Slick Chicks Is Sea Trail Lady Niners Practice Day


Slick Chicks is part of the Sea Trail Lady Niners (STLN).  For the STLN main page, click here.

Every Tuesday, the Lady Niners play a “practice round” of 9 holes. This is a great way to get in some practice outside of the regular Thursday league day. For those members new to the game, Slick Chicks is a way to meet the league, learn the game, and have fun!

Sign-up closes weekly at noon on Saturday. To cancel after the deadline, contact the pairings coordinator.

For more info, contact the current Slick Chicks pairings coordinator or the STLN President at

Dates of Play

In case of inclement weather on the day of play, check here for cancellation information.


January 4, 2022 Jones 12:00; 12:09; 12:18; 12:27
January 11, 2022 CANCELLED  
January 18, 2022 Byrd 1:15; 1:24; 1:33; 1:42
January 25, 2022 Jones 12:00; 12:09; 12:18; 12:27


  1. Complete your name, date of play, email address and what tees you will be playing.  Be sure to click on the appropriate date!
  2. Comment Section can be used for special requests or indicate you are canceling your previous request.
  3. Click on the “Submit” button
  4. You will receive a confirmation email that you have signed up!

No sign-ups/cancellations allowed with this form between Saturday noon and Tuesday noon.

Contact the pairings coordinator directly during those days with any questions/changes.

Slick Chicks Weekly Sign-Up
Sign-up closes weekly at noon on Saturday. To cancel after the deadline, contact the pairings coordinator.

Slick Chicks Pairings

If you have signed up to play and need to cancel after the sign-up deadline of Saturday at noon, be sure to contact the pairings coordinator listed on the pairings sheet below.

1-18-2022 Pairings

Slick Chicks Pairings Coordinators

  • January – Barbara Galligan & Susan Shovlin
  • February – Eleanor Mulford
  • March – Tanya Oleson
  • April – Tanya Oleson
  • May – Terri O’Rourke
  • June – Judy Hargreaves
  • July – Felicity Lavin
  • August – Georgia Phillabaum & Kathy Taylor
  • September – Denise Reiner
  • October – Susan Shovlin & Lynn Enright
  • November – Nancy Santisi
  • December – Nancy Whitman

Please read the Instructions for Slick Chicks Pairings Coordinators before your month of responsibility.

SC Pairings Instructions