Dear Sea Trail Property Owners,
We wanted to provide you with an update on Byrd Watch, one of the new development tracts within Sea Trail. Byrd Watch is located along Clubhouse Road and consists of 49 single-family home sites.

The site work on the 49 lots (as shown in the map above) within Byrd Watch began today.

The site work contractor we have hired, Funston Company, is very experienced, reputable, and one of the leading companies in the industry. Funston Company recently developed Brunswick Forest amongst other leading communities in Brunswick County. We have held extensive meetings with our engineers, surveyors, and Funston Company to ensure this work is completed with minimal disturbance to the community. We have taken great efforts to preserve the trees around the pond areas and golf course areas towards the rear of the property lines–those areas should receive minimum disturbance. You will see caution tape and flags to preserve and protect those areas as promised.

It is important to note that there is significant import and fill material needed to develop Byrd Watch and comply with the newly designed infrastructure and stormwater systems for these areas. The elevation differential and terrain of much of this property make it challenging. While nobody likes to see trees come down, it is important to know that with the requirements concerning underground utilities, stormwater systems, roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure, it is not entirely preventable. However, we have advised our team that it is our desire that any trees in locations not impacted by required infrastructure should remain.

Other items of importance to note:

  • We will be planting an abundance of new canopy street trees along the entirety of the Byrd Watch track including throughout the new sidewalk areas at 25′ and 50′ intervals. In addition to the sidewalks and plantings, LED streetlights will also be added to these locations
  • Planned nature/viewing platforms overlooking the existing pond area will be featured. Our team is working on additional green space amenities along Clubhouse Road for our common areas. We will release highlights on these items as soon as they are completed

A new stormwater forebay (a forebay is an engineered pool of water that allows for optimal filtration) will be installed along with high-density stormwater systems that will treat and resolve known stormwater issues in this area. These underground systems tie to the North Entry area, Eastwood Park Road area, and Eastwood Bluff area.

Fixing stormwater within Sea Trail is a top priority for us and our Board. Our teams have been evaluating the scope of work for multiple locations throughout Sea Trail and will continue to do so until they are all completed. We look forward to evaluating and prioritizing repair work in conjunction with the Board in upcoming weeks/months. The Board will release more information as it is compiled and reviewed.

  • Engineers and surveyors will be in the Planters Ridge and Surrey Court areas most of this week completing this work to develop proper fixes for known stormwater issues in these locations.

Here is what we anticipate for infrastructure and timing for Byrd Watch development:

  • The infrastructure for lots 1-13 along Crooked Gulley Circle will be complete within the next 30-45 days as the majority of this infrastructure is currently in place. The most impactful change will be the padding and erosion control on the sites, which will include newly installed stormwater swales, sidewalks, street trees, and LED lights in addition to landscape and irrigation
  • The remaining 36 lots along Clubhouse Road require the installation of high-density stormwater and all major infrastructure. Completion of infrastructure for this section (lots 14-49) of Byrd Watch– is projected for late 2021.

The new roads within these locations will be buffered by street canopy trees and sidewalks. Safety and traffic flow interference concerns will be addressed by the creation of controlled access points which limit driveways that connect directly to Clubhouse Road

The new sidewalks will provide improved access throughout the Byrd Watch tract and also address safety concerns and help to better protect the walkers, joggers, and bikers in our community

Within the scope of this project, Funston Company, and county utility contractors will need to work on existing sections of Clubhouse Road. At such times, professional traffic directional control will be provided, and the community will be notified. These inconveniences will be expedited and limited to the best of our ability

We are honored that many of our new home buyers in Byrd Watch are existing Sea Trail homeowners, their friends, and/or family.
If there are any further questions, please feel free to email and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

We look forward to working with our Board on many great improvements to our community in the upcoming months. We will continue to do our best to keep the community informed. We will continue to listen, to be accessible, and to be responsive to questions and concerns.

Riptide Builders