Good evening Sea Trail.

The Sea Trail Master Association Board (STMA) and its various committees continue to monitor the recommendations of the State, county and local government regarding the use and possible reopening of our facilities in the upcoming months.  The health, safety and well being of our property owners and residents have been and will continue to be the primary reason for the decisions we make, especially given that many of us are members of vulnerable populations.

We encourage all members to follow the guidelines of State, county and local officials, maintain safe social distancing (6 feet), wear masks as appropriate and necessary, self quarantine if you are not feeling well and use only those facilities with which you feel comfortable.
The following is the current and anticipated status of our facilities at the present time.  The Board will continue to monitor their status and make changes as necessary to balance their use with the safety of our members.
Opened for use by property owners ONLY.  All are reminded that each pass should admit only one vehicle.
Repairs are currently being made on the court surface and should be completed in a few days.  At that point, the courts will be opened for use by property owners only.  Chairs and benches will be removed and each participant must bring his/her own equipment. Click HERE for more details.
All meeting rooms in the Pink Palace, MAC and Creekside Building will remain closed until further notice.
The pools at both the Pink Palace and the MAC remain closed at the direction of the Governor and the Brunswick County Health Department, who grants permits to use our pools.  Once the restrictions are lifted during Phase 2 of the Governor’s Plan, the Board will consider reopening the pools with certain restrictions.  These will include no more than 25% capacity, residents and property owners use only and limited hours of operation with pool monitors present at all times.  In addition, pool furniture will be removed and limits put on the number of guests any resident can bring.

These will remain closed until further notice.  The Board will monitor these and open them with appropriate restrictions when it can be done safely.

The Board and its committees will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments consistent with the safe use of our facilities and applicable State and local directives.  However, please understand that due to reduced availability of disinfectant supplies and lack of personnel to apply them, we cannot guarantee any of the facilities will consistently be completely virus-free once people start using them again, even if CDC guidelines are followed. Therefore, anyone using any of the facilities is doing so at their own risk. Thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.

The STMA would like to recognize the efforts of our Facilities Committee in maintenance of our facilities during the absent of our custodian.

Thank you!
Stay safe!
Jack Phillabaum, STMA President