From your STMA President

Checking in with a few exciting updates:

  • New Street Signs – Phase 1 of the installation of our new street signs will begin this weekend.  We will be starting on Clubhouse Road and the Sugar Sands neighborhood, then continue our efforts throughout the rest of Sea Trail.  This is just another step forward to enhance and improve our community.
  • Improve Guardrails – Work on the guardrails continues with a completion target date set within this first quarter of 2023.  I’m sure you’ve already started noticing all the repairs and improvements happening.  Keep your eyes peeled as we reach our final goal to revamp the guardrails on Clubhouse Road!
  • Pink Palace Pool Project – Plans for the Pink Pool Project continue to progress.  Our first round of design and estimates have been completed and submitted.  Negotiations are ongoing with the pool contractor at present.  We are very excited to start this new project and look forward to a celebration soon!
  • STMA Onsite General Manager – We’d like to welcome Janine Entwistle, as our new STMA Onsite General Manager. Janine started work last Thursday, January 12th.
  • Maintenance Technician – the STMA Board hired a new Maintenance Technician, Rick Blackburn, who started work on Tuesday.  He will help with the ever increasing preventive maintenance chores and other small repair items that before now, we had to bring contractors in to complete.  The board believes that we will be saving considerable amounts of money by doing this.  The person will be a CAMS employee but will work strictly for Sea Trail.

On a personal note, I owe Sea Trail owners an apology.  I led the STMA Board to make the decision to close the Pink Palace for it’s much needed renovations on March 1, keeping it closed until all renovations are completed.  We’ve now decided that we are going to attempt to complete each of the individual projects, i.e. one at a time, allowing for the Pink Palace to be used in between project completions.  With that, the renovations total timeline will take longer but will still allow for periodic useage.

Thank You,
Steve Miller, STMA President