Welcome to the Friends, Food & Wine (FF&W) 2020 edition!  We hope that you consider joining FF&W, if you are not already participating!

We are committed to keeping FF&W a FUN experience where you get to know your fellow Sea Trailers, enjoy good food and wine with no stressful menus! There will be three FF&W dinners each year. Jan-Mar, Apr-June and Sept-Nov.

  1. Each dinner will be for a group of eight people.
  2. The host couple will prepare the main course, which may include a side dish.
  3. The other couples will be assigned either the appetizer, side/soup/salad or dessert.

There are only three criteria to join the group:

  1. Host a dinner for eight people once every 15 months
  2. Bring a bottle of $10-$20 wine to the meal
  3. Be interested in meeting new people and trying new menus and wines

As your organizers we will:

  1. Set the groups of eight and organize the rotations, hopefully to be with different people eachtime
  2. Research and publish the menus for each rotation

Dinner Host responsibilities:

  1. To coordinate a date for the dinner
  2. Find a substitute couple if someone can’t make it (there will not be a sub list to choose from, simply ask a friend or neighbor to fill in and bring the remaining course)

How to join FF&W

Please contact Jackie Stokes at 770-990-6054 or Dottie Bane at 570-204-2513 or at one of the Email addresses below.

Jackie & Jim Stokes – jasjms47@gmail.com
Dottie Bane & George Cage – dottie0914@gmail.com