Dear Sea Trail Residents and Owners,

Riptide Builders thanks you for your continued support and excitement for our plans to revitalize this great community! While approvals to move forward with the proposed plans you have been hearing about for the past two years have yet to be received, we are encouraged and excited to report that the Sunset Beach Planning Board has scheduled a public meeting for the review of our applications for conditional zoning for May 25 and May 26 at 9am at the Sunset Beach Town Hall. We respectfully request that you come voice your support for the approval of these conditional zoning plans to continue the revitalization and growth of Sea Trail into the future.

The upcoming review and approval of these plans will bring long awaited and much needed new development to our community. It is these projects that will infuse new life into Sea Trail and ensure the long-term success of the golf courses, Convention Center, and small commercial ventures and that will allow these facilities to realize their full potential as a high-end resort envisioned in the original design at Sea Trail’s inception. This approval will eliminate the uncertainty as to what the future holds for these individual tracts of land, and along with it, the unrealized potential that makes investment in Sea Trail’s development an unknown risk. Conditional rezoning approval is the lifeline that Sea Trail needs and will afford all who are rooting for its continued growth the clarity of knowing what to expect for this community so that all the vision for Sea Trail can become a reality!

For Sea Trail to grow and thrive, it is imperative that the 20 subject sites, all of which are currently zoned MR-3 or residential, permitting development of single-family or duplexes “by right” only, be rezoned properly allowing for a path forward that is not strictly focused on residential builds, but one that instead provides uses that are value-adds for residents and visitors alike, complimentary uses that make good common sense, and in their support of each other provide the revenue needed to bring much-needed improvements to the golf courses and the Sea Trail community at large. If done correctly, we can support these facilities, keeping them in top condition, we can preserve their value, and can help ensure their success, and in turn, prevent a diminishment in property values.

It is also important to note that while these properties within the area known as Sea Trail and identified as “future development,” none of the properties are part of Sea Trail Master Association until they are formally annexed into the neighborhood. As such, these properties called out in the declaration are currently individual parcels of land no different than Cobblestone Village located near the Pink Palace. The Declaration also outlines the process for these parcels to potentially be formally brought into the STMA. While this is certainly not our intention for these properties to remain stand-alone subdivisions outside of STMA control, it is important to note that this potential does exist. It is also important to clarify that NO commercial properties will be part of STMA or affect any dues. Commercial properties will be stand-alone properties just like the golf courses and all other commercial property currently within Sea Trail. However, these residential and commercial properties are mutually beneficial to each and as such, it is of utmost importance to note that they must operate as a cohesive unit. It is this cohesive unit that is pivotal to the future of the Town, the Sea Trail Community, and the success of the golf courses, and which is why a comprehensive understanding of the revitalization and expansion plans for the community by all affected parties is so critical.

In closing, below you will see a map with the locations of each subject property.
In reviewing the categories, you will note that:

  • 8 sites are existing commercial facilities that need to be formally rezoned as commercial
  • 4 sites are existing former commercial facilities with foundations/parking lots that need to formally rezoned as commercial
  • 1 site is not within Sea Trail and is not applicable to the neighborhood
  • 2 sites were formerly platted for multi-family development, and we are requesting they be rezoned as commercial
  • 3 sites are multi-family sites
  • 1 site is a new commercial site

We included a brief description of each site below as well. Please visit our website to view the comprehensive package we submitted to the Town of Sunset Beach.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Todd Rademacher our Community Planner at 910-880-3228 or by email at He can review the individual sites and answer any questions you may have.

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Subject Tract Overview

  • Subject 1 – Located outside the “walls of Sea Trail” on Angels Trace Road. (outside of Sea Trail all together)
  • Subject 2 – Originally platted for additional Club Villa units – now proposed commercial with commercial all-around it. (former multi-family proposed commercial now)
  • Subject 3 -Has a commercial foundation and parking lot on it. was old commercial registration building across from maples clubhouse (former commercial)
  • Subject 4 – Existing commercial – was part of maintenance facility, now a lay-down yard
  • Subject 4a -Existing commercial – maintenance facility for golf course
  • Subject 5 – Proposed new commercial. Property borders Sunset Blvd and Olde Pointe Lane located directly at East entry. No residential anywhere near this.
  • Subject 6 – (Same as subject 5) Existing parking lot located on the property and serves as overflow parking currently
  • Subject 7 – Originally platted for multi-family expansion – proposed for a low impact chip and putt practice facility or putting course with some residential homes on the outskirts of the property.
  • Subject 8 – Existing commercial – golf course corporate offices.
  • Subject 9 -Existing commercial – 30,000sqft Convention Center
  • Subject 10 – Existing commercial – almost 30,000 sqft Jones/Byrd Clubhouse
  • Subject 11 – Existing commercial – Riptide Builders and Sea Trail Realty Sales Office
  • Subject 12 – Existing commercial – Village Activity Center
  • Subject 12a – Existing River Creek multi-family – one building expansion
  • Subject 13 – Has multiple commercial foundation. Massive commercial exhibition hall was located here along with a permanent commercial tent pad to support commercial events, trade shows, venues, etc.
  • Subject 13 a,b,c – Very small auxiliary sites, a&b to be combined. These are complimentary sites to subject 9 and 13.
  • Subject 14 – Existing commercial – Maples Clubhouse
  • Subject 15 – Originally platted for Club Villa expansion – proposed commercial along road frontage on Sunset Blvd. one multi-family small building proposed next to existing multi-family Club Villas.
  • Subject 16 – Long planned multi-family site which has received town and state approvals in the past.
  • Subject 17 – Long planned multi-family site which has received town and state approvals in the past.