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Hey, Gang.

First, a big “THANK YOU” is in order to Alan Trojan for setting up last Friday’s Pier Fishing Event!  Everything went according to plan and all had a good time.  Unfortunately, the wind did not cooperate and the fish were hard to come by.  Still, many club members managed to catch a fish or two.  Small pompano, spots, croaker, even a crevalle jack hit the pier deck.  Lunch was delicious as well.  We’ll definitely have to do that again.  Alan says we should try it in June when the trout can be caught with float rigs.  Mark your calendars!  When I left, Alan was still waiting for a big ol’ drum to hit his menhaden bait.  Hope he’s not still out there…

Next up is our Annual Meeting and pot luck.  We’ll be voting for the offices of Vice President and Sergeant-At-Arms.  Steve Pendergrass is on the ballot for VP unopposed.  So far, no one has put their hat in the ring for SAA.  Hopefully that will change before the 21st of November.

Our Annual Fishing Contest should be kicking off November 1, but we do not have a tournament committee or coordinator,  Anyone who would like to help make the tournament rules and run the tournament, please let me know ASAP.  Otherwise we’re in trouble because I’ll end up doing it.

We’ll start the Annual Meeting early, at 5:30 PM on Thursday, November 18, so we can enjoy some food and fellowship. To that end, we need a head count of all members and guests who will be attending (yes, you may bring a guest).  Kindly send an RSVP email to to let me know if you will be there and what you think you could contribute to the pot luck.

So far, Alan Trojan is planning to make a seafood stew San Francisco style (cioppino).  We’ll need a green salad or two, some other salads and some main dishes.  I’m a huge shrimp fan, so will do something with them either boiled spiced shrimp or shrimp salad.

Once I know who’s coming, we’ll get organized with who’s bringing what.

Thank you all for making this start-up year a great one.  Let me know as soon as you can if you’ll be coming.

Steve Heins

President’s Message

A fair number of Sea Trailers like to fish.  Perhaps there are others out there who have an interest but don’t know how to start.  A fishing club is a great way for like-minded anglers to get together to share fishing knowledge, learn from one another or perhaps introduce new anglers to the activity.  The Sea Trail Fishing Club is a social club that meets monthly to do just that.
At our meetings, we hear from local fishing expert guest speakers.  We have raffles, socialize and swap fish stories.  Many club members fish together and we can arrange for group charter fishing.  We have an annual fishing contest with year-end awards at our Annual Meeting and Dinner.  Dues are extremely reasonable.  Come join us!
Steve Heins, President

Club History & Mission

In December 2020, amid the COVID crisis, Steve Heins put out an inquiry to those that might be interested in establishing a fishing club near/in Sea Trail Plantation at Sunset Beach NC. Surprisingly, over 30 people responded and therefore a core group came together linked by email. Subsequently a request for volunteers resulted in the beginnings of an organization. Alan Trojan and Mike Shannon joined Steve in the first meeting held in Sunset Beach Park on the 14th of January. Thereafter, subsequent meetings were conducted in the virtual format.

The Sea Trail Fishing Club (STFC) is a non-profit organization focused on promoting fishing and fellowship amongst its members.  The Club accomplishes its mission through member social interactions, seminars, guest speakers, and Club outings.  The Club advocates for, and encourages conservation by promoting strict adherence to local and Federal laws, by practicing catch-and-release if the catch is not to be consumed, and through member education.  The Club takes an active role in the freshwater and saltwater fishing community with other similar organizations whose goals and objectives are aligned with STFC by providing and offering either membership in and/or support for common causes.

Tournament Info

November marks the proposed official beginning of our year-long club fishing contest.  Alan coordinated a drafting of a set of tournament rules.  Please look over the proposed rules by clicking STFC Tournament Rules  We would like to hear from membership about the proposal.   If we’re all good with the proposal, Alan will start taking entry forms and money at the November meeting.

Informational Links

Information for weather, tides, regulations, services and conversation groups are included under Useful Links.  Also included is a link to the most recent revision of the Policy & Procedure Manual, link for the Waiver Form plus a link to our Facebook page.

Officers & Organizers

Contact Information & Sign Up Form

Those interested in joining the Club or Organizing group are welcome to contact or complete and submit electronically our sign up form below:

Thank you for your interest in the Sea Trail Fishing Club!

Meeting Information

Unless notified otherwise, meetings normally will be conducted on the third (3rd) Thursday of every month. Meetings normally commence at 7:00 p.m. Eastern.  The meeting venue may vary at times subject to availability. Meeting notices shall be posted to this page at least two weeks prior to the meeting.​

Recipe of the Month

September: Apple Cinnamon Bread – AppleCinnamonBread

October:  Pumpkin Streusal Bars – pumpkin streusal bars recipe

                                 Courtesy of Sandy Rizzo






Local Catches

Club members will be welcome to submit pictures of local catches for bragging right purposes. It is expected that tournaments and competitions will be a part of the Club atmosphere. Club members may vote on the format for any tournament or competition. Tournament species will include both fresh and salt water species.  Enjoy the photos!