Dear Sea Trail Property owners,

Wow!  How time flies!  It is already the middle of June and it feels like August outside!  Hopefully everything slows down so we can enjoy our summer at the Beach and in Sea Trail!  I wanted to give you a few updates on what has been going on!

MAC Renovation – The MAC will re-open to all groups on Monday, June 20, 2022.  It is a beautiful updated space with a new kitchen and appliances, new flooring, woodwork trim, ADA bathroom, powder room and new aluminum screen porch with rebuilt new tile flooring.   We purchased 6 new poly wood rockers for the screen porch and new tables and chairs for the interior.  A BIG Thank you to Riptide Builders for doing the MAC update construction.   We appreciate that they were able to do this project in record time and also the cost savings that they offered us.   A 30% or approximately $60,000 savings was realized due to using Riptide Builders as our general contractor and by receiving the benefits of Riptide’s buying power by purchasing all labor and construction supplies at Riptide’s cost without any upcharge to the Association.  The last part of the project will be the installation of the elevator and we are awaiting elevator delivery date notification.  The elevator company has informed us that there is a delay of possibly 30 days for shipment of the elevator but they are keeping us informed daily as to the delivery status.  We hope that the elevator will be installed by the end of July.  The elevator delay will not impact the opening of the MAC!

Entry Walls and Landscaping Enhancement – 4 of the 5 entry walls have been completed with the new brick work as well as the median walls.  Riptide Builders paid for the expense of updating the median walls and those will be used for Sea Trail commercial entities in the future.  Currently, the 5th entry wall at Oyster Pointe and the guard shack is being updated and bricked.  We look forward to having all 5 entrances completed soon.  In addition, the landscaping is being updated and enhanced at all 5 entrances.  The North, South, East and Sugar Sands landscaping enhancements have been completed.  Click HERE to view some update photos (scroll down to the bottom of that page to view photos)!

Hurricane Preparedness – Hurricane season began on June 1st.  All homeowners should be prepared prior to a named storm heading towards our area.  The STMA has created a new Extreme Weather Preparedness plan and this plan will be implemented to protect our facilities prior to any storms.  On the Home Page of the STMA website is a Hurricane Season button.  This button will take you to the Hurricane Season page where you will find lots of helpful information for Hurricane preparedness.  Or please click HERE for direct access!

Happy Fathers Day to all the men in Sea Trail.  Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe weekend!

Stay cool,
Roz Dahlen, STMA President