About this event :

The Garden Clube Tag and Bake Sale is being held on Saturday, September 14th from 10 – 3 at the Calabash Senior Center.  We NEED items and assistance.  Look around and start to decide which items you need to eliminate so your children will not have to.  As Bev Dague explains it, “Death Clutter”.  We will not be accepting clothing but accessories such as jewelry, scarfs, purses, etc. and of course, everything else around your homes, inside and out.  YOU will do the pricing and please price to SELL.  There will be no negotiating at the tables!  Attach sale tags SECURELY on each item.  If it is a set of items, please indicate on the tag.  You can bring your items, no matter how big or small, the day of the sale starting at 8:00 to the side door of the center.  Our volunteers will be ready to receive them.  If you cannot make it the morning of, you can drop off items at the following homes of Ellen Lehrer, Carol Pozdol, Anita Clark, Elyse McLearen and Joyce Hellmann.  Please call first, numbers are in the directory.  Try to limit it to 10 – 15 items if bringing it to a home and no large pieces.  If you can’t lift it alone, neither can we. If you would like to bake for this event, kindly contact Lucy Imondi. If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact Elyse McLearen, Carol Pozdol or Joyce Hellmann **Click HERE for more details**