GOLF COURSE ACCESS:  It has been reported to the STMA Board, again, that residents or visitors continue to walk their dogs or take casual walks on the golf courses both during and after playing hours. There’s even been sightings of people playing frisbee and other games on the courses plus kids on electric scooters and bike riding on the cart paths.  ln any event, this is TRESPASSING and extremely dangerous.  As a guy who has been hit by an errant golf ball while playing a round, let me tell you it hurts and could result in a serious injury or death.  These golf courses are PRIVATE PROPERTY and NO ONE who is not playing an offical paid round of golf should be accessing the golf courses, whether day or night.    BACKYARDS ON GOLF COURSES:  While speaking about trespassing,  there are several NO TRESPASSING signs in the backyards of some of our residents whose property backs up to the golf courses.  Those signs need to be removed immediately.  Section 12.12 of the STMA Rules state that golfers are allowed to go into those yards to retrieve their errant golf balls.  However, this does not mean that they can drive their golf carts into the yards or hit their errant golf ball from the yard.  Golfers are allowed to get out of their carts and walk into those yards to retrieve their golf balls.  As a guy who has delivered his share of golf balls into peoples yard, I appreciate the capability of being able to retrieve my golf ball.  Again, please remove the NO TRESPASSING signs from your yards immediately.DOG WASTE: The STMA Board continues to receive complaints of residents or visitors walking their dogs and NOT picking up after themselves. NO ONE wants to step in a surprise when they are out enjoying the beautiful weather.  Please be responsible and pick up after your pet, no matter what size they are or where!STMA ANNUAL MEETING:  This is a reminder to mark your calendar for November 11th.  The STMA annual meeting with be held that Saturday.  You will be notified of the location with more details in the near future.As always, thank you for your continued support,Steve Miller, STMA President