Debra (prior to due date) and make payment within 30 days of your return, you will not be charged a late fee and you will not have your access cards de-activated.


DRAFT Minutes will be Posted Once Available.

2021 Operating Budget

STMA 2021 Budget Notice