Updates from your STMA President

PINK PALACE POOL & INTERIOR – We are in the final weeks of the Pink Palace pool renovations and are still planning on a Memorial Day weekend opening.  Our new pool furniture is being assembled along with the interior renovation completion in the Pink Palace.  See pics below:

Click to View Photos of Pink Palace Pool & Interior Renovations

The STMA Board has been reviewing and updating the Rules & Regulations of the STMA properties.  This has been long overdue and we continue our efforts to make these updates efficient and clear.Here are few of the updates that have been accepted so far:

  • Reservations may only be made 3 months in advance.  Committees and the Board may make them up to a year in advance for STMA events.
  • All Facebook pages for clubs may not have a link on the STMA website to a non-association social media site.
  • Clubs, groups or individuals hiring an outside vendor that is being paid by the participants in the event may not permit guests who are non-residents.
  • All outside vendors must provide proof of insurance with the association named as an additional insured.

Stay tuned for more to come…As always, thank you for your continued support!!Steve Miller, STMA President