There has been some confusion over our agreement with the VAC. Here is what was in my original email blast.

“In order to take advantage of these facilities, you must document your status as a STMA member and fill out their required forms.  This can be done the first time you go there. But, in order to save time, it is better to pre-register using the link,  After pre-registering, upon arrival the first time you will need your STMA access card and driver’s license.  At that time they will take your picture for their records.  We will also soon have this link available on our website.  In addition, you will soon be able to reserve the VAC meeting rooms on the STMA website as you do for our other facilities.

Access to these facilities is limited to STMA members, their families and their guests.  Renters can only use the facilities if they purchase a VAC membership directly from them.  Daily, weekly and monthly memberships are available.”