The library is located on the first floor of the MAC. Access is through the use of the property owner access card. Following recent refurbishment all aisles are now wide enough for walkers and wheel chairs.  All the books have been donated by the Sea Trail community. We welcome donations of hard cover fiction, auto biography and biography, and sports. We prefer books published in 2000 and later. We do NOT accept the following: Reader’s Digest volumes, books on politics, history, business, health or cooking, due to limited shelf space. We do not accept magazines. All books should be in good condition and odor free.  Paperback books in good condition and odor free are very popular and the back room at the library is dedicated to them . The front room is for hardcover books. Do stop by and see what a pleasant place it is to browse. We also have puzzles and CDs. The library Committee is chaired by Betty Priscu and there are 31 volunteers. We would love to have more volunteers; the work is only 2-3 weeks per year, and there are no meetings.  If you are interested in volunteering, please call Betty at 908-963-5170.