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Frequently Asked Questions is an area on the website specifically to address quick questions such as How do I change my password, How do I submit an article to the Newsletter, How do I reserve a room in the MA Facilities, etc.  If you do not see the answer to your question listed, there is also a list of emails to receive a direct answer to your specific question.  Click here

The first Dine Around of 2019 will be Monday, March 4th hosted by Ken and Mary Lou Dunbar and Bill and Jeanine Berger. Please go to our website for more details.

Our entire Rules handbook is going to be revised over the next several months. There will be changes made regarding access to facilities, usage of facilities, and vacant lot issues…more information will be forthcoming.

As we all know Debra Bordeaux is our Administrator for the STMA, she is NOT the administrator for the website also. She is receiving emails and phone calls for help with the website which she cannot answer.  You all know Debra, she would help if she could but she just can’t as this is not her role.  Please note:

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President