From the Sunset Beach Police Department:

With Summer coming into full swing, and the Fourth of July nearly upon us, we’ve had a lot of questions about driving golf carts on town streets. In response, we offer the following, in the hopes of having a safe, legal summer.

– All carts must be street-legal, registered with your state’s DMV, and covered by an insurance policy.

– South Carolina carts are not exempt, and must also be registered, tagged, and insured, as seen in the photo below

– A drivers license is not required, but anyone operating a cart on a state or local street must be at LEAST 16 years of age.

– While operating a low speed vehicle, you must follow ALL TRAFFIC LAWS, as if you were driving an automobile, parking ordinances included.

– Low speed vehicles are only permitted for travel on streets with a 35mph or less speed limit.

– When operating a low speed vehicle, drivers should utilize the normal traffic lane. NOT THE BICYCLE LANE.

The specific guidelines for registering and operating a low speed vehicle in North Carolina can be found here:…/BySection/Chapter_20/GS_20-121.1.pdf