Dear Neighbors, Sea Trail Residents, and Community Members of Sunset Beach, As you know, Riptide Builders has been involved in a years-long process concerning the redevelopment and revitalization of Sea Trail.  As part of that next step, Riptide has submitted a request to conditionally rezone 17 subject sites (22 parcels in total) to allow for targeted and compatible resort-style commercial uses, elevated food and beverage options, a new driving range, golf practice facility, hotel, increased housing options (for residents and visitors), amongst many other resort-style amenities and facilities to benefit the residents and visitors alike.  All of these are planned in conjunction with the ultimate redevelopment and revitalization of the golf courses.  However, in order to pursue that golf course redevelopment (which we know has been a common refrain from the community for years), the commercial and residential infrastructure must be available and possible to support that significant investment. This investment can take place as early as this October if conditional zoning is approved. At the beginning of March, following the recent adoption of conditional zoning by the Town, we submitted a significant application to conditionally rezone the subject sites.  Over the past few months, we have worked diligently and tirelessly with Town staff to update proposed site layouts, refine and increase conditions (which limit uses, increase setbacks, preserve open space/wooded areas, limit access points, and the like), and to further develop the application to provide extensive detail on what Riptide is looking to do on each individual site.  The goal ingoing through this process was to have an application that both provided Riptide with the necessary approvals to move forward with this for Sea Trail and minimize/eliminate any potential harmful impacts to the surrounding community.  We believe we have done just that and take pride in what we have put together as part of this process.  On May 25th and 26th, the Town of Sunset Beach Planning Board held meetings to receive public comment and to hear from Riptide on the proposed application.  Over the course of those, twodays – and another all-day meeting on June 7th – Riptide and its representatives went through each individual site, in detail, with the Planning Board.  Each site was subject to intense scrutiny and review by the Planning Board members, which resulted in a productive and lengthy dialogue.  The result – as you can see in the attached materials – was extensively increased conditions that were added to most (if not all) of the sites (beyond the conditions Riptide had already placed on itself via the application).  For almost every proposal from the Planning Board (whether increased setbacks, preserved areas, and the like), Riptide was not only amenable to incorporating those conditions but welcomed the opportunity to do so.  It was a collaborative process, wherein Riptide worked with the Planning Board to further address community concerns and make it clear that Riptide was not just saying it would do certain things, it was incorporating them into the plans and requests – which if passed, will be law and binding upon Riptide as it moves forward. While the added conditions are site-specific (and to the extent you have questions on a particular site, please contact us), here are a few highlights of conditions Riptide added, at the request of the Planning Board and members of the community:Reduction in maximum square footage/building footprint for certain commercial parcels;·       Reduction in maximum height of its proposed office building;·       Reduction in maximum height on several subject parcels;·       Significant preserved areas (shown as hatched areas on the proposed site layouts);·       Targeted limits on hours of operation for certain commercial parcels;·       Increased setbacks, beyond what is required by the UDO;·       Limitations on what uses can occur on specific parcels; and·       Preserved/increased buffering Please note that this is not comprehensive.  We recommend you review the sites and the site layouts for a full view of Riptide’s concessions and conditions through this process.  Throughout this process, Riptide has worked to collaborate with the Town, staff, and community members.  We appreciated the extensive work that the Town staff has dedicated to this project.  We also greatly appreciate the Planning Boards’ extensive review and comment on each individual site.  The time spent reviewing and refining those conditions will result in better development for Riptide and for the Town of Sunset Beach.  Following the review and the incorporation of the additional conditions, on June 6th, the Planning Board (which is appointed by Town Council, voted to recommend approval (subject to those conditions) for every subject site.  Many of those recommendations were unanimous and there was not a single recommendation of denial for any of the sites.  Now, the application is scheduled for a hearing before the Town Council on July 10th.  Public comment will be received and Riptide – similar to the Planning Board – will present each subject site to the Town Council for their review and approval.  We hope you will attend and voice your support for this project. Additionally, to the extent you wish, please reach out to members of the Town Council and provide comment on this proposal.  This is a community and collaborative project and public input is a vital part of that process.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We are grateful for your time and support of this project and look forward to working together towards an exciting and brightfuture for Sea Trail. You can find the link for the latest conditional zoning maps and data tables that will be presented to Town Council below:Click Here To PreviewWe hope everyone enjoys the opening of the newly renovated pool and pool deck at the Pink Palace today and we hope everyone loves the large spa addition. We would like to thank the STMA board, Committees, and CAMS for working diligently with us to bring this project to completion. We truly feel it came out amazing and will be a true asset for all to enjoy for many years to come.As we celebrate our country’s independence, we also honor our veterans and our armed service members that continue to preserve our freedoms. These freedoms allow us all to live and enjoy Sunset Beach the amazing place that we all are grateful to call home! Happy 4th of July!Semper FidelisRobert Hill, Donald Bean & The Riptide Builders Team