Are you looking for a good painter, plumber, electrician or just someone to check off a few of those items on your Honey Do List?  Looking in the Yellow Pages or one of the search engines like Google can be mind boggling and then it is hit or miss if they will show up, do the work to your satisfaction and/or are affordable.  So we have added a new category to our Newsletter section of the website: Sea Trail Home Services.  This resident to resident sharing might help make these decisions a bit easier! If you are looking for a recommendation for someone to do whatever it is you want or need done around your home or yard just email

  • state your specific request as to what your need is or exactly what you are looking for in help
  • include your name and contact information (phone number or email address)
  • if someone knows a contractor who they have used and could recommend they will then contact you directly with the contractors information
  • it is now up to you to contact the person mentioned if you so choose.

In the same way, if you have someone you have used to fix that dripping faucet, paint a ceiling, unclog a showerhead, you can put that information out there too with your contact information.  If someone needs similar work done at their house they will email or call you for the specific contractors information.

We are hoping by sharing contractor information we can make chores a bit easier and complete any list hanging on all those refrigerators a bit easier.