New AED (defibrillator) in the MAC, Maples Activity Center

There is now an additional AED within the STMA property buildings.  The fifth one we now have is on the second floor of the MAC by the kitchen area.  Just as a reminder, the other AEDs are located within the:

  • Pink Palace: in the kitchen area above the large garbage bins and on the hall wall between the Sunset Room and bathrooms
  • Creekside Building: in gym
  • MAC: in library (ground floor) and upstairs on the second floor near the kitchen area.

If you are unaware of how to use an AED, the Health and Safety Resource Committee offers classes during the year with their course on CPR.  Please contact one of the co-chairs: Tony Imondi at or 910-575-6151 or Rose Dodds at or 910-575-4390 for the next class being offered.

Information From Lower Cape Fear Hospice

Health and Safety Resource Committee:  The following is information a member of the H&SRC recently obtained from attending a meeting at the Lower Cape Fear Hospice located in Bolivia. This is being provided to you by the H&SRC for informational purposes only.

Lower Cape Fear Hospice Offers

Hospice Care:  provides care for people with a life expectancy of six months or less.   It serves patients where they live:
*  Private homes
*  Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities
*  Hospitals
*  Care centers in Wilmington, Whiteville and Bolivia

Palliative Care: provides care and support for those facing chronic conditions (heart and renal disease, diabetes, COPD, cancer and dementia) from time of diagnosis while curative treatment is ongoing.  Goals of Palliative Care:
*  Ease pain and symptoms
*  Fewer and /or shorter hospitalizations
*  Support and improve coordination of care, and goals of care

Grief Support:  Support people who are facing or have experienced the loss of a loved one.
*  Individual and group counseling
*  Group Workshops
*  Youth Camps, family days

Volunteer Opportunities which include:  Companionship, Errands, Meals of Love, Salon Services, Respite, Transportation, etc.

Contact information:    910-796-7900

Services Offered by the Sunset Beach Fire & Police Departments: Free of Charge

This information is submitted by the Health and Safety Resource Committee for all members to be aware. Remember, these are all free services by our Police and Fire Departments.

The Sunset Beach Fire Department offers the following:

  • Smoke Detector Installation/Inspection Program
  • File of Life Program:  Click HERE for all of the information about this program.
  • FAQ page from the Fire Department:  CLICK HERE for answers to many questions you may ask.
  • Fire Prevention and Community Education Programs
  • Fire Prevention Inspections (Based on NC Fire Code)
Please contact the SB Fire Department for details;  910-579-6297
The Sunset Beach Police Department offers the following:
  • House Check Program:  Residents who are away from their homes for an extended amount of time. Homeowners can submit a form to the police department informing us of departure and return dates, and be content that their residence will be closely monitored while they are away. Click here (House check service) for the necessary form.
  • R.U.O.K. Check Program: This program is intended for members of the community who are elderly, permanently or temporarily ill, or just simply alone and need someone to check in on them on a regular basis. Click here (R. U. OK) for the necessary form.
  • Prescription Medicine Take Back:  We have a receptacle in our foyer where residents can drop off un-used and un-wanted prescription medicines.  We cannot accept needles, injectables, or any radioactive medication.
  • Home Security Checklist:  Use this guide (Home Security Checklist) as you check your home for safety measures.  This list may help you take action to improve your home’s security.  These are just some of the steps you can take to decrease the likelihood that you or your home is targeted.
Please contact the SB Police Department for details;  910-579-2151

Sea Trail Neighborhood Watch Program

The Sea Trail Neighborhood Watch Program is in full operation.  Large Neighborhood Watch signs have been installed at all entrances in the Sea Trail community and smaller signs throughout Sea Trail.  Sea Trail has been divided into seven zones with selected captains for each zone.  Listed below is the Zone, Zone Captain, their phone number and some of the streets covered by the zone.  If any Sea Trail Resident sees someone committing a crime, CALL 911.  If any resident sees or hears any suspicious activity that may be happening within Sea Trail, notify the appropriate Zone Captain.  Don’t be afraid to call your neighbor if you see unusual activity at their home.  Remember, we all need to be aware of what is happening around us! Please CLICK Sea Trail Neighborhood Watch Program for all of the information for this very important program for all of us.  If you have any questions, please contact the Group Leaders:  Cliff and Roz Dahlen 575-6119.

Prescription Medicine Drop Off Location

The drop box is in the foyer of Sunset Beach Town Hall and is available for collections Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm while the building is open to the public. If residents have unused/unwanted prescription medications and cannot make it to Town Hall before closing time, we can send an officer to your residence to pick the items up. Please note that we only accept prescription and over the counter medications. We cannot accept any medications that contain any radioactive or chemotherapy medicine, syringes, or needles.

Address Markers: Important Info from the SB Fire Department

In an emergency, police, fire and rescue workers depend on house numbers to find YOU as quickly as possible.  Finding your home – especially at night – can be challenging if address numbers are unreadable, hidden, unlighted or have missing numbers.  Click Address Markers to find out what you can do to avoid this, possibly, life threatening problem.  The Health and Safety Committee

Fitness Room Equipment Sanitizing

With the outbreak of flu at a severe level in North Carolina, it is extremely important that you clean the equipment, with the sanitizer supplied, after EACH use. I would also suggest that you sanitize the equipment BEFORE each use to give you added safety and minimize the chance of contacting any germs or bacteria.  For your information the sanitizer in use is a powerful cleaner and is rated to kill any germs or bacteria.  If you notice anyone not sanitizing, please remind them that the equipment should be cleaned after each use.
STMA Facilities Committee

Early Morning Walkers Suggestions For Your Safety

Due to the excessive heat and humidity, we have noticed many residents are doing their exercise and pet walking during the cooler early morning hours. For your own safety the Health and Safety Committee suggest the following:

1. Wear some type of reflective apparel or shoes.

2. If this is not available, carry a lit flashlight.

3. Walk facing oncoming traffic.

4. Stay close to the edge of the road. A few near misses have been reported of people walking/jogging in the middle of the roadway.
Remember, as we age, our night vision may not be what it used to be. Following these common sense suggestions could help avoid serious injury.