We would like to remind everyone of some crucial rules to ensure the safety and success of our golf course renovations endeavor:
No Walking on the Course: For your safety and to protect the renovation process, please refrain from walking on the course for any reason. This includes avoiding the removal of flags or other markers in the ground.
  • Please Don’t Interfere with Renovation Work: It’s essential to refrain from interfering with the renovation process, including disrupting workers and entering construction areas.
  • Respect Materials and Markings: Please do not remove any tape, markers, or other materials placed by the renovation team. These are vital for guiding the renovation process and ensuring accuracy.
  • Avoid Large Equipment: As large equipment begins arriving today, we urge everyone to stay away from these areas for your safety.
  • Weekend Preparations: Throughout this weekend, as preparations intensify, we kindly ask that you adhere strictly to these guidelines and refrain from accessing the golf course unless you have a scheduled tee time.
Thanks you for your continued support!!