Good afternoon Sea Trail. The weather is great and I have seen a lot of shorts being worn. That’s a good sign that Spring is close to being here.

STMA’s first Town Hall Meeting of the year will be this Saturday, March 2nd at 10:00am at the Jones /Byrd Salon. This is a good time to come and hear me speak for a few minutes, hear how we are doing financially, hear some of our accomplishments, and to ask us questions regarding your STMA.

From the finance committee:

Due to a change in the date the finance committee was able to meet and apply the late fees to the accounts of members who have not paid their 2019 dues,
the $50 late fee will now be applied on March 1. In addition, a 1% finance charge will be charged to ALL outstanding accounts on April 1, and the 1%
will continue to be added to any unpaid balance on the first of each subsequent month until the balance has been paid in full.  The access cards for ALL members having an outstanding balance of any sort will be de-activated on March 1. The cards will not be re-activated until all outstanding balances have been paid. If the balance is paid before April 1 there will be no fee to re-activate the cards; after April 1 there will be a $25 re-activation fee. In addition, no submissions of any kind to the architectural standards committee will be accepted until all outstanding balances have been paid.

The above penalties will not be applied to any owner who has already contacted our administrator or the finance committee to arrange payment or
set up a payment plan. If you have any questions, please contact Debra Bordeaux ( or John Rothermel

Pink Palace Kitchen Project Update:

The Design Sub Committee reports that the kitchen project is moving along on schedule. As of this notice the following work has been completed; new window installed, old floor tile removed, soffit over the range has been raised, old entranceway closed off, old cabinets removed, old counter removed, new soffit added to delineate the kitchen from the main room, new ceiling and flooring installed in the kitchen area, preliminary electric and plumbing have been completed.

In the coming weeks, the kitchen walls and ceiling will be painted, countertops will be measured and subsequently installed, plumbing and electric will be completed, new lighting will be installed, appliances will be installed, and a general cleaning of the facility will take place.

We would like to thank all of the groups that use the Main Room of the Pink Palace for their cooperation during this remodel project. Also a big thank you to the Access Committee for their help in moving groups when possible and making all the necessary changes to the access system.

The Design Sub Committee

From the Rules Committee:

There will be changes made regarding access to facilities, usage of facilities, and vacant lot issues. More information will be forthcoming.

Spa at Pink Palace Now Open:

The Spa in the Creekside building at the Pink Palace is now open to all property owners. A new cover has been installed to reduce evaporation and help prevent mold during the winter months. You can view a short video about the cover on the STMA website under the “newsletter” section. Many thanks to Phil Brown, Nick Priscu, Ray Coakley, and Jim Stokes for their efforts in designing, building, testing, and installing the cover over the past few months.

Jack Phillabaum, STMA President