Dear Neighbors, Sea Trail Residents, and Community Members of Sunset Beach,


Yesterday marked the beginning of a new era for Sea Trail.

The journey to this point has been long and was by no means a small undertaking to accomplish. To that end, our first priority is to express our sincerest gratitude to those whose leadership, diligence, hard work, and support sustained us on this journey with the ultimate end goal being the revitalization of Sea Trail. This process has been a true testament to the power of collaboration. Amazing things can be accomplished when good people with common goals and a commitment to their community can work side by side in forging a path forward. The path forward allows this place we all call home to not just survive but thrive!

The Mayor, Town Council, Planning Board, Staff, Attorneys, Riptide Team, and the comments/input from involved citizens resulted in the collaboration needed to craft a development plan even better than that originally proposed and possible only as a direct result of their deliberation, discourse, and ability to compromise.

The culmination of this process was realized yesterday when the Town formally approved all the sites in our application. This was no small feat and represents a win for all parties involved, but most especially for Sea Trail itself.  We are truly grateful.

These approvals open the doors for us to move forward on the delivery of some wonderful assets to the residents of the Sea Trail and Sunset Beach community! That collaboration will be even more essential as we will look to involve the Sea Trail community, even more, to obtain much-needed feedback and discussion as we progress forward. The lines of communication will remain open for the duration as we look to continue to build on the relationships we’ve developed throughout this journey and that have gotten us to this point.

Let’s all take some time to enjoy this feeling of positive momentum and progress and the knowledge that our community, the Sea Trail community, will thrive for years to come and be the premiere resort community that was envisioned so many years ago!

Look at what we have accomplished together thus far and just imagine the potential for what we will be able to accomplish together moving forward!

Thank you for your continued support!

-The Riptide Team

We will circulate in the coming weeks the final site plans once they are updated to reflect the council’s rulings. Below are the links to the YouTube recordings of yesterday’s meetings where the final rulings on a site-by-site basis can be viewed.

Click to Watch The Sunset Beach Morning Meeting- July 10th, 2023
Click to Watch The Sunset Beach Evening Meeting- July 10th, 2023