The deadline for submission of all 2019 dues and mowing fees (if applicable) was Thursday January 31. All 2019 dues and fees that have not been paid are now overdue, and subject to a late charge of $50. The finance committee will be meeting Friday, February 15, to process the attachment of the $50 late charge to all outstanding 2019 accounts. If you have not yet paid your 2019 dues and fees and have not established a payment schedule or plan, please send your payment to Debra Bordeaux by the 14th to avoid having the late fee charged to your account.

On March 1, all accounts with an outstanding balance (including 2019 and prior years) and not on a payment schedule or plan approved by the finance committee will be assessed a 1% charge on the total balance owed. In addition, the access cards attached to these accounts will be de-activated until such time as the entire outstanding balance has been paid. If the balance is paid prior to March 15, no re-activation fee will be charged to re-activate the cards; after March 15, there will be a $25 reactivation fee. The 1% interest charge will be applied on the 1st of every subsequent month and the access card will remain de-activated until all outstanding balances have been paid.

If you have any questions about your account, please contact Debra Bordeaux at 910-579-5374.