From your STMA President

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and taking care not to suffer from heat stroke as we enter the hottest time of the year.   Please take care of yourselves and remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!  Heat stroke can be life threatening.

I have been monitoring our Community of Sea Trail Facebook page and I think that we need to discuss a couple of complaints that have been posted on it.  While I have a general rule not to respond to Facebook, I feel like I need to clear the air here.

Several people have complained that the first step out of the Pink Palace pool is now too high since we renovated the pool last year.  The STMA Board has discussed this at several board meetings.  Hence, I am bringing it up here.  The configuration of the Pink Palace pool was not changed at all.  We repaired hollow spots and several major leaks under the concrete and replastered the entire pool.  The height of the steps was NOT altered at all and is the same height that it was for many years before the renovation.  Now, all of a sudden it is too high for some people.  I would recommend to those few who are complaining to go to the MAC pool instead and use the lift chair to get in or out of that pool.  We did alter the railing at the steps to attempt to make it easier to get out.

The second complaint is about how hard the new lounges are at the Pink Palace pool.  When the lounges were selected and purchased, the board had several considerations.  Besides a budget that needed to be met, the lounges needed to be able to last for years, were low maintenance and of course, they had to be movable in event of a hurricane.  It was decided that poly wood material fit the bill the best.  Consideration was given to purchasing cushions for the lounges but price, maintenance, cleaning and storage concerns stopped us from buying them.  No one wants to have to lay on a suntan oil or sweat stained, possibly moldy, cushion that has to be put away after each use.  We can hardly get folks to close the table umbrellas when they leave.  Just imagine having to clean and store 20 cushions every night.  If you find the lounges are just too uncomfortable, please consider buying a personal cushion or even a thick extra towel for yourself and bring it with you when you visit the PP pool.

Now,  let’s talk about the chairs at the Pink Palace.  A large number of complaints are about the chairs being too short and they are.  To be honest, the wrong chairs were ordered and purchased.  The STMA board is trying to figure out how to raise the chairs while keeping them safe to use and still stackable.   Please bear with us while we try to figure out how to make them higher.   In the meantime, there are seat cushions in the Sunset room that can be utilized if you struggle with the current situation.    We are trying to make them work.  If you have an idea that you think might work, please feel free to get in touch with CAMS or the STMA board.

Finally, as we watch the improvements, investments, renovations and new and exciting changes within Sea Trail,  we should remember how blessed we are to live and play in this beautiful part of our state and our country.   Stay safe and see you on the courses.

Take care and see you on the course soon, I hope!
Steve Miller, STMA President