Good afternoon Sea Trail!  The dog days of August will soon be upon us and the MAC pool will be a refreshing relief. Please remember that our monitors are following the rules and restrictions that your Master Association Board and N.C. government have put into place. I have heard of several incidents where individuals have abused our monitors. If you have a grievance with our rules and restrictions, please don’t take it out on our monitors. Call me or send an email to and I will help in any way I can.

The Website Committee has established a new page:  Classified Ads.  This page is to help those residents who own a business and those community businesses to advertise their service to our community of Sea
Trail.  We have had many inquiries about this type of page from area businesses so the committee wanted to offer them this advertising outlet.  Ads (business card size) will be FREE for the first 3 months of publication and then the cost will be $75/year for a resident and $100/year for a community business.  There is a form to be completed and submitted to include your approved business advertisement for publication. We will had an image of your business card, linked to your website and/or social media.   Please click  for all of the information.  If you have any questions, please email

Rumors have been circulating that the Architectural Review Committee no longer exists, and that any proposed exterior changes to residential properties will no longer have to be submitted for approval. This is not correct. The ARC, since its inception, has been comprised of five members.  On June 10, 2020, without notice to our Master Association, the declarant, pursuant to its right under the declaration documents, removed three long serving members of the committee: Gerry Strickland, Barry Belford and Chuck Helmboldt and replaced them with Debbie Johnson, a bookkeeper for the Sea Trail Corporate. This resulted in the make-up of the committee being Dana Connelly, a long-time ARC member, Jack Scarborough (a paid non-resident contract design architect) and Debbie Johnson as the sole members of this committee. As of this writing, there have been no changes to the Architectural Design Standards, procedures or requirements from those approved by the Board of the Master Association on March 18, 2020 and April 20, 2020, as published on the STMA Web Site.  ALL property owners are still required to submit applications for any changes to the exterior of their properties to the ARC for approval before proceeding with any changes, just as it has been required in the past. Debra Bordeaux will continue as the Administrator for the ARC and is responsible for coordinating submissions and collection of fees.

I have a request from Tony and Lucy Imondi. They want all of you that are spreading rumors that they have Covid-19 to stop the rumors. This nasty rumor has been going around for a month and they would like it to stop. They are in good health and have never been tested for the virus.

Have a great day.
Jack a Phillabaum, STMA President