Request Chapel on the Green Reservation

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Reservations MUST be made 30 DAYS in advance for the Chapel on the Green

Prior to submitting your reservation request, please check the calendar (HERE) to make certain the chapel, date and the time you would like to reserve is available.


($40.00 - Make check payable to Chapel On the Green and send to Chapel Treasurer, Anne Giordano, 206 Baroney Place Drive, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 – 910-579-8601)
Limit 10 characters per line, including spaces and periods.

Policy Statement for Use of Chapel on the Green

  1. Chapel seating capacity up to 25 people.
  2. Chapel is wheelchair accessible.
  3. Doors are NOT to be left open.
  4. No lit candles, rice, confetti, balloons, live or artificial flower petals or bird seed are to be used in or outside the chapel. Also, no ceremonial breaking of glass or any other activity that endangers the safety of others is permitted inside the Chapel or on the Chapel grounds.
  5. No eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted inside the Chapel.
  6. Speaker System and Carillons are available with direction from Chapel Coordinator.
  7. Users are responsible for immediate clean-up and restoring chapel to its pre-service condition unless other arrangements have been discussed and accepted by the Chapel Coordinator in writing.
  8. Furnishings may not be removed from the Chapel unless supervised by a Chapel Committee Member. Carpet and furnishing must be protected at all times.
  9. Service animals are the only pets permitted.
  10. 30 Day notice is required.
  11. Application and policy forms must be signed, dated and returned to Chapel Coordinator who approves the scheduling of the event.
Anyone using the Chapel shall conduct himself/herself in an orderly fashion and respect the privacy of others and the integrity of the facility. The Chapel is a place of reverence and grace; all in attendance must act respectfully.


  • To request a room reservation, please click HERE to submit an additional form.