If you want to reserve a room at one of the STMA Amenity Centers:  one of the three Pink Palace rooms, Multi-Purpose Room at the Creekside Building or the MAC, please note this all can be done via email and completing a Room Reservation form.  This is the easiest and quickest way to secure your room when you would like to have it reserved.  No phone calls are needed saving you time and energy.

To reserve a room please check the calendar first https://seatrailma.com/events/ to make sure the room, date and time are available.  Once you have an open date/time, just Click Here To Reserve a Room link on the Calendar page and the form will open.  Complete the entire Reserve a Room form (found also here https://seatrailma.com/reserve-a-room/) and submit it.  You will then receive an email from the Access Committee letting you know your reservation has been made and a member of the Access Committee will contact you about the reservation procedure if it is for a private party.  Finally, shortly before your reservation an access committee member will contact you about the access procedure.

For further assistance with making a reservation or filling out the Room Reservation form, please contact either one of the Co-Chairs: Neil Weiss: 910-575-7990, nweiss14@atmc.net  Bob Donnelly 910-575-5319, donnellyr@atmc.net