GOD BLESS AMERICA!!  As we wave our flags and enjoy fireworks in celebration of our country’s independence take some time to thank and pray for all of the men and women who have fought and continue to fight to keep our freedoms in tact.  Among those many freedoms that we enjoy is, of course, religious freedom.  We serve a great and mighty God!!  Thank You Dear Heavenly Father for the freedom to openly worship you and for the many, many freedoms we enjoy each and every day!!

Do you have a prayer request???  Following are the names and areas of some of the members.  Feel free to call, as we all believe in the power of prayer and pledge confidentiality.

Cheryl Schutt, Rice Mill, 860-539-6579
Kathleen Barthelme, Osprey Watch, 579-1450
Kathy Blaine, Sugar Sands, 579-4019
Margaret Mortali, Eastwood Park, 575-7668