Hurricane season is upon us beginning June 1 through November 30.  To help all residents prepare for a severe storm or hurricane that might be coming our way this season, the website committee developed a new page that includes all of the information that will help us.  You can access this page via the picture on the right hand side of the HOME page.  This page is loaded with lots of important information related to hurricane preparedness and will be front and center during the hurricane season so it is easily found.  The information includes:

  • General Information
  • Severe Storm/Hurricane Notifications
  • Hurricane Preparations
  • Evacuation Routes/Shelters
  • After a Hurricane

Also included on this page is a scrolling banner at the top that will be used to update information as needed.  Click to review this page.  We encourage each resident to read through this information now so you are prepared in the case of a severe storm or hurricane.