Friends, Food & Wine (FF&W)


Welcome to the Friends, Food & Wine (FF&W) 2024 edition!  We are committed to keeping FF&W a FUN experience where you get to know your fellow Sea Trailers, enjoy good food and wine with no stressful menus!

There will be 4 dinners each year. One in January or February, March or April, May or June, and October or November.

  1. Each dinner will be for a group of eight people
  2. The host couple will prepare the main course.
  3. The other 3 couples will be assigned either the appetizer, side, or dessert.

Only three criteria to join the group:

  1. Host a dinner for eight people once a year.
  2. Bring a bottle of wine that you enjoy for your host.
  3. Be interested in meeting new people and trying new menus and wines.

As your organizers we will:

  1. Set the groups of eight and organize the rotations, you will be with different people each time.
  2. Research and publish the menus for each rotation.

Dinner Host Responsibilities:

  1. To coordinate a date for the dinner with your group.
  2. Find a substitute couple if someone can’t make it. We will assist.

If you have any questions, please email:  Al & Anna Marie Kozel.

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Food Friends and Wine 2023 Year End Event November 11with Gringo Ninja Chefs

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First Food, Friends & Wine Baking Class

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A big THANK YOU to Anna Marie Kozel for opening her house to this new event for FFW.  We all had a wonderful afternoon.

On February 28th Anna Marie Kozel opened her home to ladies interested in learning how to make “Rudy Bread”.  Thirteen women signed up and we had a great time as well as learning how to make the famous bread.  Rudy bread was an original recipe from the first Gourmet Club.  Anna Marie already has a waiting list for the next class.  If you are interested email Anna Marie.

Scroll through the pictures below to view all of the fun!