Good morning Sea Trail. Your Sea Trail Master Association Board has been very busy over the past several months and has some very good and exciting news.

Over the past few years, it has become apparent to the Master Association Board and to many of our members that we need to expand our amenities to accommodate our growing population.  The Long Range Planning Committee has been working on this issue for approximately five years and have made excellent recommendations regarding ways to expand our facilities.  However, both cost and finding an appropriate place for new or expanded facilities are a problem.  The Board has begun to address the cost issue by establishing a future expansion fund but expectations are that it will take several years at least before we can finance a new facility.  In the meantime, a drive around Sea Trail demonstrates the need for additional space, given the large number of homes that are being built.

After much discussion, the Board has come up with an excellent temporary solution to this problem.  Effective February 15th, all Sea Trail Master Association members in good standing will have access to the facilities at the Village Activity Center(VAC), both indoor and outdoor pools and several meeting rooms.  Not only will this give our members access to this excellent facility, but it will relieve the congestion in our pools during the summer months and give those looking for meeting and party rooms an additional option. In addition, it will give us additional time to plan for and finance the expansion of our amenities.

Final details are currently being worked out and will be forwarded to you as soon as they are finalized.  Those members who have purchased VAC memberships will get prorated refunds upon completion of this agreement.  The Board looks upon this as a welcome short term solution to the long term problem of expanding our amenities.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President